Decluttering For a Fresh Start: Organizing Your Home in 2024


Ever felt so bothered by the amount of physical clutter in your home? Or a bit embarrassed when unexpected guests come over to your house and your kitchen, living room, or sleeping quarters were a mess? This 2024, decluttering is doubtless one of the best things you can do for a fresh start.

If you want to transform your chaotic living space or condominium Philippines into something you’d love coming home to every day after work, let’s talk about decluttering and the many ways you can improve the current state of your cluttered abode.

What is clutter and decluttering?

Clutter is an unwanted collection of things that take up space and make your interiors look untidy. It could be a mass of clothing you haven’t worn in ages, stacks of papers like grocery receipts and old electricity bills, and miscellaneous items you impulsively bought and are now lying around gathering a pile of dust.

To declutter, meanwhile, is the pursuit of getting rid of these unnecessary stuff and therefore organizing your home. And what better time you need to be undertaking a decluttering session if not at the start of the new year?

The Life-Changing Magic of Organizing Your Home in 2024

Saying that having a fully decluttered home is life-changing magic may sound like an overstatement, but not if you’re an adult who’s caught up with your day-to-day job and everyday life in general that just seeing your living space clean and orderly becomes emotionally therapeutic and more than just a quick win.

Here, let’s talk about the art of decluttering and help turn your home into a place of comfort and productivity for yourself and other family members. These are tips that even professional organizers approve of, so read on!

Embrace minimalism

If clutter is a big concern for you at home, embracing minimalism could just well be your long-term and sustainable solution. Not that it’s suggesting that you stop buying new things altogether so you have less stuff to deal with at home. Rather, it’s achieving what you want to achieve for your home this 2024 in the first place: a clutter-free space.

Consider the 90/90 rule

The 90/90 rule states that if you haven’t utilized an item you bought for the last 90 days, and aren’t likely to use it in the next 90 or so, consider letting the item go. It can help make you think what stuff are not really of use to you that you can get rid of to reduce clutter.

Buy one, get rid of one

There’s one method from Amazon that will surely help achieve your home organizing goals even if you’re not a professional organizer yourself. Whenever a parcel arrive at your front door and you unbox it, try not to ruin the packing material as you can still use it to house objects you’re willing to let go of as a sort of “exchange” for the new one you just bought. You’re not really reducing clutter by buying an item and getting rid of another, but it helps maintain the current state of your home and later commit to not forget your major decluttering session.


What makes people reluctant about letting go of household items, even though they serve no purpose except sentimental value, is that they become a waste of money if you just burn or throw them in the bin. This is where donating becomes the best option. Common things you can donate that are also the most common causes of house clutter includes clothing, books, toys, and other household goods.

Resist impulse buying

One of the biggest culprits of clutter at home is impulse buying and succumbing to the proverbial fear of missing out (FOMO). Impulse buying is any unplanned purchases that end up not only negatively affecting your monthly allocated budget, but also serve as the opposite of what you want to achieve for your living space. As such, resist the urge of buying things that you don’t currently need and can only give you temporary gratification.

Declutter an area one at a time

If the work ahead is too much to do at once, do the decluttering session per area at a time. You can start with your bedroom and sift through your cabinets for items that have been there for a long time but don’t need. You can also go through your closet and look for pieces of clothing you’ve simply outgrown and don’t plan to wear anymore because your taste in fashion has evolved, or for whatever reason that can help you decide to get rid of them. You can also make a to-do list of what you need to do and make sure to commit to it.

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