The Do’s and Don’ts of creating a cozy condo interior

Condo interior with natural light

Usually, condos are offered either fully furnished or semi-furnished. You have the choice to purchase a fully or semi-furnished condo that you can decorate that best fits your personality. One of the most common and widespread notions when it comes to condominiums is that all the units in a building have identical interior design that cannot be altered. Create the ideal cozy condo interior for your unit through this article.

1. Use bright, and warm colors

Brighter interiors makes home more typically warmer, more airy and more cheerful while darker interior tends to be moodier and holds a sense of drama. So it is important to consider the shade of the paint you will be using in customizing the interior of your home.

According to experts, it was revealed that high gloss paint is effective at reflecting both the natural light and the artificial light. This makes the gloss paint a fantastic option in enhancing the natural light at home. 

However, too much gloss paint on a wall can be irritating to the eyes. What you can do to prevent this is to opt to the option of a matte finish wall coat for the case of people who are sensitive to harsh lighting.

You can opt to just have your entire wall with gloss paint and your ceilings to have a matte finish wall coat, or the other way around to still boost natural light of your home. 

Recommended paint colors for your bright interior

a. White

It is widely known that white reflects light; that is why painting your walls with white or any light color is the easiest method you can do to properly optimize natural light in your condo, creating a cozy interior. 

b. Pastel Colors

Not a fan of white color? I’ve got you covered! There are other shades you can try if you don’t feel like having plain white walls and ceilings and find it too simple and basic.

You can try other palettes such as pastel colors that are known to also enhance the level of natural light reflectivity in your home.

Consider pastel colors that exudes warmth and coolness such as pastel yellow, light blue, light gray and blush pink. In that case, your home will not look lifeless because there is still some pop of colors to liven up your home.

2. Avoid dark colors

In reality, all colors actually reflect light except with black that is obviously a dark color. If white is the lightest color, black is the darkest color. Light colors reflect light and darker colors absorb light.

Avoid darker shade paints as it will make the corners of your home to blend out together, making your home look like an open room, so avoid using dark colors since you want to invite more natural light on your home.

3. Furniture choices

Aside from paint colors, the colors of your furniture will play a big role in maximizing natural lighting at home.

Light-colored furniture makes a room more bigger and airy while creating a lighter mood. Dark furniture, on the other side adds drama and a more formal appearance to your home. Dark-colored furniture catches the eye and can serve as a great focal point when entering your home.

In addition to that, light-colored furniture is versatile as compared to dark-colored furniture. ait is because light color furniture can be placed anywhere in your home without having to worry about making your space look crowded.

In contrary, dark-colored furniture is hard to decorate as you cannot just place it anywhere you like because it depends on the elements around it, such as light sources from either natural lighting or artificial lighting.

Given the information presented up to this point, I anticipate that you’ve already thought about the furniture you want to install in your home.

4. Use of space saving furniture

Now that you are done repainting your entire wall and ceiling, it is time to install furniture at home. Don’t have any idea of what furniture to install at home? Here are two recommended space-saving furniture for your home.

a. Pull out sofa Bed

One of the most commonly known multi-function furniture is a pull out sofa bed. Sofa bed is convenient as you can bring it to your bedroom or the living room. It is relatively smaller in height so you don’t have to worry that it may block the sunlight from coming in.

b. Sofa with storage

Sofa can also be a pull up storage box and bed can also be a storage bed, either pull out, open and lift-up units. These types of space saving furniture does not block the natural light from coming in.

5. Well-planned furniture placements

In living room, did you know that you can actually place a couch in front of large windows without the fear of blocking the sunshine from coming in?

If you love the idea of having a shelve in the living room, you can do so by placing it in the corner of the room just beside the window. Relocating the couch away from the large windows can allow more light to brighten up your living area. If the window light is too much, drapes can do its job of lowering the intensity of overall brightness on your space.

Aside from couch, beds can also be placed in front of a window. In this case, you are allowing more light to come in and brighten your room. You can use dark color curtains to control the light when you want to sleep.

Relocate tall furniture such as cabinet and shelves, away from the window as it might block natural light from entering from the window.

In repositioning your furniture at home, be creative enough in placing it where it can freed up more space in your home.

6. Create good lighting

Light is essential in a condo. It is the entity that can make or break a condo unit. Moreover, exposing yourself to natural light increases your body’s ‘feel-good’ serotonin levels and can uplifts one spirit.

It is important to add light to areas that is not properly well-lighted, specifically dark corners of your home. It not only creates a positive atmosphere in your unit, but it can also assist you in creating a good condo design for your own space.

Good lighting alters the mood, creates an ambiance, and helps to define living spaces. Consider how different your condo space will look when you customize it with the right lighting.

Trendy light fixtures

Trendy light fixtures comes in three different forms; the cove, valance, and soffit. Cove lamps are usually placed on vertical spaces such as shelves or ledge high up in the wall so that the light could bounce towards the ceiling. Valance lamp on the other hand is place horizontally so that light is reflected both upward and downward. Lastly, soffit lamp is a lamp that is installed in a roofline near the ceiling to direct the light downward.

Light fixtures are only one aspect of lighting. Another important decision to make when installing lighting in your home is the type of bulb to use.

When buying light bulbs, consumers usually purchase bulbs with the color choice they want. It is important to know that the color of the bulbs actually matters!

It is important to add lights to the darker corners of your condo unit, especially in the divided areas, to instantly cozy up your space. So, here are the light bulbs guide that would fit the needs of your home.

Types of light bulbs

Generally, there are four types of light bulbs: LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent.

If you are looking for a bulb that will serve you for a lengthy period of time, compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs is an efficient option since it has a relatively longer life span.

Halogen on the other hand is good as it improves the focus of the light.

Although incandescent lighting is the most common, it is not recommended because it can raise your electricity bill, especially during hot weather.

Lastly, a light-emitting diode (LED) light is extremely efficient because it lasts a long time and performs well. LEDs are the most recommended of these four types of bulbs because they are the most versatile, coming in a variety of shapes and color temperatures. 

7. Glass Doors

Glass doors does not only allow light to enter your home, it also does increase the visibility of an area. Interior glass doors will not block natural light, instead it increases light flow and improves the appearance and atmosphere of your home!

It is essential to know that the best natural light and visibility are provided by clear glass and ultra-clear low iron glass. Tinted and satin glass, on the other hand, reduce both the amount of light diffusing and visibility.

So,if you are trying to conserve energy, you can settle for the clear glass as it can brighten up you home throughout the day.

Tinted glass is recommended if you would like to somehow control the amount of sunlight passing through.

8. Window Treatment

It is accessorizing your window with anything by putting or covering the window. Window treatment comes in the form of soft and hard treatments. Soft treatments are curtains while hard treatments are blinds and shutters.

Window treatments transforms the way your home looks like and can provide you a privacy. However, a window without any coverings can make your home so much brighter as there is nothing to control and block the entry of natural light.

Aside from window treatment, it is important that you regularly maintain your windows clean to let more sunshine to enter your home!

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