Festivals and Traditions in Laguna


he Philippines is a country of myriad festivities, and Calamba City in Laguna province is no exception. It is a first-class component city situated at the foot of Mount Makiling, and officially the most populous area in Laguna with nearly 540,000 residents according to the 2020 census.

Arguably most known for being the birthplace of the Philippine national hero, Gat Jose Rizal, there is more to the beautiful City of Calamba than meets the eye. And what could be a better way to introduce Calamba to non-natives if not through festivals, its cultural and social heritage?

Festivals and Traditions in Calamba Laguna Showcasing Its Cultural Tapestry

Bear witness to Calamba Laguna’s cultural tapestry by learning more about its people’s festivals and traditions that define their values and sense of identity.

Buhayani Festival

Deriving from the fusion of the words “buhay” which means “life” and “bayani” meaning “hero,” Buhayani Festival was conceptualized by its former mayor Justin Marc SB. Chipeco during his first year in office in 2013. The Buhayani Festival aims to pay tribute to Calamba’s own local heroes, not least of whom is Dr. Jose Rizal, a Calamba native. Buhayani is an important cultural festival that its locals feel immensely proud to celebrate as a commemoration of Rizal’s martyrdom.

Menajak Festival

The term “Menajak” came from the Subanen word which means “love.” The Menajak Festival is considered to be the city’s official festival where they celebrate “Araw ng Calamba” (Calamba’s Day) every 14th of February (the festival means “love” after all!). The annual festivities highlight diverse presentations that include street and ritual dances showcasing the cultural and traditional practices of the Subanen Tribes.

Participating dancers come from both high school and tertiary institutions in Calamba. They deck out colorful attires and dance to the tune of Agong and other instruments. In addition, one of the main highlights of this event is the highly anticipated search for Menajak Festival Queen. 

Feast Of Patron Saint Isidore

A plethora of festivals in the entire country are based off of religious rites. Calamba’s Feast of Patron Saint Isidore is one of them. Celebrated every 15th of May, the people of Calamba pay their respects to their Patron Saint Isidore for inundating them with abundant harvests.

At this time of the year, different schools conduct their own homecoming activities, wherein people coming from faraway places go home to visit their family and friends in their hometown. And just like most festivals, Calambanons eagerly anticipate the coronation for Ms. Calamba Tourism, an event that is meant to involve the youth in promoting the city’s tourist attractions to non-locals.

Sinulog Festival

While the original Sinulog is held every third Sunday of January in Cebu City, which is one of the country’s most crowd-drawing festivals, Calamba also has its localized version of the religious activity, although there is no significant difference. The festival exhibits the town’s collective reverence for its patron saint, the Santo Niño or Baby Jesus.

The cultural dancers then wear their appropriate attires while holding a small statue of the Santo Niño and rhythmically dance to the beat of musical instruments. It is organized annually by the Roman Catholic Church and participated by not only the townsfolks of Calamba but also its neighboring cities and municipalities.

Where to Go in Calamba City for Leisure and Relaxation?

Laguna province is easily accessible to and from the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and other modes of transportation. After joining in the festivities or simply roaming around the city to do fun things, visit these tourist destinations in Calamba as well as other places to maximize your free time. This will prove to you that there is more to the entire province than the Laguna de Bay and other better known destinations among non-locals.

Heritage: Calamba Claypot

Your stay at Calamba would not be complete without paying a visit at what is known to be the world’s largest claypot, the “Calambanga” at the city plaza or local government. Constructed in 1937, inscribed in its exteriors are the names of the barangays and serving as a reference to how Calamba came to be known, which is through the word “kalamba” meaning “water jar.” This massive claypot can also be found at the official seal of the city.

History: Rizal’s Ancestral Home

Yet another must-see place in the historical city of Calamba is Gat Jose Rizal’s rebuilt Spanish-colonial ancestral home located along Mercado Street near St. John the Baptist Parish Church. After it was completely wrecked during World War II, it was reconstructed in 1950. Rizal’s ancestral home is truly a source of pride among Calambanons and is a reminder to emulate Rizal’s values of bravery, heroism, and patriotism.

Nature: Mount Makiling

Are you a nature lover? But even if you’re not, you need to connect back to Mother Nature every once in a while to decompress. Mount Makiling can provide you that much-needed relaxation. Witness stunning summit views and take Instagrammable photos that you will remember forever.

Spiritual: St. John the Baptist Parish Church

Whether you consider yourself religious or not, attending Mass at St. John the Baptist Parish Church will prove to be a therapeutic activity that will calm both your tired mind and body from your worldly problems and commitments.

Leisure: Hot Spring Resorts

Due to the steam and geothermal heat being released by Mount Makiling, Laguna is rich with hot spring resorts that families and friends can go to for relaxation. Calamba has its own fair share of soothing hot spring resorts to get a well-deserved break, which includes Doña Jovita Garden Resort, California Beach Pansol, and Sol Y Viento Mountain Hot Spring Resort.

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