Creating a Home Gym: 7 Tips for Fitness Enthusiasts

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The best decision you can make is to invest in yourself. Investing in yourself means you are putting in the time, money, and energy into making your current and future life better. And the best investment that you’ll never regret is to start now in your fitness journey because it will be beneficial for yourself and will work on many aspects of your life. It is an efficient means to improve almost every aspect of your wellness, health, increases energy and productivity, lowers stress, elevates moods, and supports memory and brain function.

Exercise is an incredible financial investment because of these advantages. Not only that, but making an investment in yourself will increase your self-esteem and confidence in your own abilities. Focusing on your personal growth will help you to know yourself much better as well as provide you new knowledge and abilities.

Starting your fitness journey involves discipline and consistency. In creating your own home based workout, you need to visualize what you want to become. And that is make fitness be part of your life. As a beginner, you need a professional to guide you and avoid common mistakes that can waste time. To begin with, you have to invest in many things, get gym membership, pay monthly for your gym sessions and convince yourself to stick with the kind of lifestyle you want to.

But when to start? Are you physically ready to start your fitness journey? Let me help you by presenting you this fitness tips that can improve your at home workout routine.

1. Start small: Creating your own workout plan

By starting small, you don’t need to have a bigger equipment in your home but rather what you need is consistency in your workout routines. The hardship was just in the beginning because when you surpass that phase, everything will go as it is.

As a newbie, you don’t have to be strict with yourself in everything you used to do, just because you want to be discipline and make a clean path in creating your own workout routine. It is easy being disciplined at the beginning but actually the hardest is being consistent. If you immediately restrict yourself because of the excitement you feel in starting your journey, maybe it will last in just one to two weeks and back to what you used to be.

What you need is to do things smoothly and not to rush in your journey because it is supposed to be fun and sustainable. It is a lifestyle and a deadline is not necessary.

2. Choose a Space in your Home

In starting to create your home gym, what you need is an ample amount of space where you can freely move without any obstruction while doing your at home workout routine. By choosing a space inside your home or condominium, it creates a separation wherein if you are in the part of your home gym the only thing and focus should be exercising and working out.

However, if your are living in a village or a condominium unit, you might want to look around and look for various amenities that the condominium has to offer because most of the real estate condo provider offers free use of gym equipment inside the building.

In Asterra, a condo provider, they have their own gym amenities that can accommodate you in starting your fitness journey. It will serve as your companion and a comfort zone that will feel you at home because the people here are approachable and give a very welcoming energy to every individual because usually, a beginner fears in interacting with other people which is one of the factors that can cause individuals to stop.

And that is the perks of living in a condominium unit where you can enjoy a lot of amenities. You can check for more details.

3. Keep Everything Organize

After choosing a comfortable space inside your home, you can do various movements and exercises in the space we have. You can hire a professional, a trainer that will help you work on establishing plans for your fitness goal even at home since professional trainer can do an online workout session to every client. It is a must to have built your workout routine before going to the gym.

By keeping everything organize, you can prevent wrong process or way of doing your home workouts. Because common mistakes for every individual when starting their journey is not having a concrete workout plan. To begin with, you have first to evaluate your starting point. What’s your current situation when it comes to physical activity, eating habits and the environment you have. Those are the common factors that might affect your fitness journey that’s why you have to know what and how will you go through. You have to determine what’s your body type, what you need to prioritize in setting up your workout routine. Though there is no such spot reduction, you still need to know what you need the most, is it focused more on cardiovascular exercises, lifting weights, yoga or etc.

And after knowing all of that, you must also consider the design of your own space on how will you put your several equipment like dumbbells, gym mat, treadmill, and the likes. You can consult to a facility design team to organize your home gym.

4. Know your Workout Plan

When creating a workout routine, you’ll start with doing warm up exercises that will serve as a signal for your body to be ready for the workout. Create your own workout schedule that focuses on certain muscle groups. For instance, Monday is for chest, shoulder and biceps exercises. Tuesday is leg day, quads and hamstrings focused. Wednesday is a rest day. Thursday is doing back and triceps exercises. And then for Friday, you’ll do leg day again that is glute-focused. In every schedule, you’re just doing five to seven exercises that have four sets by ten repetition.

