Mirror magic: Using Mirrors in Expanding Space

Mirror for interior

Condominiums undoubtedly have a very limited space, leading homeowners to gravitate towards the world of minimalism and is constantly always in an obstacle to meticulously evaluate their personal belongings on what to store in the limited space of their little homes.

Mirrors are frequently overlooked as a mere home decoration, yet their function extends beyond aesthetic features. We therefore had no inkling of the importance of mirror at home especially with with units with tiny spaces to move around that can sometimes feel a bit suffocating.

In relation to treating mirrors as a mere home decoration, people’s knowledge are limited to the idea that mirrors are most of the times and always only situated in places like bathrooms, bedrooms and commonly over the fireplace. Mirrors installed in these areas are treated to just mirror our reflection from time to time. It is not always the case, with a proper and well placed mirror at home can actually expand the area creating a disguise of a larger area.

In broader sense, mirrors of various size and shape can be used as a window decoration as well as an artwork that can bring life to a room.

People are often accustomed to its function as to simply mirrored how we look, but little did we know of the importance of mirror that a strategically well placed mirror has the capacity to make a room feel bigger while also making it appear brighter.

It is because mirrors can provide the illusion of an expanding walls and depth by reflecting light and through breaking up visual clutter. Aside from that, mirrors’ ability to reflect natural light throughout a space can also help to elevate our mood and increase our mental clarity.

So, whether you live in a condo or a home with limited spaces, we’ve got you covered because this guide is for you, so you will be aware of the importance of mirror at home and learn where you can correctly install mirrors in small spaces like the one you are currently living in.

It would really be great that homeowners are aware of the significance of mirror at home so they can maximize the limited space that they have. At this moment, you may be wondering how, so here is what you can to create an appearance of more space with the help of a well placed mirror.

Create a Mirror Wall to Enlarge Your Room

When you don’t have a lot of space to work on, your options for making your space physically larger are confined. A bare wall can be unpleasant, especially in small spaces, and this when mirror will come into play.

One simple way of expanding space is through hanging mirrors in the opposite direction of an empty wall space and windows. If you are going to hang small mirrors, considering putting it at least four to five feet above the floor. You can also go with the option of installing a floor to ceiling mirror, depending on your preference. Just take note, when choosing a location to hang mirrors, take into careful consideration of what it will reflect.

1. Mirror on the Wall

When mirrors are hang from the opposite directions of walls and windows, it creates an illusion of a longer room. But when you hang mirrors from the opposite direction of a window, it reflect natural light, making the space appear brighter and more open.

When the light bounces off the mirror, mirror will evenly distribute the light across the rooms, enhances the overall brightness and atmosphere of the house and makes the entire space brighter and look more open.

2. Mirror in front of a Window

Aside from the reflection of sunlight and artificial lights, mirrors installed in front of windows will reflect the view beyond, giving the phantasm of an outside expansion, while mirror placement in front of doors will conceal room boundaries and extend the line of sight to the area beyond.

Owners need to be mindful of what the mirror will reflect, so always have it checked. What you will need to avoid is reflecting household furnishings such as tables, furniture, sofa, and cabinets as it will make your home appear jam-packed and crowded.

3. Enlarge Your Bathroom Vanity Wall With Mirrors

To open up a narrow and cramped bathroom, consider installing a floor to ceiling mirror to create a phantom of soaring ceilings.

Aside from mirrors, sliding door also aids in creating a more open and larger space. Sliding doors can be used to conceal the condo’s bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, or other areas. Sliding doors also generate uncluttered space, providing a sense of larger area.

Psychology behind Mirror gazing

Does looking in the mirror help with anxiety and other mental health concerns? As previously mentioned, the capacity of mirrors to reflect natural light into your home contributes to improving our mood and is an important and essential aspect in maintaining mental well-being. Perhaps you’re wondering how, so this is how it works.

Most of us equate staring in the mirror with narcissism or feelings of unworthiness, yet research show learning to see yourself in your own image can improve self-compassion, reduce anxiety, relationships, and develop emotional resilience.

According to research, individuals who use mirrors to see their self in reflection tends to make the healthier choices. Mirror meditation or mirror gazing allows you to concentrate on your body language, facial expressions, and thoughts, this kind of mirror meditation is proven effective in helping individuals alleviate stress.

Meditation, in general, helps individuals to focus on the present moment. Mirror gazing is a type art of meditation that involves intentionally looking at your mirrored self and focusing on your own reflection to get a perspective on your thoughts, physical body, expressions, and self-identity.

Areas to Position Mirrors in your Home

There are numerous ways you can do to enlarge the appearance of your home just by strategically using mirrors in small spaces units and apartments. We can maximize the most of the available space and produce a more welcoming atmosphere with a well placed mirror.

It is true that decorating a small space certainly can be struggling and gives off sense of restrictions and feelings of discomfort. But with the right decorating techniques, you can achieve the illusion of a relatively bigger spaces and turn a small place into a comfortable and stylish sanctuary.

In reality, mirrors can be placed in an array of spots throughout home. But it is recommended that mirrors and other reflective surface should be place on the northern or eastern walls of your homes.

A large wall mirror, usually framed mirrors can be just as elegant as an expensive painting in the living room. Large mirror such as wall mirror may completely affect the way your rooms look when it comes to making them appear more spacious and bright.

Mirrors can transform any room in your house into a bright and airy room by reflecting sunlight and generating a vision of greater space. The science behind this idea is, the more brightly lit a space appears, the more open it will look, giving the impression that your area is larger than it actually is.

Positioning mirrors in the right locations throughout your room is one effective approach to achieve this. For those who are not aware, mirrors are an excellent method for expanding the dimensions and luminescence of a room.

Corridors and hallways tends to be the narrowest and darkest area of the house with little to no sun exposure at all. This is when mirror will come into play and will become your ally, your best friend as mirror can invite more light source from the adjacent rooms. In choosing hallways and corridors mirror, go for the round shapes mirror as it will soften up some strict lines.

Put a Mirror Behind Furniture in Tight Spaces

Putting a mirror in the living provides not just a focal point but enlarges the entire area as well. When placing mirrors at the back of furniture, consider expanding up and not expanding out a bit wider than the piece it is hanging over. Go with an oversized or large piece mirror that comes in simple shape frames, as this can expand the sense of visual space for crowded areas, particularly the living room.

It is because a huge mirror placed on the longer wall of a long living room is an effective way to even out the area and make the width appear broader.

When it comes to broadening a small area, mirrors are every homeowner’s best friend. Remember that the size of the mirror matters since, as previously stated, luminosity is the key to opening up space. The larger the mirror you position, the more light source you can reflect, brightening up your room and making it appear more spacious and open. Also, keep an eye on what the mirror reflects. Avoid reflecting home furnishings because it will make your room and home appear stuffy and crowded.

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