11 Smart Solutions for Kitchens with Narrow Space


While smaller homes are undeniably charming, they sometimes lack adequate dining and kitchen areas. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve the functionality of your eat-in kitchen.

It is possible to have a pleasant and functional cooking and socializing place in even the smallest of kitchens by being resourceful with storage and making use of every inch of counter and wall space available.

Whether you have a tiny galley kitchen in your Asterra condo or are planning to purchase an open-concept yet quality condo investment, the following recommendations can help you make the most of your space.

Achieve a Culinary Oasis at Home and Find How to Make a Narrow Kitchen Work for You!

The stereotype of the cramped galley kitchen is accurate. Maybe they’re always linked in people’s minds with messy conditions like insufficient shelving, a jumble of appliances on the counter, dim lighting, or a hulking refrigerator. But do you know that these problems can be easily overcome if you know how to make the most of your kitchen’s limited square footage? Check these 11 small-space kitchen tips and maximize your living space.

For Your Precious Counter Space and Sink

1. Get the countertop space cleared

Keeping just the items you really use every day on your counters is essential in a tiny kitchen. You can do this by removing the seldom-used things from the kitchen and creating a place in the drawers and cabinets for the additional goods that have been collecting dust on the counter.

One space-saving technique is to put away frequently used cooking utensils like spatulas, wooden spoons, and tongs in a drawer rather than keeping them in a crock on the counter.

2. Eliminate clutter from your kitchen sink

Reduce the number of items kept near the sink. This will make it much simpler to clean the area.

In the absence of a dishwasher, it is especially important to keep the kitchen sink well-organized and functional. You may install a small, rust-proof dish rack that empties into the sink. Meanwhile, when you have a lot of dishes to dry by hand, have a microfiber or wool dish drying mat stashed under the sink.

3. Customized your kitchen storage and hardware

It’s annoying to have a handle protruding into your side while you lean on the counter. You should also aim for a spotless surface that allows you to appreciate the surface’s substance.

To do this, you can choose invisible hardware when designing your kitchen’s cabinets and shelves. You can also consider installing cabinets with integrated handles or touch-to-open technology to save time when you prepare food.

For Kitchen Layouts, Floor Space, and Wall Space

4. Take advantage of your wall and vertical kitchen space

If you’re looking for more room in your kitchen, consider mounting shelves and pot racks to the wall, but don’t go overboard.

When compared to knife blocks or kitchen cabinets, magnetic knife racks take up far less space while yet keeping knives handy and out of the way. Furthermore, putting up a hook and hanging a wire fruit basket are just two examples of the many vertical solutions available for reclaiming counter space taken up by the fruit bowl.

5. Choose compact kitchen equipment

Small, high-quality appliances are now easily accessible in the market, giving you options for multi-function kitchen appliances.

An example of this is if you’re thinking about installing a new oven but don’t often host large gatherings, a convection oven may be a better option. The oven/toaster combo is so compact it can fit on any kitchen counter, plus it can crisp food like an air fryer does!

6. Maximize the use of your large kitchen appliances

Nowadays, the possibilities for magnetic refrigerator storage are almost endless, and for a good cause, it makes the most of every inch of vertical space is essential in a cramped kitchen. Magnetic hooks for your potholders, a magnetic paper towel holder, and magnetic scissors can all fit neatly on a standard refrigerator.

For Kitchen Cabinets and Storage Space

7. Opt for hidden storage base kitchen cabinets

Since you’ll be keeping as much as possible out of sight and off the countertops, concealed storage in the base cabinets is ideal than installing upper cabinets and open shelves. However, if your bottom cabinets don’t have many drawers, pull-out shelves are the next best thing you can have in your kitchen’s small room.

8. Utilize glass jars instead of large bags and cartons

Glass jars are more space-efficient than bags and cartons for storing items in a dining room cupboard or kitchen island. You may reuse jars from tomato sauce and other foods, but for airtight storage, nothing beats the old-fashioned clip-top jars.

9. Achieve the pinnacle of cabinet efficiency

In a kitchen of any size, organization is crucial. If you’re tight on square footage, every inch counts, even the area behind closed doors. Put often-used items, like measuring cups and spoons, in easy-to-reach drawers, and store less-used items, like specialty cake pans, in the further reaches of your cabinets.

10. Baskets for additional storage

Baskets and bins might be a lifesaver if you’re having trouble fitting everything you need into your cupboards and pantries. Choose baskets that complement the style of your kitchen for a practical and decorative solution. Put your clean towels and dishtowels in a basket and store them on the bottom shelf of your kitchen island to keep them out of the way.

11. Know and accept your kitchen’s limitations

Although you can hire an interior designer to improve your kitchen’s design altogether and add some natural light and a few stools here and there, the final thing you must do is consider how much of the meal you can really create in your kitchen space. Mastering the skill of cooking in a tiny kitchen requires learning to not expect too much of it.

Any person who is fortunate enough to have a small condo investment will continually search for methods to make it seem more spacious. This is especially true in a small kitchen where space is limited and it may be difficult to design a layout that is not only functional but also beautiful.

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