Top 3 reasons you should buy a condo outside Metro Manila

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We all know that Metro Manila is home to some of the nation’s most prominent financial districts, where important businesses, institutions, commercial establishments, low rise structures, high rise structure and lifestyle centers are located. A lot of opportunities are here and there are several benefits to living in Metro Manila. Many people choose to live and invest in metro areas due to the rising level of urbanization and accessibility.

But if you think about moving outside of Metro Manila, to be honest, it can be difficult to conceive that life can be just as interesting and fulfilling in another capital city in the Philippines if your entire childhood was spent in Metro Manila. But if you look at other bigger cities, particularly those outside Metro Manila, you can see that there are a lot of great best locations to visit. 

Top reason to live in a condominium outside metro manila

1. Convenience

Condominium buildings are frequently located in or close to downtown regions, giving residents easy access to the adjacent commercial and entertainment sectors. This entails residing close to places of employment, pubs and restaurants, public transportation, city center, open spaces, famous sights, a ton of activities, and especially the residents benefit. We all understand that convenience costs us far too much money, lower expenses is up to you. The rules are yours to make!

2. Freedom

We’ve all wondered what it’s like to finally live your own life at some point. A person at some point in their life hopes or aspires to be able to appropriately pursue their own decisions and interests. It is extremely rewarding to feel that sense of accomplishment when you can maintain yourself without the constant assistance of a legal guardian. When you leave your parents’ house, you will be free to pursue your ideals and make whatever decisions you desire. If you want a simple life you can have it.

3. Safety

Compared to apartments or single-family homes, condominiums can offer a significantly safer living environment. The neighborhood, concierge services, and security elements are the three main contributors to this. Living in a condo is generally safe. And they are frequently far more practical than houses. To reduce hazards, there are a few things to keep in mind starting points include picking the ideal location and best locations, ensuring the building is structurally strong, and becoming familiar with what to do in case of a natural disaster.

Advantages living in a condominium outside the metro.

Here are some Advantages and Disadvantages living in a condominium outside the metro.

1. Affordability

Much More Affordable Outside of Metro Manila, a Php25000 condo apartment in a commercial sector will cost less than Php8000 per month.

2. Fresh air

Less pollution due to the pandemic has helped Metro Manila’s traffic congestion slightly, but on ordinary days, we can still observe a constant gray cloud hovering above the city.

3. Larger land area

More space since it is outside metro it is not crowded.

Disadvantages living in a condominium outside the metro.

1. Connectivity

There may be certain areas without fiber optic or extremely fast internet, whether it is mobile or fixed. For whatever reason, it takes PLDT and other internet service providers a very long time to reach areas outside of MM. You’ll be fortunate if you receive 50Mbps.

2. Transportation options

There are few transportation choices. Your only alternatives are Jeeps, buses, tricycles, and private automobiles.

3. Modern amenities

Lack of contemporary amenities like meal delivery available around-the-clock. This won’t matter to you if you enjoy cooking. However, since we frequently order takeout, this is somewhat of a big deal for others.

What it feels like living in a condominium outside the metro?

Just so you know, outside of the metro area, condo life is still the finest. Traffic and commuting should be reasonable if you live in one of the Philippines’ more well-known condo buildings. Condominium developments are conveniently situated close to supermarkets, shops, banks, and major thoroughfares. A location purchase is a long-term investment in Philippine real estate. It will just take a few minutes to get to work, saving you both time and money on gas. The daily stress brought on by getting stuck in traffic or standing in line will also be much reduced, which will be helpful to many.

Living in a condominium has become popular in recent years, particularly because many residents find it to be convenient and pleasant enough to call it “home.” Given that purchasing a house and lot or a townhouse could be highly expensive in contrast to purchasing a condo unit, which is more practical and resourceful. Others choose condo because they make life better and more convenient, especially given that the majority of condos are located in or close to the region’s busiest neighborhoods. This is viewed as a benefit by employees and other corporate and non-corporate workers who want to travel less and spend more time with their loved ones.

Condominiums are appealing today for another reason: they have swimming pool, gym, landscape garden, basketball court and other best features. Also they are close to amenities like shopping centers, supermarkets, medical facilities, public transportation, schools, universities, and, of course, your place of employment. It is more time and money efficient since individuals do not have to commute for great distances to work because some parts are walking distance, and whenever your condo is close to your destination, you do not have to pay for your commute on public transportation or refuel your private automobiles.

Why are Filipinos investing in condos outside Metro Manila?

In actuality, if you lived outside of our country’s capital , your life would be just as beautiful and prosperous because there’s a lot of reasons to buy property investment outside Metro Manila.

1. Variety of properties available

Having more property options outside metro manila is good deal for property investments; it is a piece of real estate that has been bought with the hope of recouping the cost of the acquisition through the property’s future sale, rental income, or both. Real estate investment is the possibility of increased cash flow. Commercial real estate may provide investors greater income possibilities, longer lease terms, and lower vacancy rates than other types of real estate. There is a lot reasons to buy properties outside metro manila

2. Provision for bigger spaces

We are all aware of how crowded the Metro Manila region of the Philippines has grown over time because of the residential development . Compared to cities outside the region, Metro Manila has less residential properties. A significant factor today is having lower housing and living expenses. Manila is one of Southeast Asia’s most expensive places to live in one of the example of this is the property prices, which I know won’t surprise you. Living outside of Metro Manila is not luxury as you know  because of the possibility of earning and simultaneously saving money due to its lower cost of living and housing.

Invest in Real Estate Today

By making an investment in real estate, young professionals start to realize their dreams and start to enjoy the fruits of their labor because they come up on the reasons to buy properties outside metro manila. The majority of them are seeking for properties with potential; nevertheless, they are also picky when it comes to choosing the perfect home for them, so they focus on environmentally friendly locations, relaxed vibe, convenience and, in particular, properties that are affordable.

Your future is something you should think about when investing in real estate, so having more than one home is kind of a smart idea. Therefore, considering real estate outside of Manila have many advantages because it can provide you whatever you want both now and in the future. Why not living in a condominium that might provide you with more future benefits? There are several location outside of Metro Manila that will emerge as the next foreign tourists’ attractions.  Properties in developing areas are expected to appreciate in value quickly. You won’t have to wait long to build your own house or sell them for a profit. Opportunities are available right away. As a result, a lot of individuals are seeking for property in growth regions where they may construct their homes.

Affordable Condominium communities

If you don’t feel isolated and lonely, condo living could be much more enjoyable and meaningful. In your condo’s area, you might have friends who become family with good communication and a strong personality. Over time, if stronger bonds are created and you have established lasting relationships with your neighbors, it will be simpler for you to request assistance when necessary or plan social gatherings that everyone can enjoy. You may always have a friend, which would improve your ability to interact with people and communicate. Condominium investing is undoubtedly a long-term investment that will pay off for you in the long run and is one option to increase your financial stability.

One of the most sensible choices one could possibly make is to choose for a condo rather than a house when purchasing real estate. But before making the crucial decision, there is a lot of critical thinking and consideration involved. If choosing the appropriate and ideal housing property for yourself, one should of course take into account their financial capacity, the opinions of their loved ones, they reasons to buy properties outside metro manila and what they personally envision for the future. Hoping this words will help you to your future decisions

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