10 things to do before renovating your condo

Condo renovation project

Renovating your condominium may be an excellent way to boost the value of your condos while also bringing it up to date. Having said that, there are a few things that you should be aware of before the beginning of construction, especially the condo renovation rules and regulations. Read on to know about the 10 most important things to do before you start the condo renovation.

Condo renovations for new condo owners

Before you begin any condo renovation, homeowners will almost certainly be required to get a work permit, or some other type of legal approval.

When it comes to renovating a condo, there are a lot of different factors you need to think about such as construction permits, pay construction bonds, materials, and many more. It is in your best interest to find out what the going rate is for your remodeling project by obtaining estimates from several different contractors.

10 Condo Renovation Tips

1. Hire a trusted contractor

Get estimates from several different renovation contractors before beginning any kind of renovation project. You will not only be able to acquire the greatest rate, but you will also have a better picture of what is involved in the renovation project when you do this.

Locating a reliable constructor should be your first step in the process. Then hire the best contractor that suits youor needs. This is a simple statement to make, yet some people do not have any clue where or how to acquire one. If you own a condo and have condo insurance, it is in your best interest to inquire with the insurance company about a list of authorized contractors. You may also submit a request for this list to the administration of your property.

In addition, a good contractor is easier to speak with and can assist you in developing design options that are compatible with both your financial restrictions and the preferences you have. The person in charge of the task has to be aware of the objectives set by the customer and should be willing to keep you informed of progress at least once per week, if not more often.

Ensure that everything is documented in writing. This comprises the labor and construction materials expenditures, as well as the contract, timeline, and task requirements. By doing it this way, you will always have the option to return to it in case anything occurs that was not in the initial plan.

2. Talk to your Neighbors

When it comes to any kind of home renovation job, talking to your neighbors or other condo owners and getting their feedback is always a good idea. You may do this by having a conversation with them. They are able to provide you with useful thoughts and opinions that may be of great use to you throughout the process of planning.

Due to the fact that they have greater experience in condo living and have most likely also renovating your condo. You have the option of taking advantage of their recommendations, or you may think of renovating your condo unit in the same way that they did, but with your own unique design and style.

In addition, it is essential for them to be aware that you will be renovating your condo, which means that they should prepare themselves for noise and other forms of distraction at the site.

3. Major renovation or Minor Renovation?

You may be able to make some minor adjustments to your kitchen or washroom; but, if you want to replace the kitchen cabinets, walls, roof, natural lighting, paint, or tiles you will need to get a professional to do the work for you. Always follow the condominium renovation rules and guidlines by the condo board or management.

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to explore minor renovations since they may give your condo unit a new appearance. For example, you may bring new plants. It is recognized that indoor plants increase mood, creativity, and productivity.

Change the placement of your furniture. You will be astonished by how much minor renovations may enhance the appearance of your apartment. Add some ambiance lighting to make you feel more at ease at night. Replace the window coverings or allow in more natural light. Invest in attractive storage containers and eliminate clutter to keep your apartment tidy. All of these may give your area a refreshed look.

When it comes to major renovations such as changing the flooring, walls, or roof, you need to employ a qualified expert in order to ensure that the work is done correctly and does not lead to further complications. It important to always use quality materials.

Even while home improvements are a fantastic method to give your space a more modern appearance and boost its market worth, you still need to be sure that you employ the correct individual to carry out the work. It’s possible that you might look for a house that has already had some renovations done to it.

4. Know The Condo Administration’s Renovation Policies

Asking about condominium renovation rules and regulations is one of the most crucial suggestions for renovation. Each condominium in the Philippines has its own renovation policies. Typically, you cannot alter anything outside your apartment.

For other condominiums, you will need a work permit or to engage a qualified expert to produce architectural and engineering drawings for the administration office. You may also be required to supply money and details about the duration of the renovation.

Therefore, visit the condo administration office and inquire about what may and can’t be done. If you want to install additional lighting, an additional air conditioning unit, or an additional electrical outlet, be sure to inquire about the maximum electrical demand per unit. Follow the policies to prevent future unforeseen difficulties.

