Furniture 101: Replace or Revamp?


When dealing with old furniture, homeowners face the dilemma of whether to replace it with a new one or just revamping would suffice. But in order to pick wisely between these two options, there are key considerations that must be factored in to make an informed decision.

The overall condition of the furniture, your budget, and your personal home style and preferences are just some of the aspects you need to look into before choosing to replace or revamp. To give you a comprehensive guide, let’s discuss in a more detailed blog post whether you need to replace your furniture or a refurbishment would be more than enough.

What is Furniture and Examples

Furniture are movable objects within interior spaces, especially homes, that are designed to provide convenience and comfort for different activities. For example, chairs and occasional tables, which are used for seating and dining. Another common example of furniture is a sofa, which is typically placed in the living room to receive and provide seating comfort for visitors and homeowners alike.

Aside from chairs, tables, and sofas, the following are all considered furniture (yes, even mirrors!):

  • Beds
  • Bookcases
  • Benches
  • Stools
  • Cabinets
  • Cupboards
  • Cribs
  • Chests
  • Desks
  • Pantries
  • Mirrors

Fun fact: According to The Spruce, the average lifespan of a sofa is 7-12 years; beds, 15-20 years; wooden chairs, 10-15 years; and chest of drawers, 10-20 years, among many others.

Reasons to Replace Your Home Furniture

If you’re leaning towards replacing your old furniture altogether, whether it’s a set of chairs, tables, cabinetry, sofa, or your bed, here are three main reasons that replacement is justifiable.

1. Severe or irreparable damage

If the furniture broken is already beyond repair, it’s no longer safe to keep it, such as if it has broken frames, fire or rainwater damages, or structural issues. It would definitely be more cost-effective to replace it than attempt to make repairs and risk injury if your furniture gets broken yet again.

2. Outdated style

Trends and styles come and go, so if your antiquated furniture no longer appeal to the times, consider replacing it. However, if you think that this very sense of antiquity is a style that you’re going for, then you could let the furniture stay and just make some minor fixes and thorough cleaning.

3. Poor quality

Low quality furniture often gets broken easily and more than once. In this case, your safety must be prioritized and buying a new furniture makes absolute sense. Otherwise, imagine falling from a chair that you already tapped someone to fix. The culprit? Your poor-quality chair bought at a cheap price.

Reasons to Keep Your Furniture and Just Revamp it

If you’re not fully certain whether a furniture restoration is the better option than buying furniture altogether, here are five reasons to keep your old furniture pieces.

1. Minor and reparable damage

Minor dents, scratches, and stains don’t need investing in a new piece of furniture. Take for example a solid-wood dining chair with wobbly legs. A damaged joint to the leg of the chair can still be repaired instead of replaced. A wooden glue and dowels can often do the job. If you don’t know how to do this, seek professional help or tap a family member who is expert at doing minor household repairs.

2. Holds sentimental value

If your old and vintage furniture is a family heirloom, holds immense sentimental value, and something you already got emotionally attached with, chances are you will be hesitant to let it go, let alone put it up on a yard sale. If this is the case, revamping it and giving it a fresher look shall be enough so you can still preserve its history.

3. Environmental considerations

Furniture refurbishing is the eco-friendly choice. For one, that means it wouldn’t end up in a junk shop or a landfill. Second, it conserves resources by avoiding the need for new materials. And third, it minimizes energy consumption and carbon footprint, which typically stem from the production and transportation of new furniture. With this alone, simply revamping your dated furniture is the right choice, especially environmentally.

4. Limited budget

Between revamping and replacing, it’s no secret that the former is more budget-friendly and significantly costs less. It’s not completely free, however, but expenses are just minimal, depending on the type of furniture that needs the makeover.

This may include paint, fabric, hardware, and labor fees if you’re going to hire someone. Buying a brand-new sofa, for instance, will absolutely incur a higher price. If you want to save more without compromising quality, revamping with the help of a professional is the budget-conscious choice.

5. Customization

When doing a furniture repair and makeover, you also have the freedom to redesign, recolor, and improve the functionality of the furniture to suit your existing home decor or evolving tastes. This can give your old furniture a new life. You can’t achieve this level of personalization when buying new pieces.

Whether your initial choice is to revamp or replace, the guide above shall help you make a final decision about your furniture and home furnishings.

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