7 Things to do before moving into your new condo

moving into a new condo

Congratulations on your new home! Finally, you have a space that you can call your own. Buying a home is regarded as one of the greatest investments an individual can make in their lifetime, where purchasing a condo unit is considered as a real estate investment.

The transition from being a renter to homeowner, or simply just leaving the countryside is delightful as this means a lot more freedom and fun awaits your arrival!

Condo is becoming so popular these days because of the flexibility and luxury it provides. It is typically affordable as compared to other residential areas and oftentimes comes with shared amenities such as security services, maintenance and common areas such as pool, dog park and designated parking areas.

A condominium is a type of residential property that is frequently misunderstood as the same as an apartment. Condos, as compared to apartments, are owned by private individuals, whereas apartments are rented. Deciding to buy your own condo unit indicates that you are aware that relocating into a new place also entails relocating into a new environment.

You are probably thrilled about moving in, and the thought of decorating the home you long been waiting to claim your own is exciting. But don’t get too excited as the usual problems new home owners face after securing a unit is decorating their new homes.

There are some things you need to do before moving into your new condo. I am sure you don’t want to get overwhelmed with some stumbles and obstacles that might get in your way on your big day, so here is a moving to a condo checklist to help you have a swift move in process.

A condo checklist you can check is provided in this article to provide you an idea on what to do before your most awaited move in. This will make you  wonder how having a moving to a condo kind of checklist prepared beforehand can actually aid your move in process?

Honestly speaking, moving can really be incredibly challenging especially if you are not well prepared. A condo checklist is a pre-moving must have that new home owners like you need to prepare to organize your move in process, to provide  you a smooth flow of steps during the moving process.

Are you ready to set foot on your city life? Here are the things you need to do before you move into your new condo.

Schedule a condo inspection

            The first step you need to do after securing your new home is to do a condo inspection. Make sure that you are going to be physically present during your scheduled inspection.

            Familiarize yourselves with the circuit breaker boxes and water valves on your soon to be new home. It is important to know where the electrical fuses are situated that supplies power to your home. Labeling each fuse control is a must so during emergency situations, it will be easy for you to shutdown the power supply on your home. 

Included also on your checklist should be to check the water supply of your home. Check the plumbing for any leak that is in need for replacement or fixment. Seek assistance immediately if you happen to spot leaks on your home during your inspection.

Another thing you should not forget during your scheduled inspection is to check your condo’s measurement. Having the exact measurement of your unit aids in saving time, money and effort on your most awaited move in. By doing this, you can make an accurate judgement of whether to buy new furniture or to just bring with you your perfectly just fine furniture from your previous home. The same goes with window measurements, you can decide whether to just bring with you your perfectly working curtains and curtain rod or an option to just buy a new set of curtains. In this case, you can save money, time and effort.

Review your contract

Days before moving into your new condo, you must review your contract before customizing, painting and decorating your soon to be new home. You can also inform your family members about your contract. The purpose of this review is to verify and make you aware of the guidelines before bringing in belongings, installing security systems and decorating your home and also regulations imposed on your new residence. It is important that you get to review guidelines on how you can access and most especially enjoy shared amenities with fellow neighbors.

Schedule deep cleaning

            Few days before your relocation, you first must accomplish deep cleaning of your home. Wipe the cabinets and windows, scrub bathroom floors and clean the kitchen area. Most especially, during this time of pandemic, it is important to sanitize your new home before moving into your new condo. Therefore, you are guaranteed safe from infectious virus and diseases.

But if you have no time to do the deep cleaning yourself, you can just contact condo maintenance personnel for assistance. In this case, you can save your energy that is supposedly alloted to cleaning. Therefore, your energy can be saved and you can just sit and relax, savor the moment and enjoy your most awaited home property. You can also have yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and stand by your window and just enjoy the breathtaking views and  watch the sunset after a long tiring day of move-in process.

Security check up

            You also don’t want to forget to check the security conditions of your new home. Don’t forget to check door knobs and window locks if it is perfectly working and make sure to change locks because you never know how many copies that lock already has; and install security devices inside your homes for additional security purposes.

            Aside from locks, you also don’t want to forget to check unwanted tenants  living in your new home that might harm your health. You don’t want to be welcomed by uninvited guests in your home that might be a potential danger to your well-being. So check for pests and make it into consideration of buying mouse traps and  poison pockets to make sure that you are really free from future health concerns that these pests might bring to your home. I know for a fact that you don’t want to share roofs and comforts with unwanted tenants that might destroy your home and most importantly, a threat to the health and well-being of you and your family.

Decorate your home

            This is the exciting part of moving into your new condo you can finally consider your own. You are allowed to customize your home that would perfectly fit your personality. You can paint the walls, bring in some plants and decorations that would liven up your home. Consider checking out Pinterest for reference to help you put the designs together. Just make sure to choose high quality materials that would serve your home long enough and would be used for a longer period of time.

            You can also hit the google search engine for videos, tips and tutorials on how you can maximize the space of your home. Pinterest might be a useful reference as well in regards with this matter. You can also consider buying space saving furniture, home appliances and equipment.

Pack at home

Allot more time for packing your belongings at home so you don’t leave any belongings from your previous home. Giving yourself a generous amount of time to consider what valuables and properties you will bring with you. In that case, you have all the time in the world to consider what your home needs knowing that the space you are about to transfer is small space.

Don’t forget to bring your legal documents. Have your home essentials such as beddings, kitchen and bathroom essentials prepared if you intend to just use your previous things, so you can just unload these when you move in. Bear in mind that you have the option to just buy new home necessities or just bring with you your previous household essentials.

Schedule move with property manager

            This is one important matter new home owners like you should bear in mind, contact the property manager and inform them on your scheduled move in. Unannounced move-in might be bothersome to the neighbourhood and might load the building of the hallway on your way to your unit. Infact, the property manager can help you provide a space for your cargos and give you an alley where you can successfully unload your things without bothering your neighbors. Also, you can actually announce your move into your neighborhood if necessary.

            Lastly, don’t forget to check and explore the community you will be living in for the coming days ahead. Meet other home owners and interact with the people you are going to see every morning and cross paths along the hallway everyday and familiarize yourself with the new environment. Checkout event venues, clubhouses and game rooms you soon are going to hop in when you are in the mood to just chill, relax and enjoy.

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