Should you invest in a property in La Union?

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You would probably be searching for the best and ideal investment in the Philippines if you were a first-time investor. Choosing between stocks sale, mutual funds, insurance, business, and houses and condominiums for sale can be very challenging. There are numerous similar properties for sale available if you decide to invest in real estate. In the Philippines, Condominiums are among the most famous kinds of home property. The majority of condominiums are known for their wow factor, including resort-style amenities and great factors like convenient access to prominent establishments. However, a first-time investor can look past these factors and ask:

Are Condominiums a good investment?

Yes! Condominiums are a good investment if you’ll ask. However, if you’ve recently been stressed by house hunting, affordable condominiums are also available in the market.

However, owning a condominium unit is quite an expensive investment to make but, it is much cheaper price than buying a family house.

Choosing Strategic Locations for a Home or Investment

Aside from the type of real estate property, location is crucial if you want to be successful with your property investment. To make living here more convenient and profitable, you should ideally invest in a place that is affordable, well-established, and, if possible, a tourist spot destination. Fortunately, La union is one of the Philippines’ best cities for real estate home investment. As you read this article, you will know the reason why an investment in La Union could be a good decision.

Let’s get to know La Union

San Fernando City is the Capital of La Union. It is a place that has many tourist attractions for both domestic and international tourists. La Union is one of the Philippines’ provinces with a rich history due to its churches, lighthouses, and historical places.

1. Popular Surfing Destination in the North

La Union is well known for its popular beach tourist destination as it is located nearby the West Philippines Sea shoreline. It is perfect for local travelers who loves and enjoy surfing because the waves here are perfect for surfing and other water activities. La Union is also known as the “Surfing capital of the North”.

2. More than just the Philippines’ surfing capital

However, the province is home to more than just surfing in the Philippines. Along with a growing local arts scene and public access to agricultural farms, it also has centuries-old churches, heritage sites, natural wonders including the Tangadan Falls which is located in San Fernando, and other natural features. It is truly worth the price.

There are many things to do in the La Union including hiking, picking grapes, enjoying local cuisine, visiting lighthouses, and municipalities, and experiencing the developing nightlife.

3. Fine cuisines and well-known pasalubongs

You can’t complete your La Union tour without trying their best product. Basi wine and sukang Iloko are two of the most popular Ilocos pasalubong. Both are safe for the environment and your health because they are made from natural materials and were created using natural processes. They also reflect the rich culture and history of the region.

La Union’s real estate potential

Have you ever visited a local tourist place like La Union and imagined “what it would be like to stay and live as a resident there?”

Because of its popular surfing area located in San Juan, La Union has been one of the provinces that have attracted a lot of tourists in the last five years. During events, celebrities and foreigners have traveled in La Union, especially during seasons when the waves are really fun to ride. Investing in affordable condominiums that are in tourist spot destinations would be a very smart choice and here’s why!

1. Rental Income Property

If you own a condominium property in La Union and you rarely visit, you can have it as a condo for rent. Or, if you plan to relocate your home, you can sell it because its sales value grows yearly. As La Union properties have grown as tourist attraction, there is a significant demand for both long- and short-term rentals of apartments and homes.

2. Increase your Financial Security

A real estate investment in La union is one approach to increase financial security and look into other sources of income. The ongoing healthcare crisis demonstrated the stability of the real estate market. La Union property’s sale price like houses and condominiums for sale have continued to rise, and industry experts believe that the real estate market will continue to strengthen. Banks have also been flexible in approving loans for home property sale investment. You may secure your investment and earn profitable sale returns even in times of crisis by investing your hard earned money in condominium units and houses for sale in La Union.

Affordable condominiums to rise in La Union

Due to their popularity with tourists and visitors, La Union’s tourist destination typically has a strong demand for condominiums for sale or for rent. 

These condominiums could offer availability and affordability for short-term and long-term lodging in places like san Fernando where tourists often visit.

Condominiums are an excellent choice for those who want the feel of a “home away from home” while still having the security of renting.

Amenities are easily accessible.

Condominiums provide a huge selection of amenities inside. Pools, gyms, centers, spas, and fancy restaurants are included. Condominiums are an excellent choice for those who like to live in a provincial place like La Union but still want to have a sense of community.

You have your own space to unwind and are accessible to Tourist Destination

Known as the “Surfing Capital of the North” Condominiums in La Union is a worthy investment. They offer a sense of privacy as well as a break from the busy city. In comparison to other options for similar properties, they frequently provide more freedom. Homeowners can have a second home that is stress-free. Condominiums in these popular tourist areas can serve as their safe haven, where they can relax, indulge in their passions, and take a vacation from their busy schedules. You can go to places in San Fernando La Union like Tangadan Falls, Lotus Valley Farm, Poro poro lighthouse, and the beautiful La Union’s Uzbitondo Beach and Sunset where you can rent a gazebo and watch a sunset!

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Written by Keanu Sasis

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