The tourist attractions of Ozamiz City

Ozamiz Photo from Pinoy Adventurista

Ozamis is a province located in Northern Mindanao, in the Philippines. It has numerous notable attractions, including Cotta Beach, making it worthy of a visit.

Ozamiz is known as Mindanao’s travel destinations based on reviews, and is regarded as one of the best places to stay that offers excellent potentials for investments in the country.

So you may consider including Ozamiz tourists spots on your bucket list of travel destinations to witness Ozamiz beauty yourself.

Ozamis City, that is often spelled as Ozamiz, is a city in northwestern Mindanao, in the Philippines, in Zamboanga Peninsula. It is located on Panguil Bay, a branch of Iligan Bay in the Bohol or Mindanao Sea.

Interesting fact, did you know that Ozamiz City was formerly called Misamis? The region was given the name Misamis in the eighteenth century when Spaniards built a castle at Nuestra Senora de la Concepción del Triunfo to keep their soldiers.

Its purpose was to protect the settlement from pirates, and it blossomed into an old Spanish community. After the Second World War, a hero by the name of Jose Ozamiz renamed Misamis to Ozamiz, which derives from the Subanen word “Kuyamis” which means “a variety of coconut.”

The city of Ozamiz is well-known for harboring some of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Looking at the reviews, Ozamiz beauty will never cease to impress you, from its stunning beaches to its variety of delectable dining options.

Believe it or not, you might be captivated by the city and no doubt you might opt to stay here for a little bit longer.

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Ozamiz beauty is definitely not just about its the tourists spots, but also, it holds a significant role in the history of our country which adds up to its existing beauty.

Traveler’s Mode of Transportation to reach Ozamiz City

Definitely, the majority of the travelers came from Manila. Therefore, tourists can go to Ozamiz via plane or bus. It would take you about 2 hours travel by the plane. You can also take a bus ferry to Cagayan De Oro, which will take 5 hours.

Additionally, you can fly to another airport; Pagadian or Dipolog, but you will need to take a bus or van to further reach the town. The travel time will be reduced, but the expense will be greatly increased. Rest assured that travelling to Ozamiz is generally safe for both locals and the tourists.

Best Things to Do in Ozamiz City

Ozamiz tourist spots is a must-see destination due to its tremendous history and diverse culture. Regardless of contemporary infrastructural development, most ancient buildings are well-maintained and ideal spots for a heritage tour.

Aside from its unique historical sites and establishments, stunning attractions, and delectable cuisine, Ozamiz tourist spots are definitely well worth a visit.

1. Learn the Rich and Historical Culture of Ozamiz

A. Immacaulate Conception Pipe Organ

The cathedral that is located in the center street of Ozamiz City, is a famous site for religious pilgrimage. This Cathedral is the center of the Catholic faith in Ozamiz. This immaculate conception is located in Burgos St, in Ozamiz city in Misamiz Occidental.

The massive statues of St. Augustine and St. Ignatius are what greets parishioners and pilgrims at the entrance.

The only existing pipe organ in Mindanao, and one of only a few in the country, is situated in the choir loft of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Father Sean Lavery, an Irish Columban priest in charge of liturgical and musical development at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, recognized the need for an organ.

To purchase the pipe organ, funds were collected through donations and musical festival arranged by the church parish to garnered enough money.

B. Cotta Fort and Shrine

It can be claimed that Cotta Fort was one of the reasons on how Ozamiz city was founded. It is located in Rizal avenue in Ozamiz city.

Pirates from the Lanao provinces attempted to reach the area through Panguil Bay during the Spanish rule. As a result, the El Fuerte de la Concepcion del Triunfo, or simply Cotta Fort, was built in 1755 as a fortress, with a portion of it also acting as a religious shrine for the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception (Nuestra Señora de la Concepcion del Triunfo), similar to Zamboanga City’s Fort Pilar.

