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Even though having a balcony has been demonstrated to provide benefits and has the ability to increase a property’s value, many residences throughout the world lack balconies. This phenomena can be attributed to a number of factors. Additionally, there are valid arguments against a balcony.

For a variety of reasons, many residences lack balconies. There are fewer balconies in areas when the weather prohibits outdoor recreation. Balconies, which can be challenging to convert, will also be absent from older buildings where outdoor space was not prioritized.

However, some people are fortunate enough to live in apartments with balconies, while others can’t fathom living anywhere without one. From the comfort of your home, balconies let you take advantage of the great outdoors. Here are some tips on how to maximize your situation if you’re not fortunate enough to have one.

Living without a balcony

Sadly, not every buildings has a balcony. While balconies are not a particularly novel design element, their significance for apartments living has only recently come to light. People will spend a lot of money on an apartment with a balcony since outdoor space is in high demand in large cities. Despite the many advantages a balcony provides, builders of new structures occasionally choose not to include balconies in their structures to save money. Naturally, balconies come with an additional cost, which some city developers may not view as important.

In most cases, this is a bad choice because a balcony can significantly increase a property’s overall value. However, adding balconies to a building’s design can be very pricey. Balconies are sometimes viewed as unnecessary expenses given the high cost of construction. Concerns for a homeowner who lives in an apartment are increased by the potential maintenance concerns balconies provide. A balcony may cause more problems than it is worth in locations with frequent downpours and other unfavorable weather conditions.

The apartment’s balcony has a small opening that lets rain in. If the balcony door is left open while it is raining, this is especially true. Insufficient drainage on balconies can result in flooding, which allows a lot of water to enter the flat. The majority of individuals in these places prefer to stay indoors where they can stay cool thanks to the air conditioning. Balconies end up being unnecessary details. A balcony would not be very practical for residents of this kind of area. They would instead concentrate on building cool interior retreats to escape the oppressive heat.

The lack of a balcony in an apartment has several benefits. First off, when it rains heavily, there is less chance of water getting into your apartment. Basically without a balcony, there is less chance that neighbors may see into your apartment and observe your daily activities. Additionally, since balconies can make it simpler for burglar person to enter your porch especially at night, there is less chance of someone gaining unauthorized access. Apartments without balconies guarantee complete privacy from neighbors and onlookers, with far lower chances of anyone being able to look into your space.

If your house lacks a balcony, there are a example of possibilities to make excellent use of the space in order to maximize your enjoyment of the residence. One such choice is to set up a table and seats beside the window of your floor.

The height provided by a long table and bar chair will be adequate to take in any pleasing view and sun that may be present. If these are positioned next to the window, you’ll feel as though you’re relaxing on a balcony and taking in the private scenery.

Tips how to live without a balcony

If you move into an apartment without a patio or balcony, use these tips to make your life more pleasurable:

  • Plants are valuable

A little greenery plants gives a place a feeling of life and lightness, a little garden whether there are many plants or just one or two hidden on a window ledge. You can spend time to grow vegetables, fresh fruit, and herbs. Aside from that, you may name them, which for some reason makes feel letter quite accomplished.

  • Draw the blinds open

Some people with balconies choose to use them exclusively as the source of more light in their homes, completely omitting the other shuttered windows. If you don’t have a balcony, try opening all of your window curtains and seeing how the light opens up your room while also bringing the outdoors within. Stand or sit with a cup of bittersweet coffee for a special spring touch and fully open the windows to let air in with a lovely sunlight. How lovely is it.

  • Concentrating on the internal area

If you live in an apartment, the balcony frequently encroaches on the living room area. If you have huge furnishings, this may cause problems. Your living area is left spacious and without any uncomfortable cuts or corners if there is no terrace. If your home fits this description, then this is the perfect moment to buy that sleeper you’ve had your sight on. Another thing to do is increased the amount of light entering your home, from the door through the wall and even in the bedroom we want the light to move around a bit. Throughout, lighter tones are used. If your divides are painted a darker tone, think about choosing a lighter option to add life to your home. You might also consider applying this idea to your furniture.

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Pros and cons living without a outdoor space or small balcony



Choose carefully. It is a ridiculous waste of space to have a balcony in a tiny flat.


You can have complete privacy in your indoors space, This is a big difference living without a balcony.


Homes with kids might be a little wary of balconies because they might be a little harmful for younger kids.



The majority of apartment buildings with balconies will also provide you with a beautiful view! All high-rise towers offer breathtaking views of the sky and fresh air.


Any home instantly seems more airy when plant is added! Your home will be significantly improved by adding a live plant to your balcony. You can also create your own gardening grow some vegetables spending time with it in the future.

Storehouse and laundry

Many condo utilize their balconies as extra storage outdoor space! For some family, the extra space is unquestionably a lifesaver. Due to a number of advantages, adding a laundry room concept to your balcony is a really good idea. Drying clothes increases the space’s versatility and effectiveness. It prevents moisture/humidity and related issues from building up inside covered patios.

In Closing

You might think your house lacks natural light without a balcony. To make your own personal indoor green haven garden, there is no reason you can’t pack your apartment with plants. You may incorporate plants into your residence in a number of simple ways. Different plant types can thrive in a building that is wind-free and bright. Apartments without balconies typically do so for a vary depending of reasons. Whatever the motivation, adding a balcony to an apartment that already exists might be challenging unless the entire building is being remodeled. Even though your apartment lacks a balcony, there are numerous methods to make the most of every useful square inch.

Written by: Mat Balbin

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