Top 6 growing cities in the Visayas and Mindanao Region


Numerous cities and localities are making efforts to ease the escalating pressure on the capital as Metro Manila, where the major cities are located expands to make room for new international investors to invest and growing local business organizations.

Innovative and enterprising property development industry executives are creating new projects in Visayas and Mindanao in the hopes that their initiatives would aid in the decentralization of the burgeoning capital and draw investors’ focus to the possibilities of the southern region.

National government of the Philippines makes effort in bringing economic growth to far-fetched provinces, and not just in Metro Manila due to the population problem. In Visayas and Mindanao, there are places with fast-growing cities. Let’s explore them in this article.

Top booming cities in Visayas and Mindanao in 2023

The following cities are one of the fastest growing city:

Palawan’s Puerto Princesa City

The top tourist destinations in the Philippines, Palawan is renowned for its beautiful beaches where you can see clear blue waters best for island hopping, beautiful islands, breathtaking sunset and affordable resorts . It goes without saying that Puerto Princesa City, the nation’s capital, is a must-see place. With millions of tourists traveling to the province each year , dynamic tourism is the only factor driving economic growth.

Cagayan de Oro City

Cagayan de Oro City boasts a plethora of natural resources as well as a vibrant population in well-organized settlements. It is the happiest land in the country. The “City of Golden Friendship,” as it is often known, is home to very friendly people and loving Filipinos. You can experience this province with peaceful life because of the people here.

General Santos City

Sometimes known as “GenSan,” is located in the Philippine province of South Cotabato. It is a highly urbanized city in the southern part of South Cotabato, known for being the country’s leading tuna producer and the hometown of lawmaker and eight-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao.

Zamboanga City

Due to the strong Hispanic presence, Zamboanga is frequently referred to as Asia’s Latin City. The only Spanish-based creole in Asia, Chavacano (or Chabacano), is its most prevalent language and best illustrates this. It sounds like a mashup of Spanish and the regional tongues, and it’s extremely intriguing. With its antique buildings and vivid vintas, Zamboanga City is one of the nation’s most energetic cities.

Butuan City

is one of the first cities in the Philippines, known as the Rajahnate of Butuan from 1001 until 1521, it was renowned for producing the greatest boats and gold. The Butuan Balangay Boats were created as a result. Caraga, the Philippines, is where Butuan is located. It is highly recommended to visit because of its several well-known attractions, including as the National Museum of Butuan, the Eastern-Northern Mindanao Regional Museum, Butuan City, and Magellan’s Landing Site.

Iligan City

It is blessed with natural features such crystal clear springs and freshwater lakes, in addition to its numerous picturesque Philippine waterfalls. It also boasts a good number of historical sites, historic dwellings, and other culturally significant locations such as church buildings and ancestral homes. The nicknames “The Industrial Center of the South” and “City of Majestic Waterfalls” both refer to Iligan City.

5 Best Cities for a Home Location in Mindanao

They assert that the three most crucial considerations when purchasing a house are location, location, and location. Nearly everything else can be altered, but the location of your home cannot. So when you’re looking for a home, think about how close it is to your workplace, how the property is positioned on the lot, accessibility, neighbor noise levels, and traffic. Consider the accessibility of nearby parks, stores, schools, and public transit especially when you are in city.

1. Davao City

is usually praised as being the safest city in the Philippines, making it an excellent option for anyone seeking for a new location to call home. Davao city has a low crime rate, making it a desirable option for families, and it takes a proactive approach to safety.

2. Zamboanga City

huge and wealthy city is Zamboanga. This city is a fantastic area to live, with residents who are very welcoming and a wealth of culture, despite being located in the southernmost region of the Philippine archipelago. Zamboanga city is a great destination if you enjoy seafood, fresh veggies, and scenic surroundings. You have a mountain inside a city, which I find to be intriguing. Zamboanga has a fantastic combination of rural and urban regions.

3. Cagayan De Oro City

retirement home owners, visitors, and even residents consider Cagayan de Oro in North Mindanao to be a secure neighborhood. Kagay-anon, the natives, are renowned for their kindness and hospitality. Because of its geographic location, it is economically ideal for shipping commodities and productions to surrounding cities like Opol and Tagoloan. The city’s economy is heavily dependent on trade, tourism, services, and other commercial activities, making it a growing economic centre in Mindanao.

4. Iligan City

a good spot to start a new life is Iligan City. You may spend your vacation days at Tinago Falls, Maria Cristina Falls, and Paseo De Santiago, as well as shopping centers, supermarkets, and neighborhood eateries. The Iliganons are approachable and kind.

5. General Santos City

it’s a lovely and peaceful area to live. They have a large metropolis with buildings including shops, hospitals, schools, and other organizations. You don’t have to worry about this because the city is one of the calm places to enjoy, and they also have mountains and beaches. This South Cotabato community is quiet yet progressive, so investing in real estate might help you become financially comfortable over time.

More than tourist attractions

When Manilenos say Mindanao or Visayas regions, first thing that comes to mind are tourist attractions and destinations. That’s what really makes these best cities a growing one.

More than being a tourist attraction, these Mindanao and Visayas Cities are offering great economic opportunities that attract investors. With the list above, you might want to consider living in Visayas or Mindanao. Aside from its unexplored beauty, the land area of these regions are much bigger than those in Metro Manila. Moreover, cost of living is much cheaper even when you’re in the capital city.

When you choose to settle in these places, you get to experience the country’s rich cultural heritage, and fast paced urban life. Compared to the bustling city, the life with hustle and bustle, life in Visayas and Mindanao is much more at peace. And if you’re an investor, you can explore a business that has yet to tap their markets.

Not only this will benefit you with a peaceful living, but the locals of these cities will be rewarded with opportunities, and tourism as well.

Tourism and Business in the Southern Philippines

The Visayas and Mindanao region has been known to be quite lagging when it comes to trends. This is very well known due to transportation difficulties. However, with the help of newly constructed infrastructures and developed business systems, the region was able to cater to businesses.

This makes Visayas and Mindanao a good place for investors and business people. The market of Mindanao, for example is not yet as saturated as those compared to Metro Manila thus, opportunities are much bigger.

So get on your feet and find your new home or business location in Visayas and Mindanao with the help of our list on top cities above.

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