Tips to Choose the Right Floor Level for Your Condo

Condo with different floor levels

When buying a condo unit for compact living, picking the appropriate floor level is sometimes being overlooked but is a critical choice that has to be carefully considered. The ideal option ultimately depends on the particular building as well as your individual objectives and needs for your starter home.

Listed in this article are some factors to consider before making a decision for your practical investment.

6 Attributes to check when considering the floor level of your condo unit

You will hear less noise from the street and bother underlying neighbors the higher the floor. That’s why developers also charge a higher floor premium for upper floors. However, noise from foot traffic on the floors above you can also be too much for some people.

1. Privacy

If you value privacy, think about getting a higher-floor condo unit for your personal sanctuary. It can offer more privacy as there may be less foot traffic and fewer neighbors. Lower floors could be more prone to urban noise and inquisitive neighbors peering at your windows.


Your condo’s views have a big impact on how you feel about living there. Especially if the building is situated in a heavily populated location, or those in emerging locations in Greater Manila Area (GMA) and regional areas nationwide, higher levels frequently have better views. Lower floors may provide greater views of the area while top floors give more panoramic views.

3. Accessibility

Consider the ease of accessing your unit, especially if you have mobility issues and older family members. Upper floors may require using elevators, while lower floors have fewer stairs and may have easy access to ground floors as well as direct access to outdoor spaces.

4. Cost

Upper floors tend to be more expensive due to excellent attributes such as better views, privacy, enhanced safety features, and reduced noise. Demand for top-floor apartments is frequently higher, which can lead to good investments with a higher resale price, giving the best value for money.

5. Floor Number

Another factor to consider in buying a condo is floor number. If you’re a Chinese or a “Feng Shui” kind of person. The floor numbering should be carefully considered. The floor number that has the number eight (8) is auspicious and has a belief to give prosperity.

6. Natural light

The amount of natural light your unit receives is also an important factor to consider. Top floors may receive direct sunlight and may have less energy consumption, while lower floors may have more shade.

Higher floors have a better chance of receiving natural light since they are less likely to be blocked by neighboring structures. However, you can still shop for warm white or soft white light bulbs as a great alternative to natural lighting.

Which floor level to pick for your condo unit?

Picking out the right floor type and properties is another important factor to consider, here are some sneak peek.

Ground Floors or Lower floor condo units

The ground floor is typically located on the first floor. It frequently has direct access to the outside or to a communal space, like a courtyard or garden, and is regarded as a practical solution and reachable choice. In compact spaces through condominium units, let us refer to them as lower levels.

These are the ground floor properties for a quick preview.

1. Easy Access

Ground floor or lower level units are easily accessible without much need for elevators or stairs and are more favorable for those older family members living.

2. Direct Access to Outdoor Spaces

Ground floor units often have direct access to outdoor spaces like patios, gardens, or lawns and can easily host barbecue parties. Most condominiums also has their amenities on the ground floor which makes it a great win for you if you choose lower level condo units.

3. More Private Outdoor Space

Ground floor units typically have more private outdoor space like a private garden compared to upper floor units.

However, ground-floor properties may have downsides such as:

4. Lack of Privacy

Ground floor units may lack privacy due to being more visible to the street level and to neighbors.

5. More Susceptible to Break-Ins

Ground floor units are more susceptible to break-ins if your condominium complex does not have smart safety solutions in place to deter burglars and trespassers.

6. Street Noise

The Ground floor units may be more susceptible to street noises compared to higher floor units.

7. Flood risk

The ground floor and other lower condominium floor units may be more susceptible to flooding if the property is situated in a flood-prone area.

Before making a choice, it’s critical to compare these potential drawbacks to the positives of practical living on the ground floor, such as convenience and perhaps reduced cost.

Middle Floors or Mid-level units

Usually above the ground level and below the top floors, middle floors are found on the intermediate floors of a building. It strikes a balance between privacy and accessibility.

The advantages of middle-floor homes include better vistas and less sensitivity to street noise than ground-floor homes.

Here are some previews of middle-floor properties to give us a guide in choosing a condo floor unit:

1. Quieter

Middle-floor units are typically less noisy compared to units on the ground or top floors. This is because the noise from neighbors and street traffic is often muffled by the floors above and below.

2. Better Views

Depending on the building design, middle-floor units often offer better views of the growing cityscape compared to units on the ground floor. They offer a good balance between privacy and scenic views.

3. Good Security

Middle floor units often provide good security as they are less accessible compared to ground floor units, and windows and balconies are not easily accessible from the ground.

4. Limited Views

While middle floor units offer better views compared to ground floor units, they may also have limited views compared to units on the higher floors.

5. Less Privacy

Depending on the building design, middle floor units may offer less privacy compared to units on the higher floors. Windows and balconies may be more visible from the ground.

6. Noise from Above and Below

While middle floor units are quieter compared to ground floor units, they may still be affected by noise from neighbors above and below.

Ultimately, the choice for a middle-floor unit will depend on your personal preferences and priorities. It is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each floor level to make a decision.

Higher Floors

The building’s upper level, typically above the middle floors. Top floor provides many positive attributes including better views, more natural light, and ventilation.

They also give increased privacy. They also offer a greater security features and be less susceptible to street noise.

These are the properties of top floor as guidance before making a final pick:

1. Natural Light

Top floor units often offer the best views and the most natural light which will help reduce electricity consumption.

2. Quieter

Top floor units are typically quieter due to being farther from street noise and foot traffic from other units.

3. Increased Privacy

Higher floor units offer increased privacy due to being farther from street level and neighbors.

Although Top floors are considered the best floor and a good investment, it has some drawbacks in terms of the following:

4. Accessibility

Top floor units may require using elevators or stairs, which can be inconvenient for some people. And troublesome during electricity outage.

5. Higher Cost

Top floor units tend to be more expensive due to the added benefits of views, privacy, and reduced noise.

6. Heat Retention

Top floor units may retain more heat in warm climates, leading to an increased usage of air conditioning which will result to higher energy bills.

The decision to choose a condo whether on a upper, middle, or lower floors depends on personal desire and priorities.

In conclusion, while upper level residences may have greater views with open greens and less street noise, they may also experience longer elevator wait times, difficulty climbing stairs, and other potential height-related issues including wind and noise from airplane traffic.

Lower-floor apartments are typically simpler to enter, have fewer stairs, shorter elevator wait times, and less exposure to wind, despite the possibility of higher street noise levels and fewer views.

Therefore, it is crucial to take into account all these factors before picking the appropriate and right condo floor property.

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