Best Workout Equipment for Condo Spaces

Condo workout equipment

With its compact spaces, you might think that vertical homes or condominium units aren’t ideal to achieve your fitness goals. However, there are a good number of gym equipment you can keep in your personal sanctuary that will not take up too much space.

Whether you’re strength training or simply keen to stay fit with full body workout exercises sans the equipment, leading an active, healthier, and modern lifestyle is entirely possible in your condo space. Here, let’s talk about the different exercise equipment you can conveniently keep in your condo.

We’ll also list a few other equipment found in condo gyms, such as those from Asterra as a key amenity for its dwellers. Our thoughtfully designed spaces are for practical living with a growing cityscape in the community’s backdrop. Importantly, it is conducive for strength training and moderate to intense home exercises using portable, durable, and compact equipment.

Read on for a guide on your home workout routine in a limited space.

Best Workout Equipment for Condo Owners

Invest in your physical and mental health by engaging in a good variety of exercises at home using compact equipment. These are just a few of the best tools we recommend for your fitness journey.

1. Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are highly convenient since you can roll them up and place them anywhere without making a mess or appearing crowded. A yoga mat also offers a comfortable surface for various exercises, including yoga, Pilates, meditation, and other non-intensive workouts. Also, they can serve to protect you from slipping during one of your workouts. Simply, put, this should be a staple in your condo space.

2. Weights

Weights such as dumbbells are your best friend in strength training workouts. Weights help build upper body muscles, increase bone density, and boost metabolism for stubborn fat loss as your practical solution. Condo owners like you can benefit both from the practicality of adjustable weights and their convenience of not taking up much space at the comfort of your starter home.

3. Bounce Balls

If you want to further develop your core muscles, bounce balls are versatile pieces of equipment that you can conveniently use for core strengthening exercises, balance and posture, and even resistance training. Just like the compact living that condo ownership entails, bounce balls are a home gym equipment that can easily be stored away when not in use.

4. Exercise Bike

One great cardio option for condo owners looking to get their heart rate up without leaving their living space is an exercise bike. Unlike traditional stationary bikes that make use of a weighted flywheel, air bikes are also excellent using a fan wheel for resistance. The harder you pedal, the more resistance you’ll encounter, which is fantastic for a full-body workout.

Air bikes are also low-impact, beginner-friendly, and therefore suitable (and doable) for users of all fitness levels. With a compact design and versatility, this is a must-have and a practical investment for condo owners looking to add variety to their cardio routine without requiring much space for use and storage.

5. Skipping Rope

One of the simplest, handiest, yet effective tool for cardio workouts. They’re portable and perfect for condo dwellers who want to engage in a quick and moderate cardiovascular fitness activity. Skipping rope exercises can get your heart pumping and help improve coordination, agility, and endurance, depending on the level of intensity.

You can definitely add a jumping rope to your list of workout equipment that you can conveniently keep inside your condo despite the limited space. It’s also budget-friendly so it gives the best value for money.

7. Roller Wheels

Been wanting to achieve a six pack but doesn’t know the right exercises that effectively target your core? Roller wheels or ab rollers are backed by fitness experts to be incredible in getting your core to become more prominent and aesthetically pleasing.

Consisting of a wheel with handles on either side, roller wheels allow you to perform exercises that will target not just your abdominal muscles but also obliques and lower back. Not needless to say, they can likewise be kept easily in a drawer or closet. This is one of the best exercises and a favorite among fitness enthusiasts who like to flaunt their hard work.

8. Pull-Up Bar

Finally, a pull-up bar is a classic piece of equipment for upper body strength. You can buy a detachable pull up bar that you can mount on a door frame or beautifully textured wall in your condo. It provides a sturdy anchor for pull-ups, chin-ups, and hanging leg raises. These exercises incredibly target multiple muscle groups, including arms, shoulders, and back, all aimed at posture improvement and better strength.

Best and Common Condo Gym Equipment to Try for Your Fitness Goals

If your first home condo comes with a fitness center as one of the key amenities, there are large pieces of equipment that you must try if you are wanting to level up your workout game. If you’re using them for the first time, make sure to ask assistance from a fitness professional in the gym or even a gym regular in your condo gym. Without more ado, these are our top three recommendations.

Lat Pulldown Machine

First in our list is a lats pulldown machine to build that aesthetic, V-shaped back muscles. It particularly targets the latissimus dorsi or lats, the triangle-shaped back muscles below the shoulder blade. A lats pulldown machine comprise a cable pulley system with an attached bar or handles for pulling down weight. You must ideally increase the weight over time as you gain more strength for optimal outcomes.

Leg Press Machine

Leg days are arguably the least liked exercise among fitness enthusiasts in general because of muscles soreness, fear of injury, and just the plain painfulness of it all! But regardless, do not skip leg day to develop your thighs’ quadriceps and achieve a full body transformation with your condo gym’s leg press machine.

Cardio Machine

Treadmills, stair climbers, stationary bikes, rowing machine, and Jacobs ladder are just some of the best examples of cardio equipment for improved lung capacity, reduced heart health risks, blood sugar regulation, and enhanced mood, among others. These cardio fitness equipment in your condo gym are scientifically backed to help you have a better health through physical activities.

You have the choice to invest in fitness equipment that you can keep inside your condo unit without taking up so much space, or invest in Asterra’s value-priced condominiums with amenities such as a fitness center, open greens, tranquil landscapes, and pool. You can also add swimming as your yet another source of physical activity for building endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Asterra’s condo developments are to be found in emerging locations in Greater Manila Area (GMA) and regional areas nationwide, the likes of which include Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, and more to be built soon for young professionals, small families, and hardworking overseas Filipinos looking to seal a property investment in some of the country’s hotspot areas posed for growth.

Got more questions you need addressed and answered promptly before finalizing your decision? You can message us through our website by filling out a form, send us an email, or DM us through any of our social media accounts. Get in touch with an Asterra representative today and secure your condo with gym privileges!

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