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Condo renovation project

Pros And Cons Of A Condo With No Balcony

Even though having a balcony has been demonstrated to provide benefits and has the ability to increase a property's value, many residences throughout the world lack balconies. This phenomena can be attributed to a number of factors. Additionally, there are valid arguments against a balcony. For a variety of reasons, many residences lack balconies. There are fewer balconies in areas when the weather...

Condo with different floor levels

Choose the right floor level for your condo unit with these tips

When buying a condo unit, picking the appropriate floor level is a critical choice that has to be carefully considered. The ideal option ultimately depends on the particular building as well as your individual objectives and needs. Listed in this article are some factors to consider before making your decision. 6 Attributes to check when considering the floor level of your condo unit You will hear...

Improved air quality at home

Improve the air quality at home with these 7 tips

The community is one of the many reasons why people choose to buy a condominium. If you make the purchase of a high-quality condo in a community where everyone is concerned about the outdoor air, it will be much simpler for you to attain excellent indoor air quality in your own condo. Invest in your health Health is something you should emphasize when it comes to selecting a home. The fitness...

cooling down for the summer season

Ways to prepare your home for the summer season

The sweltering summer months in the Philippines frequently begin as early as March, when the heat index reaches around 38°C, and last until May when it reaches a record 45°C. In tropical nations, this "felt air temperature" calls for seasonal treats like samalamig and ice-cold halo-halo. Yet, staying hydrated and in the shade won't let you enjoy the season indefinitely. It makes more sense and is...

Condo interior with natural light

The Do’s and Don’ts of creating a cozy condo interior

Usually, condos are offered either fully furnished or semi-furnished. You have the choice to purchase a fully or semi-furnished condo that you can decorate that best fits your personality. One of the most common and widespread notions when it comes to condominiums is that all the units in a building have identical interior design that cannot be altered. Create the ideal cozy condo interior for your unit...


Condo Living Room Ideas for Small Floor Space

Buying a condo is one of the most straightforward real estate options out there. Lawn care, roof maintenance, and driveway upkeep are just some of the common responsibilities covered by HOA dues. Since this is the case, your only concern is getting an interior designer for your condo unit. Though there is a wide variety of condo decor to choose from, the most common denominators among all of them are...


Millennials’ Top Reasons for Choosing Condo Living

The Millennial generation has been the focus of much attention in recent years, and this can also be seen by the prominence they have received in the Philippine media. Indeed, that is not without merit, as millennials are now the largest generation in human history, and their ideals differ from those of Generation X and the Baby Boomers. And one area where this is becoming more noticeable is the...

small condo interior design

How to Decorate Your Affordable Condominium Unit?

You've just bought a condo unit. Congratulations! The next steps are to furnish your living space with furniture, appliances, and other decors. Some believe that homeowners sacrifice space for affordability, but we can also look at this as an opportunity for you to make intentional interior design decisions to create a home where every centimeter matters. Your home will always feel like an ongoing...

indoor plants

12 indoor plants perfect for your Condo unit

DURING the pandemic, people are compelled to stay in their homes, which produces a "new normal" of living. The growing interest in gardening is one hobby that has been prevalent among Filipinos from the start of the era until the present. People also started to collect plants for their homes, which unexpectedly increased their appeal. In our local news feeds on social media, the words "plantitos" and...

Condo workout equipment

Fitness Equipment You can Keep in Your Condo Spaces

Since the pandemic struck, numerous establishments have been forced to shut down as a result of possible virus threats, and one of those businesses is the gym. Gyms are recognized for being places where people exercise regularly, however since they are built to hold equipment, there is a higher risk of the virus spreading quickly in these facilities. People were restrained to their homes to prevent...

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