Nine Easy Home Projects You Should Never Ever DIY!

DIY house renovation has become more common in recent years. When it comes to fixing up our house and lot Philippines, we are all for getting our hands dirty. DIY projects are popular this rainy season because they may be a smart way to save on labor and boost the value of a house and lot investment, while staying at home. The financial benefits seem to be mutual and, in many cases, are shared.

But despite how thrilling and interesting all these do-it-yourself projects may be, we must remember to take them with a grain of salt. Even if we watch enough instructional videos on YouTube, we still may not be ready to tackle every endeavor on our own. Listed here are the fixes and upgrades that you should never attempt on your own.

What Type of Home Projects You Should Not Try on Your Own?

There are certain home renovation projects you can do on your own, others you can do but shouldn’t bother with, and some you should always leave for the professionals, particularly if you’re new to DIY. With so many options for do-it-yourself home projects available on the internet, it’s important to determine which ones to cross off your DIY home projects bucket list.

Roof replacement

If you’re sure you could climb up on the roof and nail down a shingle, resisting the impulse to do so is still recommended.

A seemingly inexpensive home repair may end up costing far more than first anticipated. Finding the source of the leak is just the first step; replacing the shingles or other components without causing more damage requires expensive equipment and, ideally, matching materials. This usually causes a spot on the roof to seem different from the rest of it.

Precision is required while working on a roof. If not done properly, it might lead to complications down the road that will be difficult and costly to treat.


Even while most do-it-yourselfers can manage some tiling work, they should be cautious when learning the ropes. It will take far more time than you anticipated to dig, apply the waterproofing compound, and then backfill.

Many times, the homeowner will begin a project by digging a hole, but then abandon it before it is finished. Since it was left unplugged, the hole might now fill with water and, in extreme situations, collapse. Or maybe the soil was too wet to allow for good excavation till it had dried. When doing a waterproofing job of this kind, safety must be the first priority.

Plumbing work

The job of a plumber is complex, thus they must take extensive training and sometimes serve as an apprentice before they can call themselves professionals.

Creating your own custom shower pan or pipe disassembly is dangerous work unless you are very positive you have located the source of the issue. Reassembling pipes is difficult in general, but it becomes more complicated when they are adjacent to other water and drainage lines like dishwashers and trash disposals.

If you don’t know how to dismantle and reassemble pipes, you should probably call a plumber even if you’re sure the clog is beneath the sink.

Water pressure repairs

It’s tempting to attempt a DIY solution if your home’s water pressure is low. After all, many items advertise themselves as providing easy fixes.

For instance, low water pressure is annoying and may be readily remedied in certain cases. Taking out the aerator and clearing out the muck might solve the problem, but if it doesn’t work, it’s probably a DIY project you should hand off to the experts.

However, the potential common water damage to your home is not worth the reward. If a new faucet isn’t doing the trick, it may be time to call in the pros. The reason for this is that low water pressure and its causes may often be indicators of more serious issues within a plumbing system. A broken pipe, an eroding water line, or a leak elsewhere in the system might be to blame.

Light fixtures

Again, the complexity of the task is a major factor in the high salary and hourly rate that electricians may expect to earn. It may seem like a no-brainer to replace old light fixtures with new ones in order to save some money, but a lot can go wrong when working with electricity.

There is also the chance of being shocked if the live power to whatever is being worked on is not turned off beforehand. Overloading circuit breakers or improperly wiring an appliance may lead to fire hazards, malfunctioning appliances, and expensive repairs particularly if the wall has to be cut into to make the necessary adjustments. Electrical DIY projects linked with safety and fire concerns is too dangerous to be attempted by the average homeowner.

Dishwasher installation

Professional installation is often an optional extra when purchasing a dishwasher but it is always advisable to pay for assistance unless you already have relevant expertise in water and electric lines.

Considering all the variables involved and electrical wiring, it may not be worth the effort. It’s possible that you’ll need to drill holes in a cabinet, move the water and power lines into place, and connect the pipes. Setup tasks, such as running water and drain lines under a kitchen sink cabinet, are best left to an expert.

Painting kitchen cabinet doors

Many folks don’t understand the big deal in learning how to paint and think of it only as such a small job. It’s possible that you’ve experimented with paint on your home’s walls and furnishings. While they are really great DIY projects, you shouldn’t attempt painting your own kitchen cabinets just because you know how to paint.

Painting cabinets is difficult because of the constant accumulation of grease, food particles, and fingerprints. Before you can paint the cabinets, you’ll need to sand off the buildup or use a chemical stripper. Most homeowners wouldn’t think of this renovation as a major project since it requires specific tools and precautions. A professional painter can quickly and effectively transform cabinets into works of art.

Wall removal

It’s a common DIY dream to take a sledgehammer to a wall while wearing protective gear. Most home improvement programs include this as one of their opening sequences, and it always seems like a good time.

However, it is quite risky in practice. There is a risk of catastrophic failure if you damage a load-bearing wall or other essential component. That’s already awful, but it may also put the homeowner in harm’s way and cause significant injury.

Creating, repairing, or upgrading windows

It’s tempting to think that by installing new windows or fixing the ones you have, you can flood your home with natural light. But, you shouldn’t do it yourself. It’s better to engage a professional if you want to replace your windows or otherwise significantly alter their construction. The last thing you need is an unstoppable hole in your house.

Remember to always look for alternatives that are inexpensive and fit your budget whenever you feel that your condo in the Philippines needs to be improved rather than assuming that it has to be expensive.

Making the most of your condo living can be achieved in a number of ways, but one of the best ways is to have a pleasant, cozy, and wonderful place to live. At Asterra, we offer comfort that is guaranteed to be the best value for your money.

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