What are the different types of condo units?

Condo interior-different types of condo units

Condominiums, or condos for short is a type of housing or residential complex that consists of distinct units, each of which is owned by a different person. There are lots of types of condominium units to choose from, let’s go through them in this article.

Common misconception about condos

When it comes to discussing condo living, there is always a misconception of small living area. That might be true in most cases but, it’s also because types of condos offered in the Philippines are often studio units, or 1-bedroom. Not many are familiar with bigger types.

Let’s take a look at the different condominium types.

1. Studio-type condominium unit

The most introduced condominium type in the Philippines. A studio unit, is a small condo type room. The average condominium in the Philippines is less than 50 square meters in size. But, some condos have average studio units of 25 to 30 square meters. Although it is as pleasant as any other home, it has a smaller space than other types of condominiums.

Getting to the living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom, or comfort area will take less time within the constrained space than it would if you lived in a huge home.

If you’re seeking a shared living space, a studio-type condominium might not be the first form of housing that springs to mind. Condo owners of this unit are typically students or those who seek independence. This is also perfect for singles and couples who are thinking of living on their own.

Given its limited floor area, this condo living unit is typically the cheapest in any condo complex. There are studio units with total floor areas as little as 18 square meters.

You need not worry if styling or designing your condo type room is your challenge. There are several concepts that may be used to make the most of your studio type condominium unit.

2. Bedroom Unit

Included in the types of condo units are bedroom units. It features barriers to divide the bed chambers from the other portions of the unit, as opposed to a studio which has an open design. A bedroom units’ capacity might range from one bedroom to three elevated bedroom, depending on its size.

If you seek privacy or are sharing a home with others, bedroom apartments are fantastic. Even if you are living alone, you can entertain overnight visitors in the extra rooms.

Couples or single family residence are catered to by condo unit types with one, two, or three bedrooms. A three-bedroom unit that has been thoroughly thought out should feature at least two bathrooms, a hallway connecting the bedrooms, and a maid’s/utility room. The price is determined by the unit’s floor area.

3. Flat-Level Units

A flat-level condo type room is perfect for you if your heart is into the kind of living space where you can see everything and everyone without having to climb up and down the staircase. You may prefer high-rise living to the typical horizontal home.

This style of condominium unit is comparable to a bungalow because the dining room, kitchen, living room, and all the bathrooms are on the same level or floor. It is something to take into account if you are moving in with young children or an old relative, such as your lolo and lola.

Flat-level units have a layout similar to studio condominium units because studio units are also categorized as flat-level.

4. Multi-level Condo Units

Condominium building layouts can resemble that of a typical two-story dwelling. But given that more structures have been added, anticipate that this will cost more than the flat level. Additionally, there are various designs for multi-level condos:

1. Loft types

Loft type condominiums are multi-level designed and has no internal barriers. Just one big, open space. Its second level is mostly open compared to other units.

This types of condos can be individually owned units or generally located in buildings with high ceilings. There are no separate rooms other than the bathroom, which is always on its own. With that, loft-type condos in the Philippines are very spacious, yet costly. These are mostly built by high end developers.

It is not advisable for elderly relative, parents of young children, or those who have trouble mounting steps to live in a loft unit type.

2. Bi-Level Types of condominium

A bi-level condo is with a design layout that resembles a home with an additional floor. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom are often located on the ground level of this property, while the bedrooms are situated on the second floor.

When compared to loft types, bi-level condos are more closed off as it resembles a regular home unlike loft condos with wide open spaces, and sometimes, floor to ceiling window.

This style of condo home is ideal for expanding families who are willing to make a trade-off between a smaller room and the facilities and desirable location that a condominium offers.

Moreover, some homeowners who live in condominiums redesigns the second story of their residence by dividing the space, adding or removing rooms as they saw fit.

5. Penthouse type of condominium

This particular type of condo unit is found on the topmost floor of a condominium structure. Due to its bigger floor area, the penthouses are the most expensive units in a condo. There is a lot of solitude and exclusivity available to tenants.

Some penthouses come in both flat-level and multi-level varieties. Some owner owns their own swimming pool, private elevators, or other amenities. For individuals who don’t want to cut any corners when it comes to luxury, this condo type room is ideal.

This type of condos may cater small families or large families because of its perfect features that you cannot see in a traditional condo buildings before.

This sort of condominium unit has the biggest area of any type, so you can experiment with the layout and personalize your own pool, integrated bathroom, and personal rooms.

Larger living space

If you’re looking forward to getting larger condo unit for your or your family, you must know that bigger living spaces for condo buildings are much more expensive.

It is true that condo living has lots of benefits, from living in it to making it an investment. One way for your to be able to invest in cheaper-priced condominium units is to invest in pre-selling or buying a unit during its planning or building stage.

Pre-selling condos are cheaper as they are still in their introductory prices. Asterra, one of the hottest condominium brands in the Philippines is offering pre-selling condominium units. Visit the Asterra website or official Facebook page for more details.

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