De-cluttering Guide to Maximize your Condominium Space


We dream of having a clean house – but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning? -Marcus Buckingham

Cleaning your own home or a condominium is such a rigorous task for every homeowners and condo dwellers that truly requires a lot effort in order to thoroughly clean every part and every corner of small space in your house. But having a clean and neat place brings extra comfort and relaxation because who wants to live in a condo space that is too messy, filthy, and convoluted.

We all dreamt of an organized and aesthetically pleasing life and home that really captures the eyes of every one who sees it and mesmerizes on how well-decorated it is. Even every morning, we are used to clean our own bed in which the simplest way to declutter and organized our own room. Or we always make sure that the living room was neat and clean in which everything should be in their proper places because it is the one room or the first place that most of the visitors stay.

Productivity is key in decluttering your own condo unit as you are the only one solely responsible in cleaning and tidying up every space of your own home. And by following these decluttering tip on how to declutter your condo unit in order to maximize space, you will surely save space and gain more space inside your own condominium.

Organize Your Home With These 10 Professional Decluttering Tips

Here are the decluttering tips on how to declutter your home and maximize condo space.

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1. Creating a Decluttering Timeline

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It is really easy to say it than to do it. Whenever you are planning something, you always tell to yourself that I will start decluttering my own space but later on you will forget and get tired to do so. But by having these plan and timeline, you will never be out of focus in decluttering.

First, set a time and your target date in decluttering your spaces as it is not easy to find time in decluttering. Set date and time to start. Second, create a home checklist on what to declutter. List all the possible and necessary spaces that you wanted to clean and organized. Third, make it as your daily routine or if not make it as a semi regular basis in order for you not to get tired in cleaning your condo space.

2. Add Storage spaces and Organization Systems

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By having a limited space or small space, it can bring out the creativity and resourcefulness in you by having such ideas that will surely make sense like adding a storage or hidden storage. One of the easiest way to maximize your space is to add more storage and organization systems to have an orderly home in which everything is put to its proper places.

You can add storage spaces through your furniture, sofa beds, couch, coffee table, in your staircase, drawers, beds, and a lot more that truly save space inside your home whereas it is also hidden that most of the visitors cannot clearly tell that it is a storage space. Through these extra storage space, you can put a lot and even store shoes.

3. Create a Sorting System

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As you go along in the process of cleaning and decluttering all your stuff, you should make a list or an inventory in sorting all your things in order to know what is to keep, to donate or even get rid off. Sort and list the everyday items that is essential in your every day chores and routine.

In creating a sorting system, you must prepared storage boxes to put all your stuff and labelled it one by one in which through that you carefully named and store everything properly. You can also add little creativity in sorting system such as putting a design on every storage box or a logo of what is inside of the box or even putting everything by its color.

Just don’t let your sentimentality overpowers you in getting rid off with your stuff and stick to your plan in saving up extra space in your own home, living space or even in your office space.

4. Make a Plan to Keep the Room Tidy

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There are a lot of ways in making your room tidy and organized. In as simple as doing your own bed every morning is the easiest way or routine in keeping the room tidy. Second is keeping your stuff to its proper places is also necessary in tidying up your living room too. Third, always make sure that your floor space is clean and clear from any obstruction. You don’t want to have a living room and a floor space scattered with unnecessary things that blocks you in accessing the overall spaces of your condo unit.

5. Un-Decorate and Remove Items That Don’t Belong

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If there are any items that you think is unnecessary in your condo and it just consume space, start get ridding off it and remove that item. Remember, you need to save extra space and extra storage in order to maximize your condo space, so you better un-decorate and remove items that don’t belong.

You can also maximize the vertical space of your condo unit and even the wall space such as putting a paintings, art pieces, hanging shelves, floating shelves and the likes. By removing these items, it can create a big difference in your small unit which makes your living spaces much manageable.

6. Consume and use vertical space

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In a house or condo, some of the places requires plenty of storage for number of household items that you own such as kitchen and bedrooms. But by consuming and maximizing vertical space of your condominium space allows you to make every inch of your own home worthy. Best way to organize your things is by creating vertical storage and vertical drawer inserts because items can be stacked according to importance and it fit more items.

By following vertical lines in your condo, you can easily build drawer organizers and create a built-in closet with closet door. You can also built bookshelves from your walls and place your books there. Everything is possible even if you have small space, just expand your imagination and be clear of what you want to do on your own space then everything will follow.

7. Let go of the things you don’t use

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If you are a sentimental person and who do not throw things or get rid of them easily, you must think if it is still worth it to keep them because they may consume a lot of space inside your condo space. As you live in a condo unit, you wish for a bigger space, however, it is not possible to just expand your whole space. But with proper alignment and some storage bins, you can save great space in your condo.

By letting go of the things you do not use from your other rooms, you could actually save an entire room by just getting rid off those things. You may donate clothes that you do not use anymore, sell household items that still has a value, or even do a garage sale if its possible. There are a lot of ways to let go of the things you own and that just some simple hack to get rid off them.

Don’t let your old and unuse things, eat space from your home but rather let your old house items help you.

8. Use a multi-functional furniture

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By having a smaller space, using a multi-functional furniture is a great way to save up space from your condominium unit. These multi-functional furniture is definitely a space saver and very efficient to use in your dining, living room, entertainment center, bathroom, and even in your bed room.

Instead of buying a usual sofa, why don’t you buy sofa beds in which it automatically turns out into a bed by just assembling it easily. Make your center tables or coffee table a hidden storage that can store items inside. See? Everything is easily accessible when you use a multi functional furniture. With just a very limited space, you can make the most out of everything and make your life much more easy.

9. Start now by starting small

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Everything starts with a single step. One step at a time. To declutter your home space, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep you working. Be realistic on decluttering task by starting small. You can read articles that gives you decluttering tips in saving up space in your home or you can consult to a professional organizer to help you in decluttering and organizing your space.

Start by listing first what you will do on the first day such as cleaning the bathroom, re-designing the living room, fixing your clutter bed, etc. Then, you may now sort things before putting it into their proper storage space. And so on, and so forth. By working through the smaller spaces in your condo at a time, it will not make you overwhelmed.

Remember, no one starts big, it always start with a small step or routine then after that their life change once that they get used to it and improve their work.

10. Install shelving, use hooks and racks

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Make the most out of your bare walls, don’t just hang pictures or paintings on your wall but rather add a wall of shelves as vertical storage space. Shadow boxes, floating shelves, and other forms of shelving can be done that allows you to display various items from your walls.

Using hooks into your walls can also save space, for example, some of coat hooks are place at the back your doors or near the entrance of your home wherein through that you can place your coats, jackets, scarves and hat. Hooks in the kitchen are also used to hang kitchen utensils to save space. It can also be used in bathroom that organize toiletries.

Shelves, hooks, and racks is really a must inside your condo that help you save up space as these only consume little space inside the walls of your home.

Lastly, reward yourself. After cleaning and organizing your condo unit, never forget to reward yourself with a simple gift or food that you wanted to eat to satisfy yourself. Remember, you deserve it because you make a progress in decluttering your own condo unit. Just don’t forget to meet your schedule!

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