Pampanga Delicacies You Should Definitely Bring Home


Pampanga is one of the leading business process outsourcing (BPO) destinations in the Philippines. Over the years, it has established some of the biggest companies in the country featuring modern infrastructure and facilities, generating millions of pesos in revenue every year. As a result, it attracted new businesses and investments to the province, particularly real estate. It’s no surprise why a bunch of condo for sale is rapidly sprouting in Pampanga to supply its high demand.

Now, if you’re interested or relocated to work in this highly progressive province, get a taste of some of their authentic Filipino dishes that you can truly enjoy.

11 Must-Try Authentic Pampanga Dishes

Pampanga is known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, and its delicacies are a must-try for any food lover. If you’re looking to bring home some authentic Kapampangan dishes, here are eleven (11) recommended Pampanga dishes you can try.


Sisig is a sizzling pork dish that is made with chopped pork, onions, and chili peppers. It is often served with a side of rice and calamansi, a type of local citrus fruit, on a hot sizzling plate. Sisig is a popular dish in the Philippines, but it is especially well-known in Pampanga, where it was invented. Thus, don’t miss tasting this most famous dish in Pampanga.

Pindang Damulag

Pindang damulag is salted and dried carabao meat. It is a popular ingredient in authentic Kapampangan cuisine and is often used to make dishes such as adobo and kare-kare. Pindang damulag is made by salting and drying carabao meat for several days.

Betute Tagak

Betute tagak, a stuffed frog dish, is also popular in Pampanga. This one type of Kapampangan food is typically stuffed with a mixture of ground pork, onions, garlic, and spices. The stuffed frogs are then deep-fried until they are golden brown and crispy.

Pork Bulanglang

Pork bulanglang is a pork soup with ripe guavas and vegetables. It is a sour and savory dish that is often served with rice. Pork bulanglang is made by cooking pork in water until it is tender. Then, ripe guavas and other vegetables, such as tomatoes, onions, and eggplant, are added to the soup. The soup is simmered until the vegetables are tender and the flavors have melded together.


If you’re a seafood lover, try Aligui, which is crab fat that is often used to make sauces, dips, and spreads. It is a delicious and versatile ingredient that can add a rich and creamy flavor to any dish. Aligui is made by extracting the fat from cooked crabs. It is then often mixed with other ingredients, such as garlic, onions, and chili peppers, to make a sauce or dip.


Murcon, also known as morcon, is a savory meatloaf-like dish that is made with ground beef, pork, and eggs. It is often stuffed with a mixture of vegetables, such as carrots, peas, and potatoes. Murcon is then steamed or baked until it is cooked through.


Another exotic food from Pampanga is the Kamaru. These are rice field crickets that are often cooked and eaten as a snack or appetizer. They are typically fried until they are crispy and then seasoned with salt and pepper. Kamaru can also be added to other dishes, such as stir-fries and soups.


Buro is fermented rice dish with a sour and tangy flavor. It is a staple of Kapampangan cuisine and is often eaten with grilled fish or vegetables. Buro is made by soaking rice in water for several days, then cooking it and fermenting it for several weeks.


There is also one popular dish for special occasions called Bringhe, a yellow rice cooked with turmeric and coconut milk. It is often served with chicken or fish. Bringhe is made by cooking rice in coconut milk and turmeric until it is golden brown. Then, it is garnished with fried onions and garlic.

Turrones de Casuy

Turrones de casuy is a cashew candy made with roasted cashews, sugar, and honey. It is a popular sweet treat from Pampanga and is often given as a gift during the holidays. Turrones de casuy is made by cooking sugar and honey until it forms a caramel syrup. Then, roasted cashews are added to the syrup and the mixture is poured into molds to cool and harden.

Panecillos de San Nicolas

If you want something sweet, Panecillos de San Nicolas is a must-try Pampanga treat. These are sweet cookies made with flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. They are a popular dessert in Pampanga and are often served during the holidays. Panecillos de San Nicolas are made by baking small balls of dough until they are golden brown. They are then often dusted with powdered sugar.

Where to Eat Authentic Pampanga Dishes?

One great advantage is that most food havens are close to residential properties, including affordable condominium units. So, with its rich culinary heritage, Pampanga has something to offer everyone.

Here are some of the best restaurants that offer delicious and authentic dishes to satisfy your Pampanga food trip.

Aling Lucing Sisig

Located in Angeles City, Aling Lucing Sisig is credited with inventing sisig, one of Pampanga’s most famous dishes. This restaurant has been serving up its signature sisig since the 1970s, and it is still one of the most popular places to eat the dish today.

Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy

Another popular restaurant that serves authentic Pampanga cuisine is Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy. They are known for their special tokwa’t baboy, a dish made with tofu and pork stew. Mila’s also serves up a variety of other Kapampangan dishes, such as kare-kare, adobo, and bringhe.

Bale Dutung 

You can also find a restaurant that specializes in Pampanga’s heritage cuisine in San Fernando named Bale Dutung. This restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes, such as buro (fermented rice), kamaru (rice field crickets), and betute (stuffed frogs). Bale Dutung also offers a tasting menu that features some of Pampanga’s most iconic dishes.

Apag Marangle

Still in San Fernando, Apag Marangle is a restaurant that specializes in Pampanga’s indigenous cuisine. This restaurant offers a variety of dishes that are made with traditional ingredients and cooking methods. Apag Marangle is a great place to try some of Pampanga’s more unusual dishes, such as betute tagak (stuffed frog) and kilawin kambing (goat ceviche).

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