Is it practical to buy a condo outside the metro?

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Getting up every day is a true blessing. There is always something to look forward to, interesting experiences to explore, and engaging with different people. Life is also difficult to predict, and there is no way of knowing what will happen next – whether it will be good or bad. No one can tell us exactly, but when all is said and done,  going home to a place where you can simply rest and live happily is the most important. Find out if investing and living in a condo outside the metro area is worth your time, money and effort.

Why should you consider a property outside of Metro Manila?

Despite the downturn in property prices all through the epidemic, property costs in the Metro are still intimidating, particularly for millennials and young professionals. Nonetheless, it is quite realistic for millennials to consider investing in real estate properties outside of the Metro, where costs are often lower which is a good investment.

Possible Income Streams from a Condo Investment

Leasing out your condo unit can give you passive income while also increasing your equity. Once you own the property, you may profit from an increase in the value of the property market as a consequence of changing demand among condo buyers. Your rental income will serve as your monthly income, a few years may come, and the more money you can earn from buying a condo. 

Most ready-to-move-in condo units include flexible payment terms, such as rent-to-own, also known as lease-to-buy. That way, you may move in right away and pay it down with your hard earned money month after month until the full sum is paid off.

Most people nowadays are searching for a temporary safe place to live, such as dorms, apartments, or condo units, and others are trying to find a house and lot or ready-to-move-in property for permanent residency. Therefore, where is the most convenient and best-known place for all of this?

Life in the Metro vs. outside the Metro

There are numerous advantages to living in the Metro. Nonetheless, some individuals are deciding to move to areas outside of the Metro since they are safer and unsold properties are often less expensive per square meter while there is limited space for property in the Metro.

Consider living close to your workplace or having easy and quick access to markets, restaurants, educational institutions like the university belt in Metro Manila, and healthcare facilities Due to the growing rate of urbanization, many people wish to live and invest in the Metro.

We’ve all encountered the worst traffic jams in cities or Metro areas.  For instance, car accidents would bring Metro Manila to a sudden stop and some evenings a huge number of cars makes EDSA appear to be a long and complex parking lot.

Moreover, this COVID-19 period has made us appreciate the perks of investing in a property from outside the Metro. The profitable investment opportunities outside of the Metro have captivated the attention of first time buyers and real estate investors across other places. As a result, several property developers have decided to create housing, commercial property, and condominium projects outside of the Metro land.

If you’re considering moving or investing in a condo outside of the Metro, we had already gathered a list of the most significant factors to enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to real estate investing.

Investing In Condos Outside Metro

Once you leave the Metro, you can expect to breathe fresh air anywhere you go, including the central business districts. This is only one instance of the outstanding quality of life available outside of the Metro. The outside Metro’s traffic is well-managed, and the local government keeps the city peaceful.

Outside of the Metro, though, there is so much more to discover – beyond the beaches, leisure activities, and tourist spots! Several numbers of other areas cities have flourishing art groups, historical and cultural assets, and fantastic culinary cultures.

Lowered cost of living and property investment

Some of the most typical reasons why people prefer to live or invest outside of the Metro area are because properties cost less if you wish to either buy or lease a condo unit.

Also, the living expenses in major cities such as Metro Manila, Taguig, Makati, and others are consistently greater than in other regions of the Philippines. One of the most important factors that property buyers consider when choosing areas outside of the Metro is lower costs of living.

Tighter Security

Several people nowadays are searching for areas that provide not just serenity but also security in which to raise their family or stay as they retire. Areas outside of the Metro provide this type of environment for many people.

There are villas or condominium estates properties with safety features such as 24-hour CCTV cameras surveillance, smoke detectors, building maintenance, and entrance gates. Furthermore, several real estate properties outside the Metro are complete in terms of their clean facilities and more amenities that family members can utilize such as the swimming pool, jogging areas, sports facilities like basketball courts, function rooms, and fitness gyms that appeal to the community’s peaceful atmosphere, it’s like living in your dream home.

While looking for real estate investments, it is necessary to consider if the underlying variables correlate to long term investments.  By that, always look into the crime statistics of the locality and prioritize safety. Nothing is more extremely important than living in a condo unit in a safe location.

Peace and Serenity

As previously said, living in the Metro includes downsides such as pollution, overpopulation, and nonstop heavy traffic. As a result, the tranquillity that it provides when living within Metro’s bounds is next on the list.

There’s absolutely nothing to dislike about living in condos in Metro, especially because it is accessible to almost everything an individual needs. Most condominiums are in strategic locations close to several convenience stores, 24-hour restaurants, malls, prestigious colleges, gathering spots, and a lot more on the list. Nonetheless, be prepared to hear neverending sounds from the vehicles as well as other annoying noises from the community because it is unavoidable. But then don’t worry, there are numerous houses and lots for sale outside of the Metro that is far calmer and more peaceful than living in the Metro.

Walk around in an area easily and safely

Smaller populations, whether in terms of people or automobiles, as well as more open space than larger cities, make it more appealing to stroll or travel, making condo living outside of the Metro a desirable investment.

This is especially advantageous if the home is in the city center, which means having properties with open areas placed in a prime locations and being able to walk everywhere and everywhere is good in terms of health and fitness, being environmentally friendly, and saving money.

Good Long-Term Investment

There’s no better time than now to show interest in and make investments in real estate, especially because the market is still growing and there are plenty of properties available, even outside of metropolitan areas. This opens up the real estate market to more investors and increases the number of investment properties.

If you’re thinking about buying a condo outside of Metro Manila, you might want to check out the different condo projects of different reputable real estate developers.

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