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Best Places to Observe Holy Week 2024

It's quite normal to hear people talk about what they're "giving up for Lent" every year, but lots of the details about Lent itself aren't talked about as much or are less familiar to most people. If you didn't grow up with a religious background that observes Lent (or even if you did!), you might have some questions about this yearly tradition. But don't worry, we've got you covered with all you need to...


Are More Women Falling for Real Estate Investing?

The condo scene in emerging locations in Greater Manila Area (GMA) and regional areas nationwide is booming, drawing more single women than ever before. With its blend of community and privacy, condos offer a practical living solution for women seeking to invest in real estate. This International Women's Day, it's essential to discuss why more women should consider real estate investing, especially in...


Financial Planning for #CondoInvestment

Investing in real estate properties, including condominium units, is a smart choice for beginning and experienced real estate investors alike if done properly. Whether your purpose is for home living or having your property rented to future tenants for passive income, it's never too late to consider a condo investment. But not needless to say, this requires financial planning, which means making...


Saving vs Investing: Understanding Key Differences and How to Choose

According to statistics, thirty (30) percent of Filipinos have savings while only ten (10) percent have at least one (1) investment. This only means that many Filipinos are still financially illiterate, living only from paycheck to paycheck. What's worse, most of these individuals have more than two (2) loans, which gives them a hard time even saving money for emergency fund.  So, if you're one of...


Yearly Maintenance Checklist Keeping Your Home in Top Shape

As the year 2023 ends, it's a common practice to conduct a general cleaning. May it be your property, just renting a place, or even a condo in Philippines, keeping your space in top shape is always a priority.  Now, how can you be so sure that you never miss a single space to clean? Worry not because we will give you some of the most recommended expert tips that you can apply in your home. Ace...


All Roads Traveled by Navigating Laguna’s Road Networks

Congestion on Philippine roads is an issue the Philippine national government is consistently working to address, especially when it comes to expanding and aiming for sustainable tourism. As a matter of fact, the Build Better More initiative (formerly the Build Build Build Project) is funded by the Philippine government's yearly increase in public infrastructure expenditure. Road conditions and...


7 Reasons to Live Your Condo Living Dream in Cavite

There are a few locations outside Metro Manila that provide all these three qualities in handy—raising a family, creating a profession, and growing a company—while all being in an eco-friendly location. One such wonderful place is the province of Cavite, which manages to combine its rural charm with all the conveniences of a highly industrialized metropolis. This is one of the main reasons why so...


Healthcare Hub: Hospitals and Medical Facilities in General Trias City

Health is wealth. You've probably heard that a million times from different people or through posts on your social media feed. But in order to take greater care of our individual health, it is crucial for every Filipino to have immediate and quality access to medical and healthcare institutions where they live. This makes it residing in a community where there is accessible and quality access to...


Hot Springs and Wellness Retreats: Relaxation Destinations in Calamba

Are you looking for a quick getaway to recharge yourself from hard days of work and pressure? Then, come and visit the province of Laguna which is just a few hours away from Metro Manila.  Among the province's most popular destinations is the vibrant municipality of Calamba. Affectionately known as the "Hot Spring Capital of the Philippines," Calamba is renowned for its abundance of geothermal...


Guide to Profitable Investments in General Trias Economic Zones

Welcome to the gateway of financial prosperity! With the growing economy and friendly investment atmosphere in the Philippines, the real estate market has seen significant growth. The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) has introduced prequalified ecozone projects, and the development of Dasmarinas, in Cavite province, subdivision and condominiums stands out as a promising investment opportunity....

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