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Asterra Launch - Unveiling of Asterra Scale model

A New Affordable Residential Development Has Risen – Asterra

Many people aspire for the perks of condo living in a bustling city where modern conveniences abound, while others prefer a quiet life in the countryside, far from the din and pollution of vehicular traffic. These days, however, savvy home seekers know that there exists a happy medium: suburban neighborhoods that offer the best features of both—the charm of rural living and convenience of city...

5 Strategies to Encourage Active Learning in Kids

In the early childhood years, every parent gives value to the importance of education to their children. From practicing how to speak, read and write, families all over the world want their kids to discover and learn. As they grow, their concentration and motivation toward learning are also changing. In some cases, parents are struggling with how to get the attention of their children and need to double...

Online Renewal of Driver’s License: A Quick and Easy Guide

Worried about your driver’s license expiring soon? Can’t wait for long lines in the LTO office? Fret not, online renewal of driver’s license is now a thing. Thanks to a government mandate, government-issued identification cards, and other applications can now be accomplished online. Despite being online, there are still a few things to take care of in the Land Transportation Office (LTO) nearest to...


Things You Need to Know About Conjugal Properties

If you finally found your soulmate and legalized your relationship through marriage, you will then have new and shared responsibilities as a newly wedded couple. You would feel the need to talk about 'couple' things, from your finances, household duties, investments, buying a home or a starter condo for compact living, and discuss about the principle of shared property ownership. Enter conjugal...

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