Christmas Movie Marathon: Creating the Perfect Home Theater Experience

Christmas time is always, as in always, the perfect time of the year to bond with the entire family or have a well-deserved, well-rested holiday season. And whether you’re a fan of motion pictures or not, watching movies can be the most relaxing thing to do, and the best thing about it is you don’t have to leave your house to do so!

Home theater for Christmas movie marathon, anyone?

Creating the perfect home theater experience is more than just selecting the best Christmas movie or finding the right spot to watch. In this blog post, we’ll help you embark in a movie marathon escapade without setting foot outside your humble abode.

Christmas Movie Marathon: Creating the Perfect Home Theater Experience

After crafting some Christmas decoration ideas and bringing those to life, from converting your family room into a winter wonderland of joy and happiness or holiday decorating using recycled Christmas décor from last year’s holiday decor, the exciting part now is to spoil yourself in an entire day’s worth of movie marathoning just before Christmas Eve.

Whether you’re celebrating alone or with friends and family, the mood-lifting effects of Christmas film-viewing at home aren’t emphasized enough, let alone elevated by actually taking the time to set up a space for it and plan the entire day out. But we got you all covered! Let’s begin inviting in the Christmas spirit and kickstart the movie marathon with these essential steps.

It begins with choosing the right space

If you don’t have a dedicated space to watch Christmas movies, you can just create one. If you have a spare room, it would be an ideal choice to customize for your movie marathon this Christmas. If you don’t have a spare room, you can temporarily convert your sleeping quarters into a cozy home theater!

Get more comfy with the right seating arrangement

Actual theaters in malls have comfortable seats where there is enough legroom, you can recline, and it’s cushioned with a soft and nearly sleep-inducing seat. Add the cold, albeit artificial weather coming off of the air-conditioner and it’s the perfect place for relaxation! You can mimic that same level of comfy atmosphere by bringing in a sofa bed (or your bed itself), a thick blanket, lowering the air-conditioner’s temperature, and turning off the lights.

Invest in a bigger screen or projector

It goes without saying that you should aim to have the biggest screen possible to watch “Home Alone” (1991) or “Elf” (2003). If you have a projector, it’s the coolest way to achieve that cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. Aside from a projector, you might want to invest in a high-quality audio setup. When all of this is achieved, you would doubtless find yourself enjoying movie marathoning at home instead of paying for a movie ticket at the nearest mall!

Decorate your home theater with Christmas lights

What adds up to the allure of watching a film in an actual theater is the fact that only the big screen in front of you is the source of light, the rest of the surroundings are blanketed in darkness. Unless you are watching a psycho-thriller but nonetheless considered Christmas movie, having a mini-Christmas tree and flickering lights in the surrounding area is a great idea and adds just the right amount of holiday cheer you need while watching a Christmas movie you haven’t seen in ages, or a new hilarious Christmas film that’s receiving awesome reviews!

Bring snacks to munch on while watching

Whether you’re on a diet or it’s your cheat day, having something to munch on while watching a film, be it the proverbial popcorn or perennial fast-food favorites like French fries, burger, and an ice-cold beverage, is another way to chill out for the holidays after a tiring week at work. Eat as much as you can while laughing along with the classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989).

Invite family or friends along

While there’s nothing wrong if you prefer to observe the holiday spirit in solitude, celebrating the festive cheer with family and friends is simply the Filipino way. Once everything is set up and everyone is present, pick the funniest Christmas movie to watch and just laugh time away with the very people who make your life a lot more bearable amid the existential crisis you may be feeling in your mid-20s, 30s, 40s, or what have you. After your movie marathon, time to wrap things up and continue the joyful moments during Christmas dinner, singing Merry Christmas and continuing Filipino holiday traditions of togetherness.

Filipinos are world-renowned for having the longest Christmas celebration. Here, we can see Christmas trees, lanterns, colorful ribbons, jingle bells, and tree sparkle as early as September 1st. We’ll then hear Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas In Our Hearts” or Mariah Carey’s “All I want For Christmas Is You” playing on local radios and malls. That’s how we love the spirit of Christmas in the Philippines, despite the adversities we’ve individually encountered from the past year. At Asterra, we joyfully join the nation in commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and wish to spread the spirit of the holidays through kindness and compassion with one another.

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