Should you keep on wearing face masks despite low COVID cases?

Prior to COVID-19, we frequently saw people using face masks on trains, jeepneys, and other forms of public transit in the Philippines. In the Philippines, motorcycle taxis also provide it to their customers as an added layer of defense against haze from traffic. Compared to our Western colleagues, this has made it simpler for some Filipinos to accept this prophylactic duty without resistance.

Even if the COVID-19 may end at any point in the coming months, it won’t be the final public health concern we face. We have learned from this epidemic to take our health more seriously than we previously thought we did and how effective face masks may be in preserving our health.

Upon coming back to their daily lives of some Filipinos where social distancing can’t be practice face coverings can be considered as one of the most effective in minimizing the risk of transmission

Face mask

Face masks may pertain to protective mask covering mouth and nose or nose and eyes. Disposable facemasks serve as a barrier to shield wearers’ mouths and noses from splashes, sprays, big droplets, and splatter of produced, that can help to limit viral transmission. Depending on the type of material used to construct the facemask, different disposable facemasks have different protective qualities.

Face masks protecting from infections

It is known that COVID-19 spreads by imperceptible respiratory droplets that can linger in the air for a long time. These virus-carrying droplets, which are released when an infected person coughs or sneezes, can land on any surface, including people and objects, causing the illness to spread quickly and contagiously. Although masks cannot fully prevent the you from contacting the virus but it can limit the risks of having the virus by the filtrating the air you breathe.

Wearing Masks

The CDC recommended early on in this pandemic that almost all healthy kids and adults to wear masks, with the exception of those under the age of two and those who have trouble breathing, unconscious, handicapped, or otherwise unable to remove the mask on their own. Wearing a mask can be considered as an economic boon which can be considered as a favorable occurrence that is anticipated to help investors but could be short – lived. Social distancing or physical distancing specially in crowded environments; together with proper mask wearing is some of the few alternatives government and professionals, like healthcare workers laid out as one of the the great tool to minimize risk of transmission that may resulted to severe illness. Face covering like simply wearing of face mask is considered as economy recover masks that can help Filipinos to regain freedom from community level quarantine.

Summarizing the arguments in favor of wearing a mask

The use of a mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19; masks should be used as part of a complete strategy of actions to suppress transmission and save lives. However Florida Atlantic University illustrates the effectiveness of face covers in lowering the quantity of respiratory droplets produced into the air and their range as the infected person coughs that is why wearing a mask is adopted worldwide.

Stay safe if COVID-19 is spreading in your neighborhood by following a few easy steps, like keeping a physical distance, donning a mask, keeping rooms well-ventilated, avoiding crowds, washing your hands, and coughing into a bent elbow or tissue. Where you live and work, check the local advice

10 benefits of wearing mask

The majority of people think that wearing a face mask restricts their freedom, yet that is completely untrue! Instead, by limiting the transmission of infections inside a community and safeguarding every transaction, it restores your independence. The ability to go to work, attend school, interact with others, and other activities is simply freedom from dread and illness. To learn additional reasons why masks should be worn, keep reading.

  1. If worn properly it can reduce viral transmissions. Wearing a mask and cloth coverings can decrease a transmission a lot
  2. Asymptomatic spread can stop. Wearing a mask together with social distancing and proper hygiene the risk of transmission can be minimize.
  3. Protecting others you protecting yourself is equivalent to protecting your loved ones as it minimize the contact of virus.
  4. Masks as a good hygiene, as it can guard the user against viruses and germs.
  5. Mask can protect you as it can help you keep protected against risk of infection from the virus.
  6. It can help the economy recover. Wearing a mask or face coverings can help the government by aiding them to lessen the number of active cases that hindrance the operations of an industry.
  7. Finding few alternatives that can be used alongside the daily operations of an industry. Wearing a mask may sound simple but it can help lessen the risk of transmission while continuing the business operations.
  8. Face masks for kinds can help them grow healthier even with the current threat in the health safety due to Covid – 19.
  9. For health care workers surgical masks is one of the protective equipment they use even before pandemic. Health care workers use masks to protect them from germs, viruses and etc.
  10. Wearing masks can bring you a peace of mind that can help your mental health. It keeps you at peace knowing that you do your part not just for your safety but also for your loved ones.

Places Where Wearing Masks is a Must

You should wear face masks at all times if you think you have disease even it is not considered as severe illness. Healthcare providers such as medical professionals should wear a mask while they treat people to protect themselves from contracting potential illnesses. Adults wear face mask in public places specially in crowded environments to minimize viral transmission. Keeping kids safe to attend school is extremely difficult in times of pandemic that is why schools and universities were closed because young kids can be considered as one of those with low immune viral transmission among them may likely to happen. Young Kids may easily irritated by the face covering whether the face mask is cloth masks, surgical masks or disposable masks. Wearing a mask to them may resulted to them having a difficulty in breathing specially that kids like to run around while gasping for fresh air. Places should not be the basis where people wear a masks, it should be base on the current health status of the individual.

Why We Should Wear Masks

A properly fitted face coverings such as mask lowers the likelihood of catching COVID-19 and any potential complications, and it also aids in preventing the illness from spreading to others. Person wearing a surgical mask should know the collective benefit of mask wearing.

Mask Wearing in the Philippines

In times of pandemic specially that a lot of Filipinos lost their job they find few alternatives to keep up with different corona virus mandate. Filipinos use their creativity and innovation skills to save money. They created mask use of textile. Cloth masks although not effective as surgical masks against virus transmission. Cloth coverings is washable and reusable after you disinfect it. Filipinos’ cloth face covering and cloth mask may seem to aid in disease control.


The SARS-CoV-2 caused an infectious disease called coronavirus disease also known as COVID-19. This virus become a worldwide crisis that even our country Philippines got a hard time dealing with. The majority of virus-infected individuals will experience a mild to severe respiratory disease that may or may not need for special care to recover as it also affects the oxygen levels of the infected individual.

Philippine Economy in Pandemic

Rural livelihoods have suffered greatly as a result of COVID-19. Loss of income and employment opportunities were the main problems of underprivileged areas in the Philippines. Disaster-prone communities find it more difficult to adapt to COVID-19’s restrictions and their severe economic impacts. Inflation rate in Philippines significantly curb in times of pandemic. And a 5 percent from gross domestic product can happen simply because of a community level lockdown were our own communities implement as primary way aid in disease control.

Preventive Measures in Pandemic

World health organization is group of medical professionals and healthcare workers all over the world laid out other public health measures with up to date info regarding reducing transmission. Local public health department laid out that besides proper hygiene and social distancing; face coverings such as face shields and face masks is also a daily must have in fact Philippine government requires Filipino to wear mask according to mask mandates up to date.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with Philippine Government

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established an office in the Philippines in 2022 to strengthen and expand existing partnerships with the Philippines Department of Health (DOH). Increased global health security in Asia is one of many health priorities that the CDC supports. To prevent and control infectious and non-communicable diseases here in Philippines CDC together with DOH improve public health emergency preparedness and response, and boost global health security capabilities. CDC collaborates not just with the Philippine government but also to local organizations thinking other measures they may add that may reduces everyone’s risk . A lot of health call center together with essential workers were actively working non stop to help and aid Filipinos despite the surge of infectious diseases.

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