10 Fun Ways to Enjoy a Condo Staycation


Nowadays, condo staycation is among the most popular trends for many travelers as it is cheaper than hotel accommodations. For condo owners, this can be a great opportunity because it’s a good source of practical investment that actually earns.

Whether you have your own condo or renting one, you can still spend quality time and build memories together with your family and friends through a condo staycation.

Escape the Ordinary: 10 Condo Staycation Ideas You Can Try

In the recent data, traveling locally to the Philippines is becoming more of a luxury than visiting international destinations. In fact, some travelers and even overseas Filipinos would rather spend their few days vacation in an affordable condo than going out to nearby beaches and tourist destinations although actual travel distances vary. Plus, a majority of them find it more relaxing and amusing.

So, why not escape the ordinary and rediscover fun and joy in a more practical way? Here are the 10 ways to have fun in a condo staycation.

Cool off by taking a dip in a swimming pool.

Beat the summer heat and take advantage of the condo’s tranquil landscapes and pool facilities. Cool off with a refreshing dip in an outdoor pool, perfect for a staycation when a beach getaway isn’t an option. Let the kids splash around in the designated kiddie pool while parents enjoy a relaxing swim. But remember to prioritize safety and be sure everyone is familiar with the pool rules to ensure a fun and accident-free experience.

Look for local museum tours offering a virtual museum tour.

You can also explore a world of museums without leaving your personal sanctuary if you’re craving a cultural fix. Many institutions offer immersive virtual tours, letting you wander through exhibits and learn at your own pace. Start local – discover fascinating museums in your city and delve into the stories that shaped your region’s cultural landscape.  This virtual adventure is a perfect staycation activity for the whole family.

Host a barbeque party.

Instead of the usual Sunday brunch, fire up the grill and enjoy a delicious cookout under the sun with your family or friends. Make it a collaborative effort:  adults can master the grill while younger helpers can prepare drinks, set a festive table, or tackle a simple salad under adult supervision. It would be best to have your own wine tasting to enjoy outdoor dining.

Ditch the cinema and host a fun movie night at home.

Gather your family or friends and choose a movie selection together, considering everyone’s preferences. Opt for a theme or rewatch old favorites. Then, cozy up your compact living space with pillows and blankets, and don’t forget the movie snacks. Popcorn, candy, or even a charcuterie board can elevate your home cinema experience.

Spark your creativity through photography.

Instead of just strolling through the condo’s open greens, turn it into a mini photo adventure. Bring out your phone or a camera and find interesting elements. Bright flowers, unique shapes, or objects resembling letters can all be your subjects. This is a playful way to introduce yourself with basic photographic concepts like the “rule of thirds” (placing your focus off-center) or “leading lines” (using lines in the frame to draw the viewer’s eye).

If you think your condo unit is not enough, you can visit the nearest tourist spot within walking distance of your unit.

Rekindle your childhood memories with Filipino classic street games.

Now, the best times are often made together, so get active and create lasting memories with your family or friends. Thoughtfully designed spaces like vertical homes have special features for outdoor activities. Head down to the condo’s amenity deck and let the fun begin. From the heart-pounding chase of “taya” in Patintero to the strategic leaps of Luksong Tinik, these traditional games offer hours of laughter and connection. 

You can also switch to several board games once you feel exhausted from playing street games.

Learn something new online.

Don’t forget that the virtual world offers endless possibilities. Beyond streaming shows, learning is at your fingertips with online tutorials on virtually any skill you desire. If you’re a fitness fanatic, you can explore a diverse range of virtual classes, allowing you to participate in specialized workouts without leaving home. You can also watch live online concerts or attend virtual classes.

Create a delightful balcony picnic spot.

Are you craving for a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery? You can, perhaps, dedicate a corner with comfy seating and turn it into your personal outdoor space for dining. Imagine planning and preparing snacks with the family or friends, then enjoying them under the sky – a perfect staycation solution without ever leaving your condo.

Transform your balcony into a mini-observatory.

On a clear night, escape the lights of the growing cityscape and witness the wonders of the cosmos. Use a Sky Guide app to point your phone and identify constellations, planets, or satellites. You can also grab even a cheap pair of binoculars if you have one.  Find a clutter-free spot on your balcony, switch off the lights, and settle in for a stargazing adventure.

Fuel your wanderlust by researching your next travel itinerary.

Use your condo downtime to actively plan an epic trip instead of just waiting for next year’s vacation. Research your dream destinations, explore exciting activities, scout out hotels and restaurants with the nearest airport location, and compare prices to find the best deals. The anticipation and planning process itself can be a fun and motivating way to boost your mood.

Who says spending a staycation is boring and limited when you can do plenty of fun things in a condo complex? Apart from that, having a condo is also an investment potential. So, start investing your first home with Asterra today and be one of the first owners of our value-priced condominiums. We have various locations across the country with the best value for money packages. Check out our Properties page or contact our accredited sales agents for more details.

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