When to Go for a Condominium Vs. House and Lot

Condo vs house and lot

Nothing beats the feeling of saving up and then purchasing your ideal home. Yet, one of the most important decisions you must make before purchasing is the property type to buy. Those looking to get a home in the Philippines can choose from a variety of property options, but the condominium or house and lot are two of the most frequent varieties. Find what suits you best between a condo vs. house and lot in this article.

Condo vs. House and lot

Condominiums and its ownership 

A condominium, or “condo,” is a type of real estate that consists of an individual unit in a multiple-unit building. Condo owners own and have exclusive use of their individual units, but everyone in the building has a right to and share in the use of the common areas, which include the building’s infrastructure such as floors, walls, hallways, elevator shafts, and stairs. 

Also, there are different types of condominium unit that suits your interest and budget such as the studio unit which is the most affordable and is available in Asterra.

House and Lots

On the other hand, homeowners purchase both the building and the land beneath it. The absolute ownership of the property is yours to keep when you purchase a house and lot together. Unlike condo owners, it is easier for them to make modifications to and enjoy a more private setting with this housing type since you have total control of the property.

For families looking to expand into a more extensive place of residence, the purchase of a traditional house is the best option. You also have more indoor and outdoor space, which makes it easier to have guests, families, children, and pets stay with you.

Things to consider when choosing between a house and lot and a condominium unit

Some factors need to be considered when purchasing the right property, particularly in the Philippines, to determine if a condominium or a house and lot is the smarter choice. Here is a list of considerations in purchasing a condo vs. house and lot in our country.

1. Cost

When you are buying a real estate property for an investment or a home, the price of the property is one of the most essential considerations you will make. Whatever type of property you choose, it must be cheap to you and fit inside your budget. 

Ideally, your chosen residence should not cost more than a quarter of your gross monthly income. Otherwise, you risk depleting your savings.

House and Lots

House and lots are more expensive overall, not just because of the cost of the land properties itself, but also because of the real property tax that must be paid on it. 

There are still some options for buyers who are looking for cheaper and more affordable house but typically, these are located in less-developed urban areas or in outlying provinces. If you want a bigger space at a price of a condominium, then a single-family house outside the metro can be advantageous.


Unlike condo owners, which typically require to share common areas with other residents, the larger space occupied by a traditional house almost certainly results in higher monthly utility bills. 

It also features more storage space that is useful such as basements and garages. However, a larger living space demands a higher cost due to maintenance and other utility costs.

In comparison to house and land, the cost of condo ownership is typically more reasonable. It only offers only living space and common areas which is why it is more affordable and less expensive. 

However, most condominiums typically don’t provide the same level of privacy and space as provided in a house and lot because you are living in the same condo building but if you choose to buy a pre-selling one, it could be significantly cheaper.

2. Locations offered for Condo residents and House and Lot owners

When looking to buy the right property for you, being in a prime location is the single most important consideration you should make. Regardless of future changes to the real estate market, investing in properties in desirable locations will continue to be profitable. 


Because there is a limited amount of land available for construction in urban areas, a rising number of people are opting to live in high-rise structures. Most condominium units are strategically located in desirable locations such as in Metro Manila, putting you handy at all points of interest.

House and Lot 

On the other hand, suburban areas are more likely to provide house and lot packages. These residences offer you a place that is much more expansive and open, in addition to an atmosphere that is serene and removed from the commotion of the city. 

3. Security and Privacy


Aside from the privacy of their units, condo residents share all of the property’s amenities and more. On the other hand, condo units are potentially stricter about security offering a peaceful neighborhood. 

There are condo rules implemented to enhance the safety of each condo dweller. These buildings have key cards, security that is on all the time, and CCTVs. Additionally, most condo projects also feature a guardhouse from which security guards patrol the premises around the clock.

House and Lot 

A detached house, on the other hand, gives its owner more freedom and privacy. In well-developed subdivisions, the units next to each other are a good distance apart and have walls between them. That’s why some people choose single-family house due to more privacy. 

Also, some of the packages for sale in the Philippines are in more open areas. The people who live in these communities are mostly responsible for protecting their homes and following the rules set by the local government. You’d be lucky if you find a house and lot that is inside a guarded subdivision and has homeowners association since it adds up to better security and upkeeping of the community. 

4. Amenities and Accessibility


Since the majority of condominium units are strategically positioned in central business districts, such as Metro Manila, they make all points of interest more accessible. It may be within walking distance of your place of employment and situated near commercial areas, business centers, and convenience stores.

Condos also come with a large number of amenities that association fees cover for condo residents. Most condo projects have a swimming pool, fitness centers, and function rooms, which are paid for through the condo owners association fees.

House and Lot 

On the other hand, it is very rare to find a house and lot located in a community that offers the same amenities as condominiums. If there are, the prices of such homes are very likely to be expensive since condominium amenities are considered a “premium perk” for most people. 

5. Maintenance and Utility Cost


Most condominiums on the market in the Philippines are managed by a professional management company or condo association, which is responsible for all the maintenance and repairs. But in doing any kind of repairs and some renovations, the condo dweller is required to obtain consent from the property management office. That is just one of the several limitations that come with condo living. As a side benefit of having to pay such housing amortization and association fees, this inevitably comes with the territory.

Association fees collected from condo dwellers in addition to their monthly mortgage payments are used to fund the building’s operational and maintenance costs. Condo units typically have a higher monthly cost due to the collecting of membership dues or parking fees than houses do. 

House and lot

Unlike condo owners, house and lot owners have greater autonomy and total control of their property. This means they are in charge of all building maintenance of their own properties.

Investment for House and Lot and Condo Owners

Overall, both condominiums and house and lots give a great opportunity for income and investments. Just make sure to choose a property that has a big potential to earn and is very likely to last and give you a good return on investment.

Why choose Asterra to provide your affordable condo living?

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Asterra intends to reinvent what a comfortable home entails and will surely make your city life incredible.


The company offers affordable condominium units that Filipinos could buy within their budget. Asterra aims to give Filipino families the opportunity to own a home and a condominium at such a reasonable price. 

Strategic location

They offer prime locations in areas outside of Metro Manila. You’ll get easy access to numerous commercial establishments and can be a walking distance to shopping malls and transportation services since had numerous condominium projects in the heart of the city.

Safe and Comfortable Condo Life

They are committed to providing residents with the finest degree of security and convenience with their provided security personnel and condo rules. You will feel comfortable in your own unit and be at ease with the peaceful neighborhood.

Leisure Facilities

Asterra promotes community and healthy lifestyles with more space with shared amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, function room, clubhouse, gym, basketball court, beautifully planted open spaces, and a playground. 

A Sound Financial Decision

You may rest easy knowing that your money is in good hands with Asterra. Purchasing one of these condominiums is a substantial financial commitment, but it will pay off in the form of a richer, more fulfilling condo life in the long term.

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