Ascending the walls of the fort wall will give you a view of Lanao del Norte, which is about a two-hour drive from Ozamiz.

C. Bukagan Hill Bell Tower

Bukagan Hill has the overlooking view of the city, Panguil Bay, Lanao del Norte, and Zamboanga del Sur.

When the bells were delivered to the church, they discovered that they were too large and heavy for the belfry. Therefore, parish church eventually opted to build a new building in Bukagan Hill that could hold the combined weight of the bells.

To reach the Bukagan Hill, tourists and travelers need to ride a habal-habal where fare rates is not standard. Rate ranges between 100 to 300 pesos to arrive in the destination. Additionally, it is advisable to visit the attraction before it gets dark considering its location to the city.

D. Naomi’s Botanical Garden and Tourist Inn

Naomi’s Garden and Tourist Inn, about 10 minutes outside the city, has become a tourist attraction due to the abundance of fruit trees and decorative plants. Rare orchids, blooming plants, and bonsai are among the plants found in the botanical collection.

Naomi’s Garden and Tourist Inn is among the popular Ozamiz tourist spots, is also regularly utilized as an event site. So those planning a large event or commemorating a special occasion may want put this location into consideration. Lodging is also available here.

2. Waterfall attractions

A. Piduan Curtain Falls

This 60-meter curtain falls in Don Victoriano Chiongbian is a sight to behold. It would take around 20-30 minutes of hiking to get to this location. You may be able to arrive earlier depending on your speed.

This hidden waterfall features easy-to-moderate pathways that are suitable for seasonal visitors, despite the fact that you must go through shallow riverbanks and streams. Piduan Falls is next to a number of vegetable plantations, including those growing bell peppers, chayote, tomatoes, and cabbage.

B. Sapang Dalaga

The  60-foot-tall waterfall, found in the municipality of Sapang Dalaga, is surrounded by beautiful plant life and is a favorite site for both locals and tourists. Unlike the long hike to Piduan Falls, this one is much shorter, taking only 10 minutes. There is no need to hike unlike when going to Piduan falls.

Visitors can relax and enjoy the environment while swimming in the cool, refreshing waters. There are picnic huts and tables available as well.

C. Cobra Falls

Cobra Falls, situated atop Mount Malindang, will amaze you with its 30 foot towering waterfalls. Because it lies in one of the city’s more remote barangays, this shallow circular pool waterfall is great for thrill seekers and fit tourists. It gets its water from the upper slopes of Mount Malindang and the Sebase River.

D. Cotta Beach

If you’re looking for the most affordable tourist destination, check out Cotta Beach, which is close outside Cotta Fort. This lovely beach has a narrow shoreline with black sand that is ideal for family picnics and brief parties. The majority of residents appreciate the cool breeze while eating at one of the Plaza De Los Jesuitas’ nearby food stands.

Ozamiz city attractions

1. Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park and Dolphin Island

The Misamis occidental aquamarine park, situated in the municipality of Tudela, is about 15 minutes from Ozamiz City.

The local government developed it with the intent of establishing a sustainable aquatic environment for fishermen by providing a breeding ground for fishes through its mangroves forest and fish hatching facilities. Those raised in animal breeding facilities and nurseries will eventually be released into the wild later on.

Aside from marine inhabitants, the aquatic park also has a mini zoo with different kinds of animals such as monkeys, birds and reptiles.

The wildlife sanctuary also houses several turtles. The admission fee here is 100 pesos per individual.

On the other hand, the Dolphin Island is the park’s main attraction. Though it is not a natural island, but rather a man-made facility that serves as a sanctuary and rehabilitation center for injured dolphins. Here, travelers can interact with the dolphins by feeding them and swimming with them in their pen.

There is also a fish sanctuary on Dolphin Island that you can visit where you can snorkel. The admission fee here is 300 pesos. If you want to swim with the dolphins, you will also need to pay the same price.

