Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer Season

cooling down for the summer season

Filipinos do have a love-and-hate relationship with summer as one of the four seasons (though we only have two – the dry and wet seasons). The sweltering summer months in the Philippines frequently begin as early as March, when the heat index reaches around 38°C, and last until May when it reaches a record 45°C.

In tropical nations, this “felt air temperature” calls for seasonal treats like samalamig and ice-cold halo-halo. Yet, staying hydrated and in the shade won’t let you enjoy the season indefinitely. It makes more sense and is healthier to invest in improving your compact living environment for the upcoming season.

There are many ways to enjoy the summer season like going to the beach and traveling. But in addition to everything else going on outside, you need to get your house ready for this season. Here are practical living tips on how to prepare your first home for the summer or ways to prepare your home for summer because if you are ready for the extreme weather, your house should be, too.

Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer Season

As days lengthen and temperatures rise, it’s high time you prepare your home for the warmest season ahead! With the summer solstice marking the astronomical summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s essential to ensure your starter home is summer-ready to cope with the change in seasons.

While the Southern Hemisphere experiences its winter solstice during this time, those in the north welcome the arrival of meteorological summer. But regardless of the hemisphere you reside in, adjusting your home to accommodate the shift in the Earth’s axis will doubtless help you enjoy, or at least get by, the approaching summer days.

Take these proactive steps to update your home sweet home so you can make the most of the long summer days and balmy evenings ahead!

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1. Take a look at your gutters

Deep Cleaning for the gutter and drain cleaning must be done first. Most people generally put cleaning the gutters and drains last on their to-do lists, but it’s crucial to accomplish this before the summer season begins.

The accumulation of debris, such as leaves and mud in the drains can cause leaks into the wall and roofs. Getting rid of any buildup in your gutters will significantly reduce the likelihood of water damage, functioning properly for a better home’s foundation.

2. Check your Pipes

Moreover, one way to prepare your personal sanctuary for summer is to assist water in leaving your property and clean your pipes. Even if your drains and gutters are clear, water is draining at the edge of your house and pouring into your basement. For example, trenches must be dug and underground pipes must be built in order to divert roof water away from your place.

Pipes can be harmed, they require to have a foam layer (sometimes referred to as lathing) placed on their surface in order to be fixed. Pipe bursts will be prevented by this layer. Eliminating any vegetation near your pipes is an additional method of protection. Additionally, make sure that all of your landscaping slopes away from your property.

3. Insulate your home

Installing insulation is a practical solution to prepare your home for the summer weather. According to The Energy Saving Trust, having high-quality insulation installed by a professional can help you save a lot of money each year on your effort cost. It makes sense to insulate the loft or attic since about a quarter of the heat in your home escapes through the roofs.

Lowering utility expenses is another benefit of insulating hollow walls. You can also avail or build up a smart thermostat for your house temperature. It is an excellent way to relax at a cool temperature you want to experience during summer.

4. Garden clean up and upgrade

More tip on how you prepare your home for the summer, is to get your garden checked out. Most of the trees that have been harmed by storms can be saved if proper preventive measures are implemented. Hire a qualified worker to look over your garden and help you spot rotten trees so you can remove them or treat the ones that can still be salvaged.

Who says decorating vertical homes for the summer can’t be enjoyable? Remember that just a few decorations can breathe new life into your room. If you want your plants or flowers to grow more quickly, think about adding some and looking into grow lights.

5. Preventative maintenance

Another way to prepare your compact spaces for summer is to check your driveways, patio, and deck, so you must inspect them. Any cracked joints or crevices in the masonry especially in the deck should be repaired and sealed to avoid developing into a much greater issue.

Additionally, decks and wooden handrails should be stained and sealed to prevent insect deterioration, splintering, and decay. Use glue or caulk to seal any gaps or cracks you notice near your window and to stop any leaks. The result will be a home that is more pleasant and uses fewer energies. Replace any worn doorstops as well.

