Chill out this summer with these refreshing drinks!

Our country, the Philippines is known for its hot and humid weather, especially during the heat of the summer months. With temperatures that can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, it is especially important to keep your body cool and hydrated when the temperature rises.

In the days like these, aside from the increase in temperature, our body temperature or body heat also rises. But worry less as it can be reduced by ingesting drinks with cooling properties. Such beverages also offer anti-inflammatory properties and it aids digestion. Having these homemade cool drinks does not only quench thirst but also provide you cold energy and essential minerals.

And as the body temperature when outside continues to rise, there is nothing more refreshing than a cool drink to beat the summer heat. But what is even better than a store-bought drink? Well, it is the  DIY cold drinks that not only cool you down but also provide a burst of flavor and the essential minerals and nutrients to keep your body in top form. From spicy peppers to vodka to soda water to juicy fruits, there are endless combinations to explore and tantalize your taste buds. So, why settle for a bland drink when you can create your own thirst-quenching summer drink product? Come on, join us as we discover into the world of cold drinks and discover the perfect summer sip for you.

7 DIY Cool Drinks that are Perfect to Beat the Summer Heat

There are many cool, spicy foods and drinks known to the Philippines, but if you are looking for something new, new to your taste and has health benefits, then the combination of following foods and drinks are for you.

1. Ginger Ale

I know! This food name is unusual as ginger is for tea and not for cool refreshing drink. Well, you are wrong buddy. Ginger juice can actually a game changer as ginger ale can not just quench your thirst but will give you varied health benefits. But what is ginger ale? Well, it is a carbonated soft drink that is made from fresh ginger, sugar, and water. It has a sweet and slightly spicy flavor and is commonly used as a mixer for cocktails or enjoyed on its own as a refreshing drink.

Making this at home will not cost you too much sweat as it is recipes only requires a few ingredients. To start, you will need fresh ginger root, sugar, lemon or lime juice, and sparkling water. First, you will need to peel and grate the ginger, then add it to a pot with water and sugar and bring it to a boil. After simmering for about 20 minutes, strain the ginger syrup and mix it with lemon or lime juice and sparkling water. Voila, you have homemade lime and ginger ale!

One of the advantages of making your own ginger ale is that you can control the amount of sugar and adjust the recipe to suit your taste preferences. Yes, you have the full control of its sweetness! Additionally, ginger has many health benefits, such as it can aid digestion in food digestion and has anti inflammatory properties. So why not try making your own ginger ale at home and enjoy its many benefits?

2. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is a fun, refreshing and healthy drink that can be easily made at home. To make this delicious juice, you will need two large cucumbers, one lemon, and some honey or sugar and some ice cubes if you like .

Start by washing the cucumbers thoroughly and slicing them into small pieces. Next, using a juicer or blender, blend the lemonade with the cucumber pieces until they are completely liquefied. Squeeze the lemon into the cucumber juice and mix well. If you prefer a sweeter taste, add honey or sugar to the juice and mix until dissolved. You can also add ice cubes to make the above watermelon juice extra cold and refreshing.

Chill the cucumber juice in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving. You can also garnish it with fresh mint leaves to add some extra flavor and aroma. Additionally, you can add other fruits or vegetables to your cucumber juice for extra flavor and nutrition. For example, try adding apples, oranges, mint or carrots to your cucumber juice for a delicious and healthy twist.

This is an easy and healthy drink that you can make at home using simple ingredients. With its cooling properties and high water content, it is perfect for hot summer days or other hot weather or anytime you need a cooling and refreshing drink. So why not give this recipe a try and enjoy a glass of delicious cooling and nutritious cucumber juice today!

3. Lemonade

Lemonade juice is a classic and popular drink enjoyed by many during hot summer days. And yes you are right! It is time to detach from the notion that a glass of lemonade is for medicine purposes only. What you might try to improve your lemonade, well this simple recipe for homemade lemonade juice requires only a few basic ingredients and can be easily adjusted to suit your taste preferences.

Start by juicing 4-6 large lemons to obtain about 1 cup of lemon juice. Mix the lemon juice with 1 cup of granulated sugar and 6 cups of water in a large pitcher until the sugar is completely dissolved. Taste it and adjust the sweetness to your preference by adding more sugar or water as needed. Chill the mixture in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes or until ready to serve. Serve over ice cubes in glasses and with a slice of lemon or mint leaves if desired.

If you want to add a twist of flavor, you can add other fruits to your drink, such as fruit as sliced strawberries, mint or cucumber. You can also reduce the amount of sugar or substitute it with honey if you prefer a less sweet drink. For a sparkling version, add soda water or lemon-lime soda to the mix before serving. Making homemade lemonade juice is a simple and delicious way to stay refreshed and hydrated during the peak heat of summer.

