Condo Living: Which is Better, Higher Floors or Lower Floors


No one has to tell you the importance of a property’s location when it comes time to buying a real estate investment. In vertical developments of medium-rise condos, however, such as Asterra, the question of what level the unit is on becomes relevant.

Since more and more homes and businesses are being constructed at skyscraper heights, potential buyers sometimes have trouble deciding whether to focus on the lower floors in condo or upper floors.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each, and having this information at your disposal before you need it will help you choose the option that is most suitable for you. No two people have the same needs, therefore not everyone will benefit from the same approach. In this way, you may prioritize what’s most important to you and set the bar accordingly.

There are benefits to both living on the ground floor and upper floors, and you can see what those are by comparing them.

Pros and Cons, Higher Floor vs Lower Floor Living

Deciding between a different level or a different building type, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, may be difficult. Determine if an apartment on a higher or lower level is better based on your own preferences and the sort of building you’re interested in living in.

Choosing the Higher Floors in Condo

Higher floors in condo are a good investment, as any professional will tell you. Although somewhat more costly, this home is well worth the extra consideration. Therefore, let’s investigate the possibility of purchasing an upper-floor apartment complex.


These are some of the benefits you may expect to reap if you decide to purchase top-floor apartments:

– Pest-free environment

When we say “pests,” we mean bugs, insects, and other such critters. They probably won’t make it to your higher floor unit due to the steepness of the slope. But mosquitoes are another story entirely, so you may want to still explore these natural insect repellents.

– Magnificent views

The adage “the view is greater from up here” is one you’ve undoubtedly heard before. As with skyscrapers, the same logic holds true. The more floors you go, the more spectacular the vistas get from these structures. Residential houses in the suburbs or outskirts of the metro like those near the shore or the beach usually have great views.

– Flood-free

When it rains heavily, much of the nation, particularly the metro, may be flooded. As a consequence, floodwaters entered people’s houses. Buying a condo on a higher level may be a good way to floodproof your investment.

– Fewer security concerns

Stairs, elevators, and tall glass panes stand between you and your condo. This lowers the likelihood of a break-in happening since criminals choose targets with easy exits.

– Peaceful living

When you live on a high floor, you’re farther away from the noise and activity on the ground floors, so you can relax. Rail transit noise and vibrations of vehicles on the roads will all be dampened. Apartments on the upper floors of a building experience much less noise from pedestrians, both within and outside the high-rise buildings.


Living on higher floors has many advantages; there are, however, a few drawbacks that should be considered first.

– Harder to access in case of emergencies

You need to be able to get out of the building quickly in the event of a fire or a woman coming into labor. Consider the difficulty of evacuating if the stairwell is already clogged with people from lower-floor apartment.

– Higher selling price

It’s general knowledge that people prefer to stay on a higher floor because of the added peace and beauty they provide. Therefore, it is not unexpected that units on higher floors cost 10-20% more to buy or rent than their ground-floor flat counterparts.

– Hassle movability

There are more people living on and using the elevators, so you’ll have to wait longer than you would for a lower level. This might make it more difficult to relocate large pieces of furniture and carry around common household objects like grocery bags and suitcases.

– Hotter temperature

You may learned from high school physics that hot air rises. As a result, more power is needed to cool higher units. In extreme cases, this might cause your AC costs to skyrocket.

Living in the Lower Floors in Condo or Ground Floor


If you’re comparing lower floors in condo to those with beautiful views, you may be surprised to learn that the first-floor flats provide a number of advantages.

– More accessible

You won’t have to worry about using the stairs or waiting for the elevator if they are easier to navigate. Also, your apartment’s main entrance, which provides easy access in and out, is conveniently located on the ground level.

– More reasonable cost

The “less glamorous” option in a high-rise building is often the ground level. This drastically lowers the price. Consider how much cash you’ll save on air-conditioning costs by moving into a low-rise building.

– Cooler temperatures

Since warm air rises, it requires less work to cool a building’s basement and ground level. As a consequence, less money is spent on cooling. This is perfect, especially with the Philippines’ weather, unlike in the US which requires higher heating costs during winter.

– More outdoor area

If a condominium has a ground-floor unit, its residents may have access to a private yard or courtyard. Its the best floor for tenants with kids, pets, or who want to have parties outside.


– Less safe

Unfortunately, with more access comes a greater opportunity for break-ins. Thieves like easy targets, therefore a lack of stairs and long waits for elevators, as well as lower windows, will attract them.

– Added noise and less personal space

Living lower to the top floors implies being subjected to more noise from the street below. Sound pollution from the busy street and noisy neighbors having fun in the swimming pool or above you are both regular occurrences.

– Prone to pests

Everyone hates a steep incline except hikers. Insects and other bugs are just as bad. Mice, cockroaches, and lizards tend to ‘break in’ more often at ground level.

Having this information at your disposal can aid you in making a well-informed choice when looking to purchase a unit in a high-rise condominium building. Living in a condo is appealing because of the conveniences it offers, such as a pool, spa, gym, café, and security that is present at all times.

You may make the most of your stay in your condo investment by selecting the best floor on which to make your home.

Want to have more freedom in choosing the better floor for you? The newest condominium development in town, like Asterra, can give you the liberty to choose the best floor with its pre-selling units and newly built home for you!

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