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Condominium living has been increasingly popular in recent years as an option for people who want to start living independently, particularly those who want to locate their homes in or near major urban areas. Condominiums are an option for investment for some people because they can be rented out if the owner does not intend to live in the unit themselves.

Whether you buy or rent, living in a condo gives you a sense of ease and comfort because you don’t have to take a lot of steps to get from one place to another. This is especially true since condos are usually located near a lot of commercial establishments.

However, one of the most common challenges is that the space in condominiums is typically not as big as the space in a house. In addition, you run the risk of feeling uncomfortable if you allow your belongings to get disorganized. The good news is that there are ways to make condo units appears to look bigger!

10 Ideas on How to Make a Small Studio Unit look Bigger

If your current goal is to make your small room appear larger—whether you’re looking to renovate your small studio apartment or for ideas for your condo makeover plan—then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some space-saving ideas as well as items that is worth investing in!

1. Condominiums will look bigger with the use of mirror

The use of mirrors in a room can give the appearance that the space is much wider and more open than it actually is. Because they reflect both natural and artificial light, the space appears to have a brighter appearance overall. You can create the illusion that your room is larger than it actually is by placing a large framed mirror on the wall or leaning it up against the wall.

Use your imagination while setting up mirrors! You can make one giant mirror by placing several smaller mirrors together, or you can scatter them around the room individually to create the illusion of a larger mirror. You may also position one so that it is reflective of the scenery outside a window. You could put a beveled plate mirror on top of a glass coffee table top, or you could use mirrored cabinet doors and drawers.

2. Invest in convertible furniture

Furniture designers have been challenged to think creatively as a result of the the development of smaller homes and condominiums. As a result of this, there is a variety of multifunctional and convertible furniture on the market today, all of which may assist you in reducing the amount of space you require and the amount of money you spend.

Convertible furniture, such as tables that fold up or expand, sofa beds, and workstations that mount to the wall, are innovative answers to your space-saving needs. There are also a lot of storage alternatives available to you in the form of everyday furniture that you can choose from. You may, for instance, make advantage of storage, beds, stairs with built-in drawers, and chests that double as tables.

3. Use light colors when painting

It’s possible that you’re already aware that painting the walls in a room white might give the impression that the room is bigger than it actually is, but white isn’t the only color you can choose from. It is possible for any lighter neutral color that exudes a sense of brightness and freshness, such as a sage green or light beige or any pastel colors to have the same result.

When it comes to the selection of right furniture, on the other hand, you don’t have to be afraid of color. Because it draws more attention to itself, a vibrant color will give the impression that the object is bigger than it actually is; therefore, you should choose a color that you are particularly drawn to. Keep the color palette on the walls to a minimum, as an excessive amount of visual distractions will make the space appear smaller and more cluttered. However, consider adding an accent wall or piece of furniture in a striking color to liven up the space and give the impression that it is bigger than it actually is.

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4. Let natural light in

It is important to make sure that any natural light sources that you have aren’t blocked in any way, as natural light may help a room feel more open and spacious. Get rid of the heavy curtains that take up the majority of the window, and avoid positioning a huge cabinet or chair directly in front of or next to the window.

In case that you require privacy in your living room, you have the option of either leaving the windows entirely uncovered or installing a simple shade. If you prefer the look of curtains, make sure the curtain rod is hung as close to the ceiling as it can be and that the curtain panels are kept beyond the window frame. This will give the impression that the room is taller and that your windows are larger than they actually are.

5. Minimize and de-clutter your space

Maintain order and cleanliness throughout your home. Having too much stuff is the single most important factor that determines how crowded a condominium seems to its owners. Your living area will feel open, organized, and spacious if you keep the stuff in your home properly arranged and out of sight. It is not a good idea to fill the walls with lots of paintings and photos because this can give the impression that the space is very crowded and full. It is preferable to use a single huge artwork or photograph rather than a bunch of smaller ones.

