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Unique Room Separation Ideas Beyond Walls

Since so many of us now work from home, separating our living spaces into zones for certain purposes or just creating personal retreats is more crucial than ever. With this, the notion of making open-plan rooms for our home investment grew in popularity as these environments became increasingly sought after. For pre-selling condominium Philippines that only have limited space, it's possible...


Millennial’s Must-Have Items in Their Condo Unit

For sure, the joy of having your first home can be somewhat overwhelming. And, with that ecstatic feeling, you might even forget essential things to bring when you’re finally moving into your personal sanctuary.  Don’t get carried away by these emotions and stay focused. We have your back and list down the most important items you need in a condo unit. Save Space with these 15 Millennial's...


9 Common Gym Equipment You Can Find in a Condo

Nowadays, many Filipinos are getting more health conscious by following healthy and well-balanced diets. But, over 40 percent of young adults have a lack of physical activity due to limited access to exercise facilities in the Philippines. Although several fitness gyms are available, most require membership fees besides hiring a fitness coach for custom-fit programs. That is why experts in real estate...


Securing Your Space: Condo Fire Safety Measures

nsuring fire safety in places where many people live together, like apartments or condos, is a practical investment in your safety and the safety of your neighbors. With compact living becoming more common, especially in growing cityscapes, fire hazards in vertical homes and the like are a concern for many residents, including prospective property owners looking for their starter homes. It's especially...


Yearly Maintenance Checklist Keeping Your Home in Top Shape

As the year 2023 ends, it's a common practice to conduct a general cleaning. May it be your property, just renting a place, or even a condo in Philippines, keeping your space in top shape is always a priority.  Now, how can you be so sure that you never miss a single space to clean? Worry not because we will give you some of the most recommended expert tips that you can apply in your home. Ace...


7 Reasons to Live Your Condo Living Dream in Cavite

There are a few locations outside Metro Manila that provide all these three qualities in handy—raising a family, creating a profession, and growing a company—while all being in an eco-friendly location. One such wonderful place is the province of Cavite, which manages to combine its rural charm with all the conveniences of a highly industrialized metropolis. This is one of the main reasons why so...


10 Inspiring Reasons to Live in General Trias City

Situated in the lively province of Cavite, a couple of hours away from Metro Manila, there's a place where history, culture, and progress come together – a city that represents unity and a sense of resilience. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of General Trias City in the heart of Southern Cavite. Let's begin our exploration of the past by stepping back in time to a place rich in historical...


Pampanga Delicacies You Should Definitely Bring Home

Pampanga is one of the leading business process outsourcing (BPO) destinations in the Philippines. Over the years, it has established some of the biggest companies in the country featuring modern infrastructure and facilities, generating millions of pesos in revenue every year. As a result, it attracted new businesses and investments to the province, particularly real estate. It’s no surprise why a...


11 Smart Solutions for Kitchens with Narrow Space

While smaller homes are undeniably charming, they sometimes lack adequate dining and kitchen areas. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve the functionality of your eat-in kitchen. It is possible to have a pleasant and functional cooking and socializing place in even the smallest of kitchens by being resourceful with storage and making use of every inch of counter and wall space...

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