Millennial’s Must-Have Items in Their Condo Unit


For sure, the joy of having your first home can be somewhat overwhelming. And, with that ecstatic feeling, you might even forget essential things to bring when you’re finally moving into your personal sanctuary. 

Don’t get carried away by these emotions and stay focused. We have your back and list down the most important items you need in a condo unit.

Save Space with these 15 Millennial’s Must-have Items in Condo Units

As a millennial, you are known for your tech-savvy nature, experience-driven mentality, and focus on functionality. This list is just a starting point, of course, and the must-have items for any millennial condo will vary depending on individual needs and preferences.

But these 15 items are a good reflection of the priorities a millennial must have.

1. Smart Security System

Peace of mind is the most important, and having a smart security system allows you to monitor your condo remotely. These systems can include security cameras, front door and window sensors, and even smart locks. Avoid installing old locks or get rid of those second-hand lock keys, specifically, if the condo is not new, to ensure safety.

2. First Aid Kit and Toolbox Essentials

Minor cuts, scrapes, and headaches are a reality, and having a well-stocked first-aid kit provides immediate relief for these common occurrences. Think of it as a portable medicine cabinet, ready to soothe aches and pains without a trip to the pharmacy. 

Meanwhile, having a toolbox is your ticket to personalizing your space. Want to hang shelves? Tighten a loose cabinet knob? A toolbox empowers you to tackle small repairs and DIY projects, making your condo truly your own.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Transforming your new condo into a sparkling haven also requires the right cleaning supplies. So, stock up on microfiber cloths for all-purpose cleaning, a disinfectant for kitchens and bathrooms, and a glass cleaner to make windows gleam. Don’t forget a trusty broom and mop for sweeping and tackling spills. Sponges are essential for scrubbing tougher messes, while a vacuum cleaner is a must for carpets and rugs, especially for pet owners. 

Finally, add a touch of freshness with air fresheners and deodorizers, and grab dishwashing soap and laundry detergent to keep your kitchen and laundry running smoothly. With this cleaning arsenal in hand, you can create a clean and inviting compact living space to enjoy your new condo.

4. Bathroom Needs

You also need to fill in your bathroom with essentials for a refreshing start! Grab towels, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and of course, toilet paper. Don’t forget to add your favorite beauty products to complete your self-care routine.

5. Multi-functional Furniture and Houseplants

With limited space in vertical homes, opt for multi-functional furniture that serves multiple purposes. Think futons that convert from couch to bed, or Murphy beds that fold up into the wall. Perhaps, a coffee table with pull-outs or movable storage space like Ottoman. Hence, opt for furniture that is both stylish and functional to give more space for mobility.

It would also be ideal to place green living plants in your condo although most condos today have thoughtfully designed spaces with open greens. Houseplants not only add a touch of nature or a focal point to any room but can also help improve air quality. Consider low-maintenance plants like succulents and monsters.

6. Appliances

Keep in mind that some value-priced condominiums come partially or fully furnished, so check appliance availability before you move in! For condos lacking appliances, consider these essentials: a television for entertainment, a refrigerator to keep food fresh, a washing machine to clean clothes, and an iron with an ironing board for wrinkle-free outfits. Depending on the climate, an electric fan or air conditioner can be crucial for staying cool. 

7. Cookware and Kitchen Utensils

Whip up delicious meals in your new condo with these kitchen must-haves as well. You know it’s handy to have your own pots, pans, and a spatula. Don’t forget a kettle for hot water, a kitchen towel for drying dishes, and a simple stove for cooking so you can have too much space for other belongings.  A microwave oven also adds extra convenience for quick meals or reheating leftovers.

8. High-Speed Wi-Fi and Streaming Services Subscriptions

For a generation that relies heavily on the internet for work, entertainment, and socializing, having a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection is also non-negotiable.

Most probably, you’re also one of those who have largely ditched to watch TV shows in favor of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. Having these services offer a wider variety of content at a lower cost, and the ability to binge-watch your favorite shows from the US or South Korea.

9. Bedroom Essentials

Unwind and create your cozy sanctuary in the bedroom. Essentials include bed sheets, comfy pillows, and a warm blanket for a good night’s sleep. Add a bedside table for your phone or a book, and a lampshade for soft lighting. Stacking a few favorite books is also recommended to wind down before bed.

10. Portable Clothesline, Shelves, and Drawers

Condo living also often means maximizing space. So, if your unit lacks built-in storage, consider shelves, drawers, and even a portable clothesline. These organizers can help you keep clothes tidy, declutter belongings, and create a functional living space.

11. Lightings

Most units come with bulbs already installed, but having spares on hand is a smart move. So, always check those lights. Replace any burned-out bulbs to brighten your space and prevent electrical issues. 

12. Window Covers

A touch of privacy is essential for a condo. Use a practical solution like old curtains, blinds, and even sheets, or opt for permanent window coverings. This quick fix can add comfort and ensure privacy during the unpacking process.

13. Floor Covers

Spruce up your new condo’s bare floors with cozy throw rugs or mats or install permanent solutions like tiles or carpets if you have the budget. This can add a touch of comfort and warmth until you decide on a more permanent flooring solution.

14. Plastic Bins and Storage Boxes

Once you are settled and everything is unpacked, post-move-in clutter is taking place.  So, grab some plastic bins for trash and handy storage boxes. These can help you organize and stow away belongings, keeping your condo clean, clutter-free, and a comfortable place.

15. Extension Cords, Adaptors, and Plugs

Lastly, condo living often means limited outlets. So, consider having extension cords and adapters on hand. But always remember that electrical safety is also crucial. Opt for the best value for money, high-quality cords, and avoid overloading circuits.

Indeed, moving into a new home can be a challenging task, not only for millennials but also for small families and overseas Filipinos wanting to buy their first investment. However, creating a checklist of your must-have items can help you organize and ensure a smooth transition.

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