As you can see, you’ll notice that the sample workout schedule is by muscle group because it is not recommended to train the same muscles for consecutive days as it needs recovery. Creating a workout plan depends on an individuals availability, of course, then the goal, and the capability to perform an exercise. For beginners, it usually start by three to four times a week only and it is necessary to know how many reps and how many sets you will do.

You can incorporate certain muscle groups you want to train in your routine. For example, for the first two months you would like to train your upper body, lower body and abs that is three sets and twelve reps each exercise in every muscle group. In this example, the routine does not specify a certain muscle unlike the first example we had because as I have said you can personalize or modify the exercises you want to do. Rest day/days must be seen in a workout plan, it is important as doing your workout because it is the time for the recovery of the muscle tissues that get exhausted from your training. You have to remember that, “we grow outside the gym” meaning to say, the progress still depends on your nutrition, sleep and recovery.

Even if you go to the gym consistently like almost everyday, the fascinating muscle grow you see when doing exercises is just a pump. Because we have what we called 80/20 rule that is 80% is more on the nutrition or the diet and 20% for physical activity or exercises you are performing.

5. Consistent is Key

The willingness you have in incorporating fitness in your lifestyle will determine how far you’ll go. Because we’re talking about lifestyle so even the gym is unreachable or not present to where you usually stay, you can have many options to stay active. Because the reality is that most people are working individuals that have no time to go to the gym.

Despite that, you should decide in engaging into fitness and make way to accomplish all our responsibility. It’s a matter of time management and being accountable for our responsibility. That is why, making your gym available at the comfort of your own home is made to prevent you for having such excuses in starting your own workout routines.

Consistency is the key! It is hard to adjust and break the habits we used to but then you  have to overcome every challenge you may face in reaching your goals. You can start investing, if not joining in the fitness gym is that by creating a home gym which is an excellent idea for fitness enthusiasts who want the convenience and flexibility of working out at home. There are available workout videos on social media like YouTube or Facebook where you can watch and follow. There are many fitness enthusiasts uploading content of different exercises online. Its commonly body weight exercises that can be done without equipment, it is more on floor exercises which uses yoga mat only. Even if you workout at home, you can still have a good workout and make it fun and enjoyable.

6. Get a Budget-Friendly Equipment

Your own home gym equipment does not necessarily to be extravagant and totally complete with all the gym equipment, but rather you can have the basic gym equipment that is budget-friendly for a beginner like you who chooses to have an at home workout routine.

What you need is just a few inexpensive weights, gym mat that you can use while doing yoga, and you can also improvise your dumbbells by making the most out of your tools and things inside your house. You can use plastic bottles like the 1.5 liters of plastic bottle that can serve as your dumbbells inside your own home gym. You can also buy a resistant bands, exercise balls, ankle and wrist weights and the likes which you can freely choose and use at home.

7. Set a Schedule

Setting your own schedule is a must! By creating a schedule, you are guided on what time and day you will be working out. Also you are guided on what muscle group should be performed in a day to day basis as it is important to know what muscle is scheduled on that day. You may start writing your notes of your own schedule and put it on the wall of your home gym.

What’s the Plan?

It was easy to start your fitness journey and the challenge is to be consistent. It’s okay if sometimes you lose track in the path of your journey because fitness is not our world, it’s just supposed to be a part. We have to live life and enjoy every part of it.

You don’t have to restrict yourself from making fun, just because you want to stay disciplined. Balance is the key! Sometimes, you need to let yourself enjoy every celebrations and gatherings you have with your family and friends as long as you know your limitations and have control with yourself. And that is the true discipline.

Just remember those tips in starting your own at home workout routine and everything will follow. By being consistent, progress follows. Start working now and the result will be amazing that will best benefit you!

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