Asian couple on golden years

Should you get a condo for your retirement home?

Should you start thinking about investing in a retirement home even if you still have 20 to 30 years until you can officially call yourself “retired”? Condominiums are becoming an increasingly popular option for retirees and those who are approaching retirement age who are looking for a new place to live. They provide an excellent alternative for seniors who are fed up with the upkeep of...

Millennials in home buying

Millennials as Homebuyers: How do they differ?

When it comes to home purchases, millennial homebuyers represent a distinctive group. This generation, which spans the years 1981 to 1996, has been influenced by events like the 2008 financial crisis, student loan debt, money issues, and a constantly changing work market. What makes millennials different? Younger Millennials are a generation noted for being pragmatic and fiscally astute,...

open spaces in condominium complex

Top 3 benefits of choosing a home with green open spaces

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of green spaces when living in a condo community so it might occasionally feel constraining. We have here the top three reasons for you to choose a condo with green open spaces.  Health benefits of a condo community with wide and open green spaces When you have the freedom of space and the benefits of clean air, you can invigorate the three main...

Asterra-Condo outside the metro thumbnail

Top 3 reasons you should buy a condo outside Metro Manila

We all know that Metro Manila is home to some of the nation's most prominent financial districts, where important businesses, institutions, commercial establishments, low rise structures, high rise structure and lifestyle centers are located. A lot of opportunities are here and there are several benefits to living in Metro Manila. Many people choose to live and invest in metro areas due to the rising...


Condo Living Room Ideas for Small Floor Space

Buying a condo is one of the most straightforward real estate options out there. Lawn care, roof maintenance, and driveway upkeep are just some of the common responsibilities covered by HOA dues. Since this is the case, your only concern is getting an interior designer for your condo unit. Though there is a wide variety of condo decor to choose from, the most common denominators among all of them are...


Smart Tips for Renting Out Your Condo Units

You may have heard that renting out a condo is a good way to make money and kill two birds with one stone: your mortgage will be paid off, and you will have the opportunity to earn some additional cash. Although this definitely sounds like a very sweet offer to anyone, as with so many things in life, it's not quite as simple as it may first seem. It's not as simple as taking some lovely pictures of...

Condo Amenity-advantages of condo living

How does owning a condo help you save more money?

Owning your own space is an investment for most young professionals and young families. The big question is, how do you choose a place to call your "home"? Options will arise as soon as you consider buying a home of comfort. Building your own house will take a lot of money, considering the land, materials, paper works, and labor. An apartment may be an option too, but renting is not a smart move to save...

Condo workout equipment

Fitness Equipment You can Keep in Your Condo Spaces

Since the pandemic struck, numerous establishments have been forced to shut down as a result of possible virus threats, and one of those businesses is the gym. Gyms are recognized for being places where people exercise regularly, however since they are built to hold equipment, there is a higher risk of the virus spreading quickly in these facilities. People were restrained to their homes to prevent...

Raising kids in condominiums

Things you need to know about raising kids in a Condo

Nowadays, most starting families are becoming practical in terms of choosing their start up residence. Especially when they already have a kid. They always need to consider a location that is nearby their work or business at the same time their kid’s school. This becomes easier as time goes by when they have an option to choose to live in a condominium. Starting Families are indeed one of the target...

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