5. Know your limits and Allocate Enough Budget

In the real estate business, it is essential that you are aware of the condominium renovation rules and restrictions imposed by the construction you are working on. To put it simply, you need to have a realistic outlook on the design plans, since there is a possibility that not all of them will be able to be carried out. There might be certain designs and architectural structure ideas that are impossible to bring to fruition due to their level of complexity.

Create a proposed budget for yourself. From the perspective of your condo’s design, you should consider yourself what aspects of your house are most important to you and you want to renovate. Everything that you had intended for the interior design of your condo living space has to be reshaped or at the absolute least adjusted so that it fits within the budget that you have established.

The renovation included construction, furniture, and accessories, and pay between Php15,000 to Php20,000 per square meter. If you want to build the house of your dreams, you need be prepared to spend close to or even exactly half a million dollars.

When it comes to the cost of designing and renovating your condo, you can anticipate the kitchen and the washroom to be the two rooms that will set you back the most money. These are part of major most labor- and resource-intensive parts of the task, and getting them done will drive up your costs significantly.

6. Find a good interior designer

When researching for a skilled interior designer, doing a search on the internet is not the most effective method to go. And besides, you don’t want your house to be designed by a total stranger who didn’t have any recommendations from former customers. You may look for names and contact information in home design publications, or you can search for suggestions from friends, or you can ask friends for suggestions.

Hire a good interior designer, like a good general contractor, ought to be a person to whom you can readily convey your objectives. Without being impolite, he or she should also express their creative ideas, perspectives, and comments to help enhance the design of your ideal condo.

A consultation with an interior designer might cost somewhere between Php500 to Php10,000, and the cost of their work can vary anywhere from Php400 to Php1,000 per square meter for each individual project.

7. Don’t Move Around Your Fixtures

Unit owners don’t want to spend a fortune on installing their fixtures in different places. It will likely consume their time, energy, and resources. The bathroom toilet should remain in its existing location.

What you may be able to do is make some design modifications to the existing unit building space. Whether you have access to amazing minimalist designs or ancient woodwork, you should seek to incorporate complementing aspects into the current setting. In addition to bathroom fixtures, the same remodeling advice applies to the kitchen, cabinets, etc.

8. Try to Stay Flexible

This is among the most beneficial renovate advice you will ever hear. It is more advantageous to be adaptable in terms of your designer ideas. Every condo remodeling project is restricted in scope and has the potential to go wrong. It will be simpler to accept the things you can’t truly do during the building phase if you are wise enough to evaluate some design alterations.

It is critical to understand what is required for your condo unit and what is not. You may effectively make a trade-off and achieve certain aims more quickly. Things like these will typically help you gain a better sense of your priorities and what you are prepared to give up in order for them to be achieved.

9. Prepare Permits and Complete the paperwork

Renovations are governed by homeowner rules and regulations in all condominium building. Keep in mind that prior to doing any sort of renovating a condo , you must notify the property management office of your intentions. Although you must first submit your renovation plans for approval, it is vital to be aware of your condo’s design guidelines before moving further.

Document the meeting in writing and have all participants sign it. This allows them to be held responsible if someone violates the condominium renovation rules. Now that your design has been approved, you must complete the necessary papers. This may contain remodeling plans, property management office permission, and workers’ names and identification cards. There are other essential paperworks that are specified in the pre-construction. Make the effort to read and record everything so that nothing is missed.

The owner of the condo unit arise required to submit the following documents or paperwork: an application form for construction permits, work permits for the contractor, plumbing/electrical plan, and architectural plan, both with the approval of the condo board or management. Pay the appropriate construction bond. The construction bond serves as funds in case you damage the common spaces or your neighbor’s unit.

Requirements vary per condominium. To proceed to the construction phase, you will need to finish getting all of the essential permits and fulfill all of the prerequisites.

10. Choose to Stay Somewhere Else During the Condo Renovations

If you are planning a major renovation of your home, another option to take into consideration is searching for a short-term rental. Because of this, you and your family won’t be disrupted by the noise of the construction or the clutter that the construction will create especially since condos has limited space. Unit owners need to make sure that everything precious in their space is locked up before they leave.

Starting a condo renovation is a lot of hard work. More than just following these tips, make sure to do your own research and don’t hastily start renovating your condo. We know you’re very much excited to move into your new condo but don’t let your excitement blind you. A thorough research and a slow yet steady process is what makes a renovation project successful.

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