Unique Room Separation Ideas Beyond Walls


Since so many of us now work from home, separating our living spaces into zones for certain purposes or just creating personal retreats is more crucial than ever. With this, the notion of making open-plan rooms for our home investment grew in popularity as these environments became increasingly sought after.

For pre-selling condominium Philippines that only have limited space, it’s possible that a divider is the best way to split up a tiny room, whether for the sake of seclusion or functional separation. Fortunately, room dividers provide a straightforward, fashionable approach to increasing your home’s adaptability, and you may even modify your partitioning choices to meet your own wants and tastes.

Here are some of the top interior design ideas for Asterra that you may use.

Maximize Your Asterra Home Space with this List of Creative Ways to Separate Your Room without a Wall

Homeowners can separate a room visually and stylistically using room dividers, even in a small bedroom or small living room. They may be used to rearrange furniture, provide more personal space, increase the usefulness of storage, or just alter the visual appearance of a room. Here are some room divider ideas that you can create for your home.

1. Using appropriate curtains

Instead of constructing a permanent wall, you could just use curtains to create a visually distinct space. Only the curtain rod has to be installed, and it’s easy to choose one that matches your decor. Some other creative ideas you can try on are:

Linen Fabric

Sheer linen cloth hung from the ceiling is an easy way to add sophistication to any room. Choose a subtle neutral to complement a wide range of decors, or make a statement with a vibrant hue like this red. Create a top and bottom hem and insert rods, one to suspend the divider from the ceiling and the other to give it a little heaviness and prevent it from flapping excessively in the wind.


If you need some space between your office and your bedroom, you may hang a macramé and use it as a partition.

You may also use beaded curtains to divide the foyer from the dining room in addition to the ideas already listed. Another option is to install plastic curtains to divide the shower from the bathroom area.

2. Incorporating decorative panels

Glamorize your home’s interior by installing decorative panels to give dimension, texture, and color. The materials used to create these panels—MDF, plywood, vinyl, PVC—make them lightweight and easy to transport. They’re essential in making the space seem right and establishing the mood.

Old Window Frames

Recycling old window frames into luminous room separators is a great idea. You may either suspend them from the ceiling or hinge them together to make a screen.

Tree Branches

Create a natural-feeling space by partitioning it with a tree that has fallen in your backyard. To create the illusion of a magical forest, insert branches, like bamboo, which would look especially wonderful, onto a stable foundation and finish off the design with stones to mimic the look of the earth.

Wooden Blocks

Let the bare essentials of design be the distinguishing features of your home. To divide a living room from a dining area, this architect fashioned a double-sided divider out of thick beech squares and rectangles. The result is stylish and sophisticated, with a touch of rustic charm, and its sturdy construction makes it far more reliable than the Jenga game it evokes.

Wooden Slats

A slatted DIY room divider may be made from whatever number of boards you have lying about your garage or shed; all it takes is a straight line of boards spaced apart by a few inches.

The results are more reliable when the timber is straight and of good quality, but the irregularities may add to the character of the partition. Also, widening the distance between boards may help hide the gaps left by bent or warped wood.

3. Furniture

Furniture, with some smart arrangement tips, may serve dual purposes as a divider and a place to store things. Some of the freestanding divider you can use in your living space are:


A room divider may be created with any bookshelf, such with locking wheels, as well as tall wide ones, by placing it perpendicular to the wall instead of flat against it. Please make sure it is safely locked: Metal L brackets should be fastened to the top of the bookcase, and a wall stud, and then screws should be inserted through the side of the unit and into the stud. If you want extra protection against capsizing, anchor the bottom.


One of the great room divider ideas is cubbies or cube storage, especially for studio apartments. By installing this, you can create separate spaces in your studio apartment while leaving the ceiling open.


One way to visually separate bedroom space from the rest of the room while also providing a convenient shelving unit is with a tall headboard. It can work as a double duty while saving more square footage at home. You can design it in your own style by hanging plants or other home decor, creating a unique room divider for your brick house.

Open shelving

The physical separation provided by open shelves allows some natural light and a great deal of design flexibility. You can also have a flat-screen TV mounted on a swiveling base if the shelf is large enough.

Wall-to-wall aquarium

An extravagant aquarium may serve as a room divider and satisfy your love for animals at the same time. The fish tank is both a beautiful element and a useful window into the other room. In addition to the vibrant marine life, you may also have a garden full of lush vegetation, ornamental objects, shells, and coral.

4. Wooden partition

Wooden dividers may be a great addition to a space with a rustic or eco-friendly design scheme. It will split the area in half without taking up too much room while maintaining the room’s natural vibe. Also, building and rearranging wooden walls is simple and flexible, making it an ideal room divider for small spaces.

Simple sliding door

Accordion doors, which are often used in workplaces and conference rooms, are suspended from an above track without a matching floor track to prevent accidents. For your home, we suggest that you install a barn door design for some added aesthetic appeal. Typical materials include acrylic, laminate, aluminum, wood, and vinyl.

Folding Screen

Folding screens have been a staple of Asian design for generations because of its minimalist aesthetic, portability, and ease of use. These screens may have three, four, or even more panels and come in both see-through shoji and more opaque fusuma.

If you are on a budget, you can also get a DIY fretwork screen that you can design based on your visual interest.

It may be difficult, but not impossible, to split an open plan layout home, but thankfully, it is now conveniently possible through unique and DIY room dividers such as sliding doors, glass partitions, and even a wood frame.

But aside from this, you can also opt for a pre-selling condo in the Philippines that offers room partition for two to three-bedroom units. Discover Asterra’s wide range of value-priced condominium units packages in the Properties section of this website.

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