Asterra: bringing convenient living and economic growth to provinces in the Philippines

Living a life of comfort and convenience is every Filipino’s dream, and while a well-designed home and contemporary amenities may seem like the fulfillment of this aspiration, it is not enough. One’s full potential can only be realized when individuals and families are given worthwhile pursuits and opportunities for growth.

This is what Asterra, a personal project of Vista Land and Golden MV Holdings Inc. Chairman Manny B. Villar, offers prospective condo dwellers. They get a shot at modern condominium living, and the opportunities to thrive and prosper in communities with great locations and access to key lifestyle destinations.

“A lot of research comes into deciding where Asterra developments will rise,” Asterra Division Head Debbie Eria points out. “We consider the locales’ potential for economic growth and the well-being that being close to nature promotes. We want to build Asterra in fringe cities and towns that tout close proximity to business and industrial hubs.”

Envisioned to be the first affordable condominium project in flourishing towns and cities, Asterra will bring in home seekers and investors, and increasingly spark movement in economic activities and tourism. After all, the current infrastructure boom is expected to help drive business development, create employment, and increase tax revenue.

Eria likewise asserts that Asterra will offer benefits to the locals, such as uplifting their economic status, and providing them

access to quality housing. “We aim for Asterra to be a stable and secure environment for Filipinos to live and work,” she says.

With Asterra’s construction set to begin in San Fernando, Pampanga; General Trias, Cavite; and Calamba, Laguna, future residents can look forward to upscale condo lifestyles, featuring cozy midrise residences, leisure facilities like a swimming pool, fitness gym, and playground, and security amenities such as digital door locks, 24-hour security, and guarded entrances and exits.

“We at Asterra are excited to expand our reach and bring the urban living experience to more areas in the Philippines. We believe that through our projects, we can make a significant contribution to the local economy, improve the quality of life of our residents, and see progress in the communities we serve,” Eria shares.

For more information on Asterra, please check out its website or the official Asterra FB Page.


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