4. Coco Juice

I know, this not unfamiliar, but we can’t ignore the fact that when we need a refreshing drink, coconut water is the first thing that comes to our mind. Well, let’s upgrade our coconut water by adding some twists to it. We are all aware that coconut water is a natural and good source of hydration and making our own drink with coconut water is easy and doesn’t take too much time or effort. This recipe is a kind of recipe that combines the sweet flavors of pineapple and orange juice with the refreshing taste of coconut water, making it the perfect refreshment on a hot day. You can also add a little honey to improve  the sweetness, thus you have the freedom to adjust the sweetness to your liking. If you want to add a more tropical flavor and flavor to the drink, you can add slices of fresh pineapple or orange. You can also add some lemon juice to add more flavor to the drink. For those who like carbonated drinks, you can add carbonated water or lemon soda to the mixture before serving.  

Making your own with coconut water is a good way to enjoy a refreshing and healthy drink, perfect for hot summer days. This recipe is quick, easy, and can be adjusted to your taste, so give it a try and sip!  

5. Salad Drinks

Salads are a versatile food that can be enjoyed in many different ways, including as a refreshing summer drink. One such drink is made by combining cucumber, lemon, strawberries and mint leaves with water to create a cool and refreshing summer salad drink.

To make this drink, start by peeling and slicing a cucumber and placing it in a large pitcher. Add in freshly squeezed lemon juice and a handful of fresh mint leaves. Mix the ingredients together and let them sit for a few minutes to infuse the flavors.

Next, add in chilled soda water and stir well. The bubbles from the fruit and the soda water give the body heat the drink a refreshing effervescence, making it perfect for hot summer days. If you prefer a sweeter taste, you can add a small amount of honey or agave syrup to the mix.

This cucumber, lemon, and mint salad drink is not only refreshing, but also healthy. Cucumbers are rich in vitamins and minerals, and are known for their cooling properties. Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, which helps to boost the body and immune system and promote healthy skin. Mint leaves add a refreshing and invigorating flavor, and are known for their digestive benefits.

Overall, this summer salad drink is a great way to enjoy a healthy and refreshing beverage that is perfect for hot days. It can be served over a glass of ice and with additional mint leaves or slices of lemon and cucumber for a beautiful presentation.

6. Iced Tea

Iced tea is a popular summer beverage that is enjoyed around the world. It is a refreshing drink that can be made in many different ways, using various types of tea and flavorings. One of the most common iced tea recipes involves brewing black or green tea and then chilling it with ice cubes. To add flavor, you can add lemon or mint leaves, which can give your drink a refreshing and cooling taste.

To make iced tea, start by boiling water in a kettle or pot. Once the water is hot, steep your choice high amount of tea bags in the water for 3-5 minutes, depending on your preferred strength. Remove the tea bags and let the tea cool to room temperature. If you prefer sweet tea, add sugar or honey to the tea while it is still warm, stirring until dissolved. Once the tea has cooled to body temperature, pour it into a pitcher and chill it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

To serve, fill a glass with ice cubes and pour the chilled tea over them. You can add a squeeze of lemon juice or a few sprigs of mint leaves to add flavor and freshness to your drink. You can also experiment with other flavorings such as ginger, honey, or fruit juices to create your own unique iced tea recipe.

7. Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice is a wonderful beverage that can be enjoyed during the hot summer months. Not only is it refreshing and hydrating, but it’s also packed with nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium. Making watermelon juice is easy and only requires a few simple ingredients.

Start by blending chopped watermelon until it becomes smooth, and then strain it through a fine-mesh strainer into a pitcher. Next, add some lime juice and honey to the juice and stir everything together. After that, chill the watermelon juice in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. When you’re ready to serve, pour the juice into glasses filled with ice cubes and garnish with a slice of lime or some mint leaves.

If you’re looking to switch up the flavor, you can add a pinch of cayenne pepper for some heat or a splash of coconut milk or pineapple juice for a tropical twist. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even add a shot of vodka or rum for a boozy version.

Stay cool during summer

Drinking cool drinks during the summer season is an excellent way to beat the heat and keep your body hydrated. Cool drinks help to regulate our body temperature, reducing the risk of heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. They also provide the body with essential electrolytes and nutrients that help replenish the body’s lost fluids and prevent dehydration.

Moreover, cool drinks can be a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy the summer season. They come in a variety of flavors and combinations, making them a perfect accompaniment to summer meals or as a stand-alone thirst quencher.

Homemade summer drinks are also a healthier alternative to sugary drinks and sodas, which can cause weight gain, tooth decay, and other health problems. there are many delicious and refreshing summer drinks that you can make at home. From classic iced tea to unique creations like watermelon juice and cucumber-mint salad drink, these beverages are a great way to beat the heat and stay hydrated during the summer season. With simple ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions, you can create these drinks in no time and enjoy them with family and friends. So why not try making your own homemade summer drinks this season and discover new flavors and combinations that will quench your thirst and tantalize your taste buds!

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