6. Time for a Touch-Up

One of the best ways to prepare your home for summer is to spruce up your house a little. Due to the warm consistently dry months, outdoor painting projects are best completed during this time (most of the time). However, avoid paintings your doors or window frames during a heat wave since the paints may end up drying too rapidly.

A splash of color can dramatically improve your curb appeal or your room, giving you the best value for money. You should add painting tasks to your to-do list, such as repainting your front door, painting your garden fence, touching up window frames that need some touch-ups, and checking outdoor lighting and wiping away the dust from your things.

Decorate with vibrant summer colors. Want to enhance your home for the season? For a relaxed atmosphere and air-filtered home, choose bright colors like oranges, zesty yellows, and pastel blues. You may zone a space with paint, add a few sea-green turquoise scatter pillows to your sofa, or buy fresh bed linen that feels as light as the summer season.

7. Get Quality Ceiling Fans

Another tip on how you prepare your home for the summer, is the practical investment of purchasing a ceiling fans for cooling off.

Knowing how intensely hot it may get in the Philippines, ceiling fans may not always be sufficient. It’s interesting that you may use it in conjunction with a fresh air conditioner to lower the temperature in the room. More cooling power is possible while using less energy.

Thus, be sure to invest in a sturdy ceiling fan that can withstand the heat of the notorious Philippine summer.

Additionally, you might want to consider changing your HVAC filter to not only aid in heat reduction but also by reducing cooling costs as replacing it four times a year improves its performance and overall efficiency.

8. Updating Outside Furniture

Another tip on how to prepare your home for the summer is to revitalize your furniture and clean the grills. With a little tender loving care, you can transform your outdoor tables, chairs, and sofas from worn-out to fantastic. Try giving your furniture a makeover with water resistant paint or a varnish coating if your thoughtfully designed spaces still need a little sprucing up. You’ll quickly dazzle visitors.

Moreover, you must thoroughly clean any barbecue grill that is in your garden. Barbecues should preferably be cleaned after each usage, their stingy smell can cause air problems but it is also advised that they occasionally undergo a comprehensive cleaning process.

The time is here to put on your gloves and clean up the grill so that you may enjoy dining outside as the hot season approaches. It’s crucial to frequently clean yours because if layers of old, burned food and surplus oil are left in there, a fire hazard could result.

9. Plant the right vines, shrubs, and trees

Another way to prepare your home for summer is to decorate it with tiny indoor plants for absorbing excess moisture. A quick and simple approach to accomplishing this is by simply gathering and painting a number of garden twigs.

As additional favorites bloom, you can then supplement this with ribbons, daffodils, and other decorations. Bring the outdoors inside to prep your home with open greens for the hot months. You can be pretty creative to create on how you choose to display them; consider using glass bottles or a vintage-style metal watering can to add a little bit of flair.

You can accomplish this by purchasing a few fresh houseplants, establishing a mini herb place in your kitchen, or plucking a few blooms to use as decorating materials on your coffee table and remove its dust. It will create a positive aura.

Therefore, you need to prep and stock up on the necessities as it’s possible that you’ll be hosting an event or party at your home, even if it’s only a little gathering. You would like to stock up on all the necessities before warm weather arrives or summer begins.

10. Summer Celebrations

Finally, our last tip on how to prepare your home for the summer is to be prepared for the party. Your home must be a home ready for the celebration while you’re stocking up, too! Make sure the grill is clean and has enough gas; keep plenty of drinks and snacks on hand; and wipe the outside furniture’s cushions.

Check the candles and outdoor lighting. Pick up a few outdoor activities to keep guests entertained. Buy a new lighter. Also, stock up on sunblock and bug spray.

It may seem like a hassle and possibly unneeded chore to prep your house for the summer. But any irritation will be outweighed by the cash benefits. Your utility expenditures can be greatly reduced during the warmer and colder months if your windows are adequately insulated, your HVAC system is working correctly, and your plumbing is in good condition. 

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