8 Ways to Save Energy for Condo Owners


In the Philippines, your power bill is likely to be the single greatest drain on your money. After all, this region has some of Asia’s highest interest rates.

It never seems to stop rising, and it may become so high that you might contemplate trashing one or more of your condominium appliances simply to get the bill to stop climbing. Yet, this is a quite drastic measure to take, and there are probably better ways to save money.

Fortunately, many condominium complexes, such as Asterra’s mid-rise buildings, are already implementing energy-saving measures in an effort to save costs and reduce their impact on the environment.

As a matter of fact, how to save money and use less energy without breaking the bank is a hot topic right now. There are even available tried-and-true conventional approaches to conserving energy recently, but it’s important to keep in mind that even seemingly little adjustments may have a significant effect.

That’s why we gathered some handy energy-savings tips inside your condo that can help to lessen your electricity bill.

List of Energy Savings Tips Inside Your Condo

Condominium owners may do their part for the environment and save money by implementing even a few of the various energy-saving measures that can be implemented inside the unit. Let’s check out a few of these energy-saving tips in this article:

1. Invest in energy-efficient appliances.

Two figures are worth considering when making a major appliance purchase: the initial cost and the ongoing running expenses. Appliances that are both energy efficient and cost-effective may help you save money in the long run, despite the fact that they may be more expensive upfront.

The energy efficiency factor (EEF for refrigerators) or energy efficiency rating (EER for air conditioning unit) is the quickest and simplest method to determine whether a model is energy efficient. The information is clearly indicated on the energy label. A higher EEF or EER rating indicates that the appliance uses energy more efficiently.

Maintain the cleanliness of your condo unit to lessen energy costs

Keeping the dust out of your apartment or condo might be difficult, but it will help your property run more smoothly and save you money. You can utilize these methods to help keep your unit clean:

Get air purifiers– They are effective in reducing dust levels, just make sure to purchase one with a higher energy star to help you save energy.

Clean your vents- Any vents, such as the one for the bathroom exhaust fan, might benefit from a good vacuuming or cleaning to ensure optimal performance.

Replace ventilation filters annually- Ventilation filters should be changed at least twice a year, and more often if you have pets or allergies, although most condo and apartment complexes handle this for you once a year. A filthy filter reduces efficiency and might even damage your cooling system.

2. Cover your pans while cooking.

By covering your pot or pan while cooking food, you may save a ton of time and water, making this a simple yet effective energy-saving tips in your condo.

3. Replace single panes with a double-glazing door.

You can now limit your carbon footprint to help save the planet and save money on your utility bills by investing in double-paned glass windows and doors, which are a great investment in any contemporary condominium unit.

4. Lower the temperature setting on the thermostat.

Keeping the temperature on your thermostat down to roughly 17 degrees may make a significant impact and reduce your monthly energy consumption.

One can also even improve this by using a programmed smart thermostat. When your plans change on the go, it’s convenient to be able to adjust the temperature in your house without having to leave work. A smart thermostat can do this for you by learning your routine and letting you make adjustments from anywhere.

5. Switch to LED light bulbs to conserve energy.

Your monthly energy costs may be affected by the way your home is lit, and it can also alter the atmosphere you create in your condo unit. The energy savings from adopting LED lights instead of incandescent ones range from 75 percent to 90 percent.

That’s why smart LED lights are becoming more popular with condo owners since they are not only more efficient than halogen bulbs but also cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing.

6. Unplug any electronics and switch off the lights before leaving a room.

It should come as no surprise that electrical devices should be turned off when they are not in use. If you want to save money and the environment, unplug electronics instead of leaving them in standby mode. Some of the most common devices that we commonly leave unplugged are gaming equipment, phone chargers, and microwave.

Turning off the lights as you leave a room is another good practice to get into and maintain. In order to get into the habit of doing it automatically, it is recommended that you set a reminder. By doing this on a regular basis, you may save your monthly power bill by as much as 10%.

Try using smart automated devices

Your energy expenses may be reduced automatically by smart gadgets, even if you neglect to turn them off or unplug them. When a piece of smart home automation detects that you are no longer using it, it will automatically shut off the electricity to that gadget.

7. Install a smart meter in your condo unit.

The use of a smart meter may help you monitor your energy use in real-time, allowing you to pinpoint specific areas in which your power consumption can be reduced. If you want to closely monitor your electric bill, especially this summer season, then this is a great way to save electricity and more energy.

8. Invest in gadgets that run on solar energy.

Almost all single appliances you use in your condominium unit nowadays come in a solar-powered variant, which is one of the best renewable energy sources. Modifying your habits just a little and switching to solar-powered devices may have a significant impact and save you some bucks in the long run on repairs and replacements.

You can now bring your energy-efficient condo living to the next level when you invest in a sustainable and eco-friendly mid-rise condominium complex like Asterra.

The developers included solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and energy-saving appliances in the apartments and communal spaces to reduce the building’s carbon footprint. These features not only make the area more pleasant to live in, but they also make life cheaper for the people, achieving the sustainable community goal of Asterra condo living.

Check out these innovative technologies that we included in our functional amenities and start your high-yielding condominium investment now!

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