Asterra: The most sought-after affordable condominium in the country

When real estate tycoon Manny B. Villar (MBV), Vista Land’s Chairman, introduced Asterra as one of his personal projects in November 2022, the launch created major buzz that continues to excite industry stakeholders well into the first month of the new year.

Indeed, Asterra is currently the ‘talk of the town’ in the affordable property sector due to the billionaire mogul’s resolve to use strict vetting processes for the locales of its Asterra projects. Only suburban sites with access to rich economic and investment opportunities will make the grade, thus giving potential Asterra homeowners the chance to reside in their dream condo home while benefitting from growth prospects in their host towns and cities.

“Asterra is very close to my heart,” said Vista Land top honcho Manny B. Villar, affirming why he has made it his personal project—and one that will bring Filipinos closer to investment-worthy, modern urban-style housing for a reasonable price.

MBV describes Asterra as clusters of residential condos of 4 to 7 levels each, all with sleek, spacious, and well-laid-out interiors. It will have recreational amenities like basketball courts, gyms, and function halls to foster warm and friendly community ties that are a trademark of all Vista Land developments.

The package will surely appeal to active young achievers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and start-up families who will likewise be within a reasonable commute to urban centers and corporate hubs.

Given Vista Land’s reputation as a sought-after property developer, Asterra is currently dealing with incredibly positive feedback. Both investors and homebuyers have been hastily locking down their choices in Vista Land’s newest project.

This shows just how many aspiring homeowners yearn for the idyllic living experience that Asterra offers. It’s all about balance. Asterra provides the convenience of modern, urban lifestyles amid tranquil suburban neighborhoods. It serves as an escape from the densely populated metro without forgoing the comforts of home.

Already Asterra has committed to more upcoming developments, which will include horizontal housing for more options.

“Watch Asterra forge ahead in the affordable housing game,” says Vista Land Chairman Manny Villar on his pet project. “We also invite everyone to check out Asterra soon, so they can live their best lives in the years to come.”


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