It is important to create a focal point in each room of a small studio apartment when you are decorating it. A focal point is a feature or an area that draws the eye. This is most likely the bed that you’ll have in your bedroom. In the dining room, it is most likely going to be the table. Place your furnishings in such a way that they bring attention to the location, and reduce the amount of decoration in the remaining areas of the room as much as possible. Maintain as much order and cleanliness as you can on the floor. You will be able to preserve the feeling of having plenty of space if you act in such a way. Take out any huge rugs you have so that it gives the appearance that there is more room on the floor.

6. Opt for blinds rather than curtains

Curtains have the ability to lend a sense of elegance to a condo; however, if expanding the perception of the size of your small condominium is one of your top priorities, you might want to reconsider installing them. Your view of the outside world may be blocked by thick fabrics, long, stuffy curtains, or both. They also contribute to the appearance of visual clutter, which undermines the illusion of more space.

Blinds help to keep any area simple, give you more control over the amount of light that enters the room, and do all of this while maintaining your privacy. Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, lightweight mesh or fabric blinds, and Venetian blinds are all excellent options to begin with.

7. Make use of vertical space

The perception of openness and the sense of movement and flow can both be enhanced when vertical space is given more attention in a design. Adding vertical depth from floor space can be accomplished with the use of tall furniture such as shelves, a large painting, or even just a plain hanging lamp.

Light is able to pass through streamlined furniture such as tables and chairs with thin legs, giving the impression that the lowest portion of your area is more open than it actually is. If at all possible, you should avoid of selecting clunky or boxy sofas because they create the impression of a smaller space.

8. Create a flow-through flooring

The perception of space in your home will be much improved if you stick to a single type of flooring throughout its entirety. The laying of floor boards is an excellent choice because these can be utilized in a variety of rooms, including the living spaces, kitchen areas, and bedroom quarters.

The use of rugs is a great option for adding warmth to a space without giving the appearance that the area is smaller than it actually is. If you are looking for a rug, it’s advisable to stay clear of anything that has an excessive amount of design and pick something with a more simple pattern instead. For example, if you want to add interest without overtaking the space, you could use a rug with vertical stripes. In addition to this, arranging the stripes such that they run the longest length of the room will give the impression that the room is bigger than it actually is.

9. Find out what to do with the smallest areas in your condo apartment

Each condo unit contains a number of rooms, some of which are significantly bigger than others. On the other hand, smaller areas must not to be completely overlooked. In fact, you might be able to make excellent use of them to assist you in filling in the gaps in the interior area of your condo. Everything depends on what you want to put inside of them, whether it be items of products or pieces of furniture.

For instance, if you just have a limited amount of space available in your kitchen, you may convert some of it into a pantry. You’ll have the ability to store more delicate items here, such as seasonings, sauces, and other delicacies. This will not only make things easier, but it will also clear up space in other areas.

10. And finally, keep it simple.

The art of editing is essential while working in small areas. A small spaces will appear bigger if it has an excessive amount of items, including patterns, possessions, and bulky furniture. Try to limit the number of things you display, or at the very least, organize them into an attractive artwork. The same thing goes for art; hang all of your framed works on one or two walls. Avoid busy patterns and colors that are too vibrant.

The most important thing is for you to be strict with yourself (in fact, this idea applies to all settings) and think about everything that you bring into the room. If you choose to have an accent wall covered in wallpaper, the remaining part of the small space should be kept simple. If you absolutely must hang that huge oil painting in your living room, give some serious thought to making it the only piece of art in the area.

Condominiums, despite the fact that they have their own unique set of difficulties and challenges, it has the potential to become properties with the most generous amounts of space when they are organized properly. That neatly organized area is within your reach, particularly now that you are familiar with some ideas on how to make a small studio unit to look bigger. First, you need to figure out what will work best given your preferences and the specifications of your condominium. After that, analyze every part of each area to determine how it may best utilize the small space you have.

The objective here is to maximize space that is not just fashionable but also serves its intended purpose. You should try to avoid making any major adjustments, and you should always keep your unique style and practicality in mind. But we want to emphasize that space is a luxury, so you should make every piece of furniture and decoration count.

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Written by Keanu Sasis

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