The resort itself offers snorkeling equipment and vest rentals. Here, you can see many different kinds of fish and aquatic creatures, including groupers, clownfish, and enormous clams.

The address of the aquamarine park and dolphin island is in National Highway Ozamiz-Oroquieta, Tudela, 7202 Misamis Occidental, so go check it out and pay a visit. The facility is open from 8 am until 6 pm for those who are planning to visit the area.

2. Mount Malindang Range Natural Park

Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park, nestled in the northwestern part of Mindanao Island, is a volcanic mountain range with canyons and ravines, waterfalls, a crater lake, and dense virgin forest.

The Malindang mountain range is not only a biodiverse site but also a home to a variety of endemics, but it is also endowed with breathtaking natural landscapes, such as volcanic calderas that have become crater lakes, waterfalls, canyons, and hot springs.

3. Mount Malindang Golf and Country Club

On the other hand, this Mount Malindang golf and country club is a pre-war army facility that has been turned into a golf course in Bagakay, near the foot of Mount Malindang. Ozamiz City’s recreational endeavors include Mt. Malindang Golf and Country Club. It is situated at the base of Mt. Malindang, specifically in Bagakay, Ozamiz City. You can get here in around 15 minutes from the city downtown.

4. Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park

Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park, like Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, is found farther away from Ozamiz City in a nearby municipality. This attraction can be found in Tangub, which is around 45 minutes from the city. It was given this name because the stones used to construct the chapel were from Hoyohoy.

This location is perfect for travelers seeking relaxation and looking for a quiet area to relax and unwind. If you’re looking for adventure, the Hoyohoy Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park is the place to be, as it has the country’s longest and highest zipline.

There are actually two ziplines here. One is 1,500 meters or 4,921 feet long, while the other is 2,000 meters or 6,562 feet long. The zipline ride costs 60 pesos only. On a clear day, you can see Lanao del Norte, the neighboring province, from the zipline. Riding the zipline will give you a breathtaking view of nature. The attraction is open from 8 am to 8 pm.

For those who are planning to spend more time away from the city, the park has its own hotel with rates starting from 2,200 pesos.

Restaurants to satisfy your taste buds

A typical trip would be incomplete if you did not experience the delicacies of the town you visit. Your superb Ozamiz journey will be not complete without you trying some of their local specialties and visiting their famous restaurants.

1. Suman House

The House of Suman is a local government-supported small business that provides alternative income to more than 30 local households. This well-known “suman” shop produces 2000 pieces each day, with varied flavor fillings. “Suman,” or sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf, is a popular Filipino dish and the best pasalubong in Ozamiz.

Aside from freshly baked suman, you may also enjoy and buy other local delicacies like as bibingka and other rice cakes.

2. Puesto

Puesto is both a restaurant and a coffee shop at the same time, found in the town center of Ozamiz. Don’t miss and taste their regional specialties, like the “kinilaw,” expertly cooked sisig, and other seafood meals. They actually also serve sweet treats, wines, liquors and other Filipino dishes.

3. Isla Grill

Are you in for other cuisine? One of the top restaurants in Ozamis City is Isla Grill, you should go and check it out. They serve a tasty combination of Asian and Western cuisine. From dim sum platters to delectable pancit guisado and crusty pizza, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.

4. Mon’s Grill Famous Halo-halo

After exploring Ozamis City, treat yourself to the legendary ‘halo-halo’ at Mon’s Grill.

Their halo-halo is a mix of sweetened banana, ‘leche flan,’ ‘ube,”macapuno,’ ‘langka,”sago,’ ‘garbanzos,’ and ‘gulaman’. This is topped with a scoop of ice cream, shredded cheese, and cereals. Its crushed ice is velvety since it has been generously poured with milk. This treat is popular among locals and draws visitors from all around the world. So don’t forget to visit Mon’s Grill to try this famed Ozamis city’s sweet treat when you visit Ozamiz city.

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