Finding the Perfect Spot for Your New Condo Unit


Condominiums are a common and attractive housing option in major cities, particularly for professionals and families who value closeness to services and amenities. It’s the next best thing to living in a city where you have enough time to do both your job and your leisure activities.

Condominium living and ownership offer a number of advantages, but finding the perfect unit and making the most of your investment requires some legwork. One reason is that this way of life appeals to those in the market for a new home since it offers all the perks of a luxury apartment at a more reasonable price and is conveniently located.

Importance of Location when Choosing Condo Units

It’s easy to believe that a property’s location is a deciding factor when making a purchase since your investment will only be profitable because of its prime location. As a matter of fact, the location is the primary driver of consumer interest, which leads to increased demand and a subsequent price increase.

When looking for a condo, it’s necessary to be mindful of your finances or flexible payment schemes such as in-house financing, but they shouldn’t be your first priority. Condominium units in more desirable areas tend to appreciate its value faster than those in less desirable places. In addition, the location of your condo unit will have an impact on your quality of life and the conveniences available to you.

Guides in Choosing the Ideal Condo Location

Location is the first and foremost rule of property, as any savvy investor will tell you. It controls the asking price, the rentability, and the resale or en-bloc value of a condo complex. As you look for a new condo unit to buy, here are some guides in choosing the ideal location to bear in mind:

Stay away from potentially hazard-prone areas

It’s a good idea to relocate to a safer region if you’re constantly hearing about devastating natural catastrophes like floods, earthquakes, and so on in the news. You don’t want to be stuck inside your apartment or on the backup routes you’ve planned because of the floods outside.

In addition, earthquakes may be dangerous and must be treated carefully. It’s crucial that people be aware of the steps the government is taking to fix the problem. There is already a Flood Management Master Plan in place for Metro Manila and the adjacent regions, according to a study from the Department of Public Works and Highways.

With this, we can say that the best location for an affordable condo unit is in the suburbs near the metro. For the right condo unit that offers affordability with a reasonable commute time to urban centers, Asterra is the newest development that you want to consider.

Take practicality into account

In the Philippines, the ease of condo living is a major selling point, so this is something to keep in mind when you’re looking for guides in choosing the ideal condo location. Without modern conveniences, you’ll have a tough time moving about and participating in community events.

You should, therefore, try to choose a condo that is conveniently located close to main roads and highways so that you can make your way to and from work quickly and simply. Location near the heart of a city that is easily accessible on foot is also ideal.

When living in a city, it’s important to have everything you need nearby to avoid wasting time and energy navigating the traffic.

Responsible community upkeep and cleanliness

Take a trip around the block, check out the unit, and inquire about the building’s waste management services. See whether the water is directed away from the structure since this may stop foul smells from spreading and spoiling the atmosphere. Despite their invisibility, many factors influence your daily existence.

Neatness is indicative of caring homeownership and neighborhood. If you’re a renter, your new place should have a Nose Friendly Zone. If the condo complex is poorly maintained, everyone will feel the effects. Trash on the sidewalks and unsightly stains on the exteriors are the worst aspects of living in a condo.

In these challenging times, it goes without saying how crucial it is to have a healthy and sanitary environment in your future home.

Proximity to recreation and heritage areas

When looking for a condo in the Philippines, it’s essential guides in choosing the ideal condo location the presence of any historical landmarks in the area.

Heritage destinations are those that allow guests to experience a sense of time travel by seeing significant local landmarks. Places like parks, malls, and historic churches fit this category.

Neighborhood that can give you peace of mind

Take into account the security of the area. Position yourself where you can easily contact the authorities. The availability of medical facilities is also another crucial piece of advice and one of the important guides in choosing the ideal condo location.

Remember that businesses and social activities thrive in a safe area that’s why it’s essential that you should also consider whether or not the condo has network security measures.

When we talk about a community’s network security, we’re referring to its capacity to limit access to its residents and employees alone. Electronic security measures that are both sophisticated and effective include closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) and access control systems that only let authorized personnel through the doors.

Resale value of the condo’s location

Think about the impact of the location on the property’s potential selling price. When purchasing a condominium, whether studio-type units or not, like with any other investment in the real estate industry, you hope that its value will increase.

High resale value may be found in condominiums in good location such as those in or near Metro Manila, popular tourist sites, and regions where new buildings are being constructed. Apart from key locations, amenities such as swimming pools and fitness center can also improve your condo unit’s value or your passive income in having it rented. Enhancing your condo’s resale value via renovations is also another option.

Condo living in an environment-friendly community

Renting a condo in a major city often means living in the shadow of tall buildings and inhaling smoggy air. This might be one of the major adjustments for someone coming from the relative tranquility of the countryside.

Condos with plenty of eco-friendly features should be high on your list. A tiny garden in a grassy area is a promising sign. It’s a good idea to check the exterior for trees in addition to checking inside the structure.

Investing in the suburbs near the metro is a perfect choice if you want to achieve all these. Asterra doesn’t just offer affordable condominium units in peaceful suburban neighborhoods for young professionals and people on the go but also builds homes that focus on modern sustainability while being a few hours away from corporate hubs.

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