Asterra reinvents condo ownership in the Philippines


Despite the seeming boom in condominium developments across the country, condo ownership often gets a bad rap, constantly subject to oft-circulated falsehoods that drive away potential buyers. Indeed, the prevalence of disinformation just might be the sole factor that stands between some people and their dream homes.

A great deal of these myths have to do with the high costs of condo living, the apparent lack of space, minimal privacy in shared areas, or even safety and security in the premises.

Thankfully, these are now being debunked by the emergence of a new generation of homebuyers, the bright and plucky Gen Z’s and millennials that do not look at the old ideals of homeownership—a nuclear family, white-picket fence, and a large lawn—as factors that define the quality of life. In fact, these younger homeowners are chipping at the old notions of condo ownership, believing that perhaps all one needs for a fulfilling lifestyle can be found in a compact, easy-to-maintain condo unit with access to on-site amenities such as a gym and a swimming pool.

Hottest Condominium Project in the affordable housing market

These are features that precisely describe what Asterra is all about. Presenting itself as the hottest condominium project in the affordable housing market, Asterra provides a number of top quality condominium offerings in some of the most strategic locations in the country.

A personal venture of Vista Land and Golden MV Holdings Inc. Chairman Manny B. Villar, Asterra hopes to open 16 new projects by the end of the year in some of the fastest-rising cities and municipalities in the country. Young professionals all across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao will be excited to know that they can now reinvent the housing landscape from the healthier and more wholesome environs of the suburbs.

Moreover, these forward-thinking, highly mobile homeowners understand the value of investments better than generations past. Gen Z’s are buying condo units not just as homes, but as investment vehicles—often converting their condo units into work-from-home stations themselves. It’s the proactive nature of these younger generations that allow them to embrace condos as the homes of the future.

Future residents of Asterra can look forward to multiple high-rise buildings with 4 to 7 levels, each with sleek, well-designed interiors that lend comfort and style to smart, young professionals. Asterra will also put a premium on Gen Zs’ and millennials’ preference for work-life balance, providing fun amenities like basketball courts, gyms, and function halls.

In time, Asterra will position itself as the perfect haven for this country’s youthful game changers who are ready to take on the world and be at the forefront of condos as the ‘housing of the future’.


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