Pros and Cons of Buying a Fully-Furnished Home in the Philippines

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One of the most exciting things about your homeowner journey is becoming your own interior designer and furnishing your new home. As a buyer, you have two options: purchasing either an unfurnished property or fully-furnished apartment. Regardless of your experience in the real estate market, each choice has a different effect on how you’ll use your home in the future and bring you closer to your dream home.

What Items are Included in a Fully-Furnished Property?

Almost every house listing includes the available amenities, i.e., gyms, swimming pool, security, as well as specific information on what is included in the unit itself. We would recommend speaking with your agent to confirm the furniture that will be included in the sales agreement. If possible, you should also do an in-person walk through to get a better feel of the house.

These are the common items that can be included in a fully-furnished condo:

  • Furniture, such as tables, beds, and sofas
  • Appliances, such as refrigerators and stoves
  • Kitchenware, such as utensils and dishes
  • Electronics, such as TVs and speakers
  • Decorations, such as rugs, wall hangings, and curtains
  • Lighting, such as ceiling fans and chandeliers

When planning your budget during your house hunting journey, be sure to set aside a sizeable amount in for your furnishings. When it comes to fully-furnished homes, you may shoulder the responsibility in replacing damaged items.

Why would someone consider buying a house like this? Some enjoy the ease of the search and the relatively worry-free move in, while others are looking for a temporary stay, such as a vacation home, that offers the same comfort as their own home.

Pros of Buying a Fully-Furnished Home

Unless you have an interior designer at your side or you are confident in your personal style, decorating your own home can be a challenge for any property owner. Luckily, many condos these days offer fully- and semi-furnished spaces for all potential buyers, giving you wide, but limiting, options to choose from. Here are a few of our reasons as to why you should consider these types of homes.

1. Convenience, Cost-Saving, and Time-Saving

These days, saving time where you can has become a luxury, especially if you have a demanding job: budgeting, inventory, furniture hunting, and price comparisons can easily take hours. As Voltaire said, “perfect is the enemy of good,” which is especially true in this case when you aim for the “perfect home.” With a furnished home, you can save money, time, and effort from shopping and moving furniture.

Moving can be stressful, so this is one way to lessen the burden by combining multiple parts into one step.

2. A Fully-Furnished Apartment is Ready for Immediate Move-In

Sometimes, life moves faster than what you are ready for and you may need to relocate to a new house as soon as possible. As a buyer, this can help narrow your options quickly if you are in a pinch; there is no need for you to arrange for delivery other than personal items like clothes, desktops, linens, etc.

3. Fully-Furnished Condos Have Better Resale Value

Is this a long-term stay? If not, you are probably considering the ways in which you can sell your house at a better value than when you bought it. As a seller, you can potentially sell this type of real estate high than what unfurnished homes go for.

When the time comes, look for buyers that are looking for ready-to-move-in property.

Cons of Buying a Fully-Furnished Home

Fully-furnished homes are not for everyone; be sure to see all your available options before you decide.

1. More Furnishings Means a High Cost

Furnished properties take the price of the appliances, furniture, and decorations into account when the owners calculate the property’s real estate, which is further determined by the housing market. To keep your search budget-friendly, you can look for listings that offer less furnishings, especially for items you rarely use.

2. You are Limited in Custom Furnishings and Personal Preference

The seller controls the overall image of the unit and you are rarely allowed to replace the furnishings that already exist inside the house, and you may not want to risk damaging the furniture by moving it to a storage unit.

For some, this may feel as if they rent rather than own the condo, so they are unable to truly feel “at home.” It is also possible that you find compatibility issues later on as you live in this space.

3. Furniture and Appliances Can Show Signs of Use

Unless the property is newly built and you are the first owner, there will be signs of wear and tear on the items in the home, which can include scuff marks, wall stains, and scratches that will need to be fixed by you.

In extreme cases where something breaks, you may or may not be held responsible for replacing said item or paying cash back. Be sure to clarify this with your agent as well as double-check the written agreement before closing the deal.

Are There Hidden Benefits to Buying a Fully-Furnished Home?

1. Better Quality Furniture Without the Heavy Price Tag

The cost of this type of real estate may seem intimidating at first, but there is potential to save money in the long-run by allowing you to avoid buying furnishings and new furniture that you may not have needed in the first place. You can also be assured that the furnishings are high-end furniture because they were chosen to last.

2. You Can Buy/Sell Quicker

As mentioned before, these types of homes attract a specific buyer. Some may find this difficult to work with because it limits their customer-base, but it can help those who need more guidance when it comes to buying/selling real estate because they know what to look for specifically.

If you are located in one of Asterra’s prime locations, you can have an easier time listing your property or buying one. If you are not ready to sell at this time, you can always opt to sub-let your condo so that you can still make an income without relinquishing your ownership.

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3. Less Stress in the Moving Process

Moving is stressful regardless of where you are going: you have to deal with packing, arranging pick-up/delivery, saying goodbye to friends and family, coping with the anxiety of a new location– you name it. With a fully-furnished home, you can elimate some of the stress that comes with house hunting so that you can focus your attention elsewhere.

You can always add decor that has sentimental value to help you avoid feeling homesick and help make your property feel more like a home.

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Written by: Angela DelosReyes | AVDLR

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