DIY Home Decor Ideas for Your Condo Unit


It may be challenging to make a tiny place seem like home, particularly if your décor choices are restricted by homeowner’s association restrictions or by legislation enacted by the building’s developer.

In addition to this, there’s usually not a lot you can do to alter the building’s structure, and you have to make do with less space than you’d like.

Whether the problem is unsightly radiators or very small space bedrooms, it is doubtful that you will be able to do anything to dramatically modify the bones of your flat. Don’t worry if your area already has some kind of flaw; there are likely lots of solutions that can at least help you hide it.

Condos in the middle of a high-rise community, such as Asterra, may nevertheless be personalized with careful decor choices. The following DIY home decor ideas for your condo are here to help you make your new digs a reflection of your unique style and personality.

A. Add some wall design

Having artwork on the walls is a great way to add some visual interest. The visual weight of the space may be altered by the use of this additional texture. Artworks such as paintings and prints may provide texture to a room, but their usefulness is not limited to that. Dimension may also be added with the use of wall sculptures and shadow boxes.

Use creative work as a substitute

The pictures on a gallery wall, whether they are in a few small frames or a dozen medium-sized ones, are readily changed out for new ones. Make do with ripped pages from coffee table books or have a trip to the flea market for some fresh finds and design your dining area with it.

Perk up the look of your hallway

Introduce a tiny console table into the foyer if you don’t have one, or into an existing storage space that needs some TLC. A formal but contemporary look may be achieved by using a classic table and hanging abstract modern art over it. Next, for a casual spin on a gallery wall, lean a few pictures against the drywall.

Show your small space toilet and bath some love

When a powder room has really small square footage, it might be easy to ignore it since there isn’t much area to work with when it comes to design. However it is conceivable, and highly recommended, to give these spaces some TLC. The room’s diminutive size belies its impact, thanks to a combination of bright wall colors and a varied collection of artwork.

B. Have Some Fun with Color!

The importance of selecting an appropriate hue goes well beyond just aesthetics. It can do more than simply make a room seem better; it can really change how you feel in the area. If you think your room is boring now, wait till you see how a new coat of paint can make it seem warm, inviting, and attractive.

Transform your bookcase’s look

Your home library may be transformed into a beautiful modern twist on a classic design with the help of some inky stained wood, a contemporary side chair, and a clean-lined ladder. You might like it with books, or you could add decorative elements like vases and sculptures to break up the monotony of a whole wall of books. As an alternative, you might arrange your books by color. Not only will it seem more organized, but the brighter colors in your collection will be more noticeable.

Change up your decorative pillows in your small living room

Decorating using throw pillows is a quick and simple DIY home decor ideas for your condo that can give your bedroom or living area a new look. A simple throw cushion in a different hue, pattern, or form may revitalize an otherwise stale room.

Pitch a brand-new throw blanket

Just tossing a bright blanket over the foot of the bed or the back of the couch is a quick and simple way to completely change the look of a room. In addition, it’s a fun opportunity to try new hues and patterns before settling on a permanent palette.

Install a colored light bulb

Changing out your standard bulb floor lamp with a colorful one is a quick and simple way to add a splash of color wherever. It gives off the same sensation as a neon sign but doesn’t take up any wall real estate. Test it out in a narrow corridor or front doorway when space is at a premium.

C. Add accents to your unit

It would be boring to stay in a warm room that lacked any decor. Accents are the finishing touch that makes a space seem unique and complete.

Put in a mirror

Hang a huge mirror over the mantle, or choose another wall to display it on, whether it’s in living rooms, bedroom, or foyer. It will not only improve the room’s aesthetics but also its functionality as it aids in giving more natural light in small spaces.

Adorn a shelf with some accessories

Can’t hang any more artwork due to lack of wall space? Sure, no sweat. You can put just about anything on floating shelves or hidden storage, from a picture or sconce to a plant or even bookmarks.

Let nature inspire you

Nature is a great source of inspiration for creating a warm and welcoming space in your square inch small apartment. Materials like seagrass, rattan, jute, wood, brushed concrete, and marble should all be considered. Adding texture to your area can instantly make it seem more welcoming and three-dimensional. There are still a lot of personalities there, though, despite the limited color scheme.

D. Toy with proportion

A room’s mood may be drastically altered by simple adjustments to its scale. It has the power to alter the perception of a room’s size notwithstanding any objective physical changes.

Put up a color-block wall

Color-blocking your wall creates a bold visual effect. Half of it should be painted a striking color, or you might use two calming hues. A quarter of the way up is a dramatic yet modest make black, while the remainder is a lovely steel gray.

Use rugs and patterns in layers

Collect antiques, use colorful textiles, and be bold when decorating for an eclectic look. To make your floor more interesting, layer rugs of different colors, patterns, and materials.

Experiment with shapes

Using size and proportion creatively may lead to endless design possibilities. Hanging a massive mirror will provide depth and proportionate interest. You can also stick to minimalism and a cool form or color, or go with tradition and an antique.

Bring in the cozy textiles

Fabrics with prints and bright colors give a room a lot more character. If your bedroom already has colorful carpeting and sleek mounted lights, you can take it to the next level with a totally swoon-worthy chandelier. One other thing that may offer diverse charm and serve as a focal point is a fixture with a Moroccan flavor.

Getting an interior designer will always be a big help in designing your room, but you can always bring out your creative side and decorate your interior to your heart’s content with a larger space condo unit through Asterra.

With our sleek, space-optimizing interiors, you can have the freedom you need to add decorative objects and interior design to your entire space Check out our Asterra mid-rise condominiums now!

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