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As we are experiencing the changes that occurs when warm and dry season it just around the corner, it is really important that we have our own air conditioners at home. Using a humidifier indoors during the summer months is an excellent idea not only to keep the air cool and properly dampened, but also to help reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies, which can be terrible in the summer.

Humidifiers can help prevent dehydration of the skin, nasal passages, and respiratory passages, which can result in unpleasant symptoms such as dry, chapped skin and even nosebleeds. The use of a humidifier adds moisture to the air. This can aid in the prevention of dryness, which can cause irritation when staying in humid environments.

Given the wide range of applications for air purifiers, it is important to remember that it is a year-round equipment. It also improves your life by minimizing airborne contaminants like pollen and mold spores, as well as catching germs, viruses, dust mites and other sources of allergens and unpleasant odors, and it also acts as a virus preventive. As a result, these technologies are highly useful in daily life.

In this article, we are going to tackle what an air purifier and dehumidifier is, how are they different from one another, and how does it works.

What are air purifiers?

An air purifier, often known as an air cleaner, is a device that eliminates polluted air in a space in order to enhance air quality inside. These devices are frequently promoted as being beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthma sufferers, as well as decreasing or eliminating second-hand cigarette smoke. Air purifier and proper air filtration are both essential in improving air quality in one’s home’s air.

Commercial air purifiers are compact unit available as small stand-alone units or bigger units that can be attached to an air handler unit (AHU) or an HVAC unit found in the medical, industrial, and commercial industries. In industrial, air purifiers can be used to eliminate airborne contaminants from air prior to processing. Adsorption techniques such as pressure swing adsorbers or other adsorption techniques are often used for this.

There are numerous benefits to purchasing air purifiers. There are numerous solutions that are suited for our requirements. However, before selecting one, we must check into its specifications or whether it suits our preferences. There are numerous air purifiers available in the Philippines, however this article will assist you in selecting one. We include all of the top air purifiers and air purifier brands in the Philippines to help you decide what is best for you. Air purifiers are essential for breathing fresh air.

Here are some of the Air purifier brands available in the Philippines:

With so many different types of air purifiers on the market, you can definitely take your time and select the ideal one. Consider quality features at a reasonable price when looking for the best value. The air purifier brands listed below represent the finest quality of the best air purifiers in the Philippines.

1. Aviche Air purifier

Its negative ions purify the air and restore it to its original state fresh air. It also has a sterilization, which benefits in the prevention of respiratory infections.

2. Imarflex Air purifier

The Imarflex Air Purifier can help you save space and organize your home. It can successfully filter indoor air up to 90 square meters in size. It also includes a 5-layer true hepa filters and an air ionizer that emits negative ions.

3. Xiaomi Air purifier

Xiaomi’s High-Efficiency Filter allows more airflow to pass through the air filters while maintaining the same cleaning efficacy with hepa filtration, allowing the air purifier to generate less noise and spend less energy.

4. Carrier Air purifier

Carrier air purifiers utilize three distinct filtering technologies to improve indoor air quality. A pre air filter removes excess humidity and large airborne particles like dust and dirt first. The particles are subsequently collected by a unique high-efficiency filter, which captures more than 99% of them in a variety of sizes. Finally, an activated carbon filter is used to eliminate specific air pollutants and odors from the air. Customers can begin filtering and monitoring their air instantly with a simple plug-in setup.

5. Dyson Air purifier

A HEPA air filter with an activated carbon layer eliminates odors, air pollutants, and gases such as volatile organic compounds. The equipment is powerful enough to clean large rooms and reduce dust while remaining silent. Several customers say this device helped them feel better about their allergies.

The high-efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, filter is an efficiency standard for air filters. It is also known as the high-efficiency particle absorption filter and the high-efficiency particulate arrestance filter. On the other hand, true HEPA filtration device or filter is the only type of HEPA filter that really is in compliance with the DOE standard for HEPA filtration, has the maximum efficiency, and overcomes the threshold of 99.97%.

Best air purifier combo unit that you should buy

1. Imarflex IAP-150 Air purifier

Because it includes an Aroma Diffuser for bedrooms, the Imarflex Air Purifier IAP-150 eliminates sleepless nights. It can help you sleep well. Furthermore, this air purifier combo unit does not consume a lot of electricity, which could help you save money.

This has an air purifying function that has a built-in filter screen with many air filtration layers to help you achieve the best possible air quality. This outstanding purifier has three wind speeds, an automatic running mode, a silent sleep mode, and a timer. The sensor also monitors the home’s air quality.

2. Aviche M5 Necklace Air purifier

This Aviche M5 Wearable Air Purifier Necklace is ideal for allergy sufferers because it helps to keep the air around you cleaner. The device can produce up to 120 million negative ions, which aid in the removal of typical allergy triggers such as dust mites, smoke, and other pollutants from the air around you.

Because of its attractive design, this kind of air purifier can be worn as a necklace. It is also a portable air purifier with true hepa filter that you may use whenever and wherever you choose. This necklace has a working time of 160-180 hours. It features two settings that you may easily switch between depending on the environment. The hazardous ion concentration in the Aviche M5 is six times higher than typical, allowing it to remove 99.9% of smoke and PM2.5 faster.

3. Carrier CADR 260 Air purifier

This air purifier is ideal for keeping your family’s air clean and free of viruses, bacteria, and allergens. With a high-quality filtering system and UV light technology, this purifier effectively eliminates and neutralize health hazards, keeping all family members healthy.

The CADR of the purifier indicates how successfully a certain air purifier captures impurities in the air such as dust mites, smoke, and pollen.

4. Imarflex IAP-205RD Air purifier

For a space-saving air purifier, you might try this Imarflex IAP-205RD. This deserves the hype, for it has the top air purifiers reviews in the Philippines and a superb performance that can eliminate 500 particles of 0.1 microns per liter.

This air purifier’s most notable feature is its sophisticated carbon filter, which prevents hazardous odors and gasses. It also has air purifying function that removes 99.5% of air contaminants, which can help your immune system and that of your family. It is a must-have since you can use it not only at home, but also in your car, as it has a USB charging connector that can purify your vehicle while driving.

5. Xiaomi Mi 3H Air purifier

Asthma and allergies are the worst; they make you feel anxious and irritated. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H can help you solve your problem and make your life easy. It contains a high-precision laser PM sensor that detects minute pollutants and indicates changes in room air quality in real time. In auto mode, the air purifier adjusts proactively for optimal cleaning.

The air purifier may also effectively cleanse the air. It includes hepa filters that can remove pollutants ranging from pet dander to viruses in rooms ranging from 50-90 square meters. The reusable air filter lasts 6-12 months, allowing you to utilize it for a longer period of time, good for large rooms in a coverage capacity.

Written by: Clariz Legaspi

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