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A quick guide to thrift banks in the Philippines

In the vibrant and rapidly growing economy of the Philippines, thrift banks have emerged as a driving force in empowering individuals and small businesses to access essential financial services. With their commitment to financial inclusion and a customer-centric approach, thrift banks play a pivotal role in fostering economic growth and stability across the nation. As the Philippine economy continues...

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Peso depreciation: Weakening peso or strengthening dollar?

When we talk about currency depreciation, does it mean weaker peso for us and currency strengthening for our foreign counterpart? To discuss thoroughly, the central bank, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) claims that the country's currency depreciation is caused by the strengthening of dollar rather than our sinking peso. When peso depreciates, it means that more money and more Philippine peso must be...


4 Income budgeting tips to help you get started in investing

Regardless of what you may have previously believed or heard about budgeting, remember this: Having multiple savings account or active investing in actually increases your freedom! Literally, it's you taking charge, being deliberate, and directing your finances plus begin active investing in. You earn every single peso! An effective strategy for taking charge of your finances is a wealth management for...

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Things to consider before investing early

When is really the right time to know if you are ready to start investing? Is there a specific age for you to start? Well, there is no really an exact time, date, and age for you to invest but the only question is "are you ready?" Most people think that in you're early 20's, you should start investing at that very young age. Yes, it can be. However, identifying first all the necessary information about...

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Understanding Bank Loans Before Buying a Condo Unit

If you're planning to buy a condo in the Philippines, it's important to understand how bank loans work and the requirements involved in securing one. A housing loan in the Philippines is a popular option for many buyers. However, it's not as simple as just filling out an application form and waiting for the loan approval. There are certain criteria that you need to meet and required documents that you...

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Different Financing Options When Buying a Condo in Philippines

Affordability and ease of financing are two important factors when considering the purchase of a new home. In many cases, buyers opt to buy a condominium unit instead of a house due to cheaper transaction costs and lower down-payment requirements. There are several condo projects all over the Philippines that feature different types of units and amenities that you may want to ponder. For those of you who...

OFW-top 3 investment recommendations

3 Investments every OFW should have

Many Filipinos wish to work abroad for a greener pasture in order to improve their livelihood. There is the so called "The American Dream" for every Filipino to work in America or in another country as most of the people think that their lives will change tremendously once that you earned dollars. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, as of September 2021 there are an estimated of 1.83 million...

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How does owning a condo help you save more money?

Owning your own space is an investment for most young professionals and young families. The big question is, how do you choose a place to call your "home"? Options will arise as soon as you consider buying a home of comfort. Building your own house will take a lot of money, considering the land, materials, paper works, and labor. An apartment may be an option too, but renting is not a smart move to save...

Cavite as a good location for a condominium

10 Reasons Why Getting an affordable condominium in Cavite is the next best move

Back then, many people wanted to go to Manila because it was known for big opportunities, particularly in employment and in providing a wide range of sources of income.   Today, people are crammed in, overrun with pollution, and stuck in traffic and congestion is inevitable. These are some factors people find the lifestyle in the Metro to be exhaustive which gives them a reason to migrate to the...

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