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A quick guide to thrift banks in the Philippines

In the vibrant and rapidly growing economy of the Philippines, thrift banks have emerged as a driving force in empowering individuals and small businesses to access essential financial services. With their commitment to financial inclusion and a customer-centric approach, thrift banks play a pivotal role in fostering economic growth and stability across the nation. As the Philippine economy continues...

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Living alone or living with a friend? The Pros and Cons of it all

Do you prefer the independence that comes with living alone or the company that comes with living with a friend? This is a crucial decision to make because it might have financial and emotional consequences. Living alone can be a great experience, but it also has its downsides. Choosing whether to live alone or with a buddy is a huge decision with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some...

Food shelf life

Lessening Food Waste Through Prolonged Shelf Life

Many fruits, fish, meats, bread, and vegetables are being put to waste if not stored and organized properly in our pantries, shelves, and kitchen racks. Each year, it has been recorded that 4.3 million of food are wasted. We should be alarmed with this kind of news, as there are so many people all throughout the globe are starving in which there's no food for them to eat. Food waste do not only...

Enjoying summer at home

Free summer vacation with Condo Amenities

The Philippines is a tropical archipelago, and summer is one of the best times to travel there. A great occasion to look forward to is waking up in your room knowing that you are free from regular responsibilities and work duties only to enjoy the intense heat of the sun. As we enjoy our first swims, barbecue nights, and even the common nighttime storytelling at this time of year, warm weather is...

Maximalist interior design

Go against the norm! Incorporate maximalism style in your condo

The maximalist decor trend is all about appreciating excess. Consider a lot of vibrant colors, a lot of pattern, and a lot of textured features. While 'more is more,' the present trend for maximalist design doesn't imply mess. Consider your environment to be a well organized Aladdin's cave of treasures, with each object on exhibit more fascinating than the previous. Don't confuse being a maximalist...

Ozamiz Photo from Pinoy Adventurista

Get to know the city of Ozamiz: From the tourist spots to local favorites

Welcome to the beautiful city of Ozamiz, a fascinating destination located in the country in the heart of Misamis Oriental Province, Northern Mindanao in the Philippines. Ozamiz City is a hidden gem which awaits exploration, owing to its richness of history, lively culture and breathtaking nature. This city offers something for everyone, whether you are a history buff, an environmental lover or a fan of...

Sustainable talk

Sustainability talk: What does it mean to be truly sustainable?

Over the past few years, sustainability has developed as an important idea in a variety of sectors, and the real estate industry is no exception to this phenomenon. Incorporating environmentally conscious company procedures into the process of developing real estate has become necessary in light of the expanding concerns over environmental deterioration and the requirement to find solutions to the problem...

Kid's swimming

The benefits of teaching your toddlers to swim at a young age

One of the essential life skill to learn at an early age is swimming. Although there are many different reasons, the fact that swimming is the only sport that has a chance of genuinely saving your child's life makes it the most compelling argument. Swimming is beneficial for the development the muscles, stamina, and posture, as addition to protecting the heart and lungs of your child. What is...

Sofa furniture

Convertible furniture: Maximizing small spaces

One of the most crucial components of a well-designed home is an adaptable living area. Convertible furniture is becoming increasingly popular as the world continues to shrink living spaces. When it comes to maximizing your space, convertible furniture can be a game-changer. It makes it simple to convert your living room or bedroom into a home office or guest room. It also gives you greater versatility,...

Relaxing living with a view

The Green Community: A Step Towards a Healthier Way of Life

Within the past few years, eco-friendly living and green space have become known as one of the most popular housing trends, and there are numerous compelling reasons for this rise in popularity. It is a significant step toward resolving the issues that the world is currently dealing with. Condos that are friendly to the environment help residents live better lives by lowering their overall energy usage as...

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