Items at home believed to bring good luck

When it comes to moving into a new home, we Filipinos have many customs and beliefs on how to attract good luck and banish bad energy from our home. 

There are many objects which can help us attract positive energy and eliminate evil forces from our environment.

Everyone wants a little luck in their life—whether they are superstitious or not. These remedies promise to bring happiness, health, and wealth into your home, rather than requiring you to carry around a phony rabbit’s foot at all times.

12 Things that Bring Good Luck In The House

Are you trying to protect yourself? These good luck charms are thought to bring good luck to a house.

1. Horseshoe

In certain cultures, placing a horseshoe above a door is lucky. Others believe it may point downward, “raining” good fortune on those who pass, despite the fact that it may point upwards for luck. This ritual has ties to Irish legends, myth,s and tales, according to historians.

2. Elephants

Elephants symbolize strength , these powerful yet gentle creatures are revered for their wisdom, steadfastness, and loyalty, which is one of the reasons they are also luck-related symbols. To safeguard your family, place a miniature figurine in your home.

3. Fruit

You’ve probably heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and it turns out that a fruit bowl of citrus fruits will also reportedly bring prosperity.Keep fresh produce on your counters to infuse your home with pleasant energy.

4. Acorns

Have you recently had poor luck? To change your luck, scatter a few acorns throughout the house. Acorns were carried around by ancient druids as a charm because they believed oak trees to be sacred.

5. Peaches

Not only peaches represent immortality and longevity but also promote good health. The fruit is thought to be an effective treatment for rheumatism, coughs, and even bad spirits.

6. Flowers

Fresh flowers will bring good fortune into your home as well as happiness, as long as you avoid choosing a kind with thorny stems.

7. Red Front Door

If your house faces south. Painting front door orange or red, according to feng shui will bring good fortune.

8. Four leaf clovers

A four-leaf clover was a traditional Irish luck charm, and the Celts thought it might help them see fairies and stay away from their mischief, which they thought was a cause of bad luck. The four leaves were thought to possess supernatural properties that represented luck, love, hope, and faith. They are said to stand for fame, fortune, good health, and steadfast love in another tradition.

9. Noisy cricket

Nobody wants a cricket in the house keeping them awake all night, so don’t be hasty in removing it. Since crickets are said to be symbols of prosperity and good fortune, their loud noises could be a harbinger of good things to come, thus crickets represent wealth. They also serve as a reminder to smile.

10. Fish

Gentle animals attracts luck, one of the very common is fish ,which symbolize wealth and success. Homeowners can choose a goldfish instead of an aquarium if they don’t want to maintain one. Its golden hue is a symbol of prosperity and fortune, encapsulating good fortune.

11. Turtle

The front and back doors are supposed to have a turtle shell (whether it’s a genuine shell or a figure) or turtle symbols over them as a powerful protective and bolstering charm. It symbolizes strength, endurance, and wisdom.

12. Patron Saint

Since Filipinos are known as a devoted Christians, they have religious statues of saints in their houses. Some examples are a statue of Santo Nino, the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, or Our Lady of Fatima.Filipinos can even have little altars within the house because of the belief that it just not brings luck but also keep evil spirits away and most importantly maintains spiritual attached to God.

How Do Feng Shui Attract Positive Luck?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art that involves arranging furniture and interior spaces to promote harmony, balance, and positive energy flow.

Feng shui aims to create a setting that fosters achievement, wealth, and wellbeing.

The idea that everything in the universe is interconnected and that our environment affects our existence through the flow of energy, or chi and the five Chinese elements, are the basis of feng shui.

10 Feng Shui Items That Brings Good Luck at Home

1. Feng Shui money frog

Chinese money frogs are symbolic of prosperity in feng shui. The phrase has formerly been used to denote wealth, as well as sagacity and wisdom. Never place a Money Frog directly onto the ground; instead, place it on a lower surface. Make sure to protect your money frogs. Keep your money neatly tidy.

2. Lucky bamboo plants

The lucky bamboo can be used to your advantage to the greatest extent. There are two, three, or even four layers of lucky bamboos. It is a popular feng shui lucky object. With the assistance of your garden, the bamboo plant can flourish on its own. This kind of plant can assist in bringing energy into dwellings. Plant that bestows happiness and luck to you.

3. Evil Eye

Evil eye symbols from Chinese Feng Shui are frequently utilized to promote good thoughts. Additionally, doing this will cancel out negative energy and shield you from negative impacts.

4. Burn incense

Incense burning has existed from ancient times but has continued to be practiced in many different cultures mainly as a way of ridding the home of evil energies. When it clears, negative emotions can presumably come along with it. If you have not ever used incense before you might want a bit more frankincense, which is a common resin that has an aromatic and hot flavor you can easily recognize from its scent. Rosemary and sandalwood also enjoy a cleanse and rejuvenate effect.

5. The laughing Buddha

It’s a smiling symbol expressing laughter and a positive force which enhances all spaces and creates auspicious Feng Shuis energies. This laughter Buddha is also a wonderful decoration for office space or shop. This is an essential item in Feng Shui. Buddhist brings you great joy and prosperity.

6. Crystal lotus

Crystal Lotus has an extraordinary romance ability. It’s also known for giving a lot of joy to people who have been searching for the most romantic experience.

7. Feng Shui fountain

A flowing fountain represents riches, love, and happiness in Feng Shui. You’ll have luck and pleasant vibes if you keep this in your home.

8. The crystal globe

Another feng shui items is a crystal globe. If you’re studying, it might enhance your performance on assignments or tests. It will center in the area of your desk to the northeast.

9. Dream catcher

This good luck charm believed to fend off bad dreams and evil spirits, making their users happier and more in control

10. Mandarin duck

These sculptures, also referred to as love ducks, are kept in homes to foster and draw affection.

It is important to remember that the efficacy of fortunate charms is arbitrary and dependent on personal beliefs.

While some people might find Feng Shui practice is the best way of attracting good luck and positive energy, others might not trust their abilities or not find them at all useful.

The significance of a lucky charm inside the home ultimately depends on the individual’s particular beliefs and values.

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