Complete Checklist on Things to Do as a First-Time Condo Owner


For some, and particularly for those who purchase at the right moment, a condo may be a wise financial move. Condos are frequently more reasonably priced than single-family houses, and their owners may enjoy a wide range of high-end features and conveniences.

However, as a first-time condo owner in one of Asterra’s condo communities, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the procedures involved in relocating to a new residence.

Many first-time condo buyers experience undue anxiety because of everything there is to worry about when buying a condo, such as property taxes, condo fees, and keeping in touch with your real estate brokers. Don’t fret; it’s only normal to feel that way. After all, folks your age are used to the standard home layout.

Here are some tips for first-time condo owners to make life easier, both for yourself and for others who may be considering making a similar investment.

Tips for First-Time Condo Owners

Buying a condo for the first time around is a significant decision, so we’ve compiled this checklist of essentials to help you make the most informed decision possible on your first condo ownership.

After Your Condo Purchase and Before Moving In

It requires some planning ahead of time after you receive your unit keys from your real estate broker. As a result, you should go through these tips for first-time condo owners before moving in.

Tip #1. Spend time planning your ideal floor plan.

Plan out the inside of your new condo properties in accordance with your own taste before you move in. While relocating might be a source of stress, preparing ahead as a condo buyer can help you come up with new ideas without worrying about the mess you’ll inevitably make.

Finally, starting this process early will allow you more flexibility when you decide where and how to arrange the furniture in your apartment.

Tip #2. Know the rules and regulations.

Now that you’re a condo owner, you may count yourself among the numerous people who call a certain high-rise home. Everyone will be able to coexist peacefully thanks to the new laws and regulations that will be put in place. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire as to the restrictions. In this case, your real estate agent could help. If you’re planning to stay there for a long time, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these rules so you know what you can and can’t do.

Tip #3. Make a plan for regular maintenance and renovations.

Clean the whole apartment, including the ceiling, floor, and walls. It’s convenient to paint the walls a new color if the unit is still empty. You can also easily put the extension cables and power strips in the right spots. It’s also important to periodically clean your space.

Tip #4. Get rid of the pests.

Even if you keep your house spotless, small rodents may still find a way in via ventilation or plumbing. Prevention is better than cure, so make an appointment with a pest control provider. Before bringing in all of your furniture and stuff.

Tip #5. Update your home address.

After you’ve finished making payments and decided when to move in, it’s important to notify your local tax office, telecommunications provider, business contacts, friends, and relatives of your new address.

Any letter, bill, or shipment that comes your way is important, whether it’s for your business or your personal life.

Tip #6. Hire a moving company.

Important tips for first-time condo owners: if you’re bringing a lot of furniture or appliances with you, call a moving firm. Especially if you’re moving during a busy month, you should do this as soon as you close on your property.

Settling In to Your New Condo Unit

Condominium living is a major transition for those used to a single-family home. To help you make the move from your home to your condo as easy as possible, make sure to keep in touch with a real estate professional. Meanwhile, here are some tips for first-time condo owners on how to settle in their new condo community.

Tip #7. Update the door locks.

This is an important reminder for anybody buying a condo or moving into a condo for the first time. Make sure your residence is always safe by changing the locks and providing the key only to the condominium buildings management team after you’ve moved in.

Tip #8. Get the right furnishings and fittings.

After you’ve finished organizing and renovating your condo, it’s time to outfit it with new furnishings and amenities. It’s possible that the fixtures and furnishings from your old house won’t fit in your new unit, so make sure to choose the appropriate furnishing.

Tip #9. Explore the neighborhood and the property’s location.

Learn where and how to go to places like grocery stores, banks, and movie theaters. Knowing this will make your life simpler and assist you in making the most of your new unit. Condominiums, after all, tend to be situated in very desirable regions.

Tip #10. Get in touch with your HOA.

Your Homeowners’ Association should be your go-to resource for learning about building-wide affairs like elevator servicing, waste pickup, amenity upgrades, pet rules, and more. They are responsible for keeping you abreast of any relevant developments that apply to your residence.

Tip #11. Say hello to your neighbors.

When you move into a shared living space, it’s polite to make an effort to get to know the other condo residents. Go around and introduce yourself to your neighbors by knocking on their doors. Make sure you’re smiling, and bring a gift. You might need their help at some point in the future.

Tip #12. Host a house blessing.

Involve your neighbors in the celebration by inviting them over for food and beverages (and coin throwing) in addition to your friends and family. You can banish any ill vibes at your own unit while making new friends.

Tip #13. Prepare for a condo living lifestyle change.

Condo life is unique from other housing options because of its setting, facilities, neighborhood, and social possibilities. All of these are only the beginning of the upheavals you’ll experience as a condo owner.

Tip #14. Maximize the use of amenities.

Amenities are a major selling point for condo living. Asterra vertical developments provide premium amenities to its condo unit owners, such as 24-hr Security, Guarded Entrance / Exit, Fitness Centers, Parking Spaces, Landscaped Garden, Multi-purpose Hall / Clubhouse, Play Ground, and Swimming Pool.

Tip #15. Learn to love your new home.

Don’t be afraid to dive headfirst into the unique experiences and perspectives that condo living may offer. A city’s unique culture and history are woven together with the pulsating pulse of the neighborhood’s commercial core.

Asterra built the right home for you that can perfectly match the contemporary living of today’s world while giving you a serene lifestyle near nature. Watch out for the fresh locations of this newest condominium in town!

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