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Old condo owning myths and how Millennials and Gen Zs are debunking it

As society changes and progresses, so do our attitudes towards condo ownership. With the rise of the millennial and Gen Z generations, we are seeing a shift in the way we view owning particularly when it comes to older condos. Many myths and misconceptions have been perpetuated over the years about the challenges and drawbacks of owning an older condo. However, the progressive mindset of younger...


How Does A Condo Board Work?

A Condo Corp is a formal organization established in the Philippines to oversee and administer a condominium development's operations. It is normally established when the condominium project is registered with the Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development formerly known as HLURB or the local government unit, and it functions within the parameters of the Condominium Act (Republic Act No....

Rattan Products

Supporting Filipino Businesses: Locally made furnitures you should buy

The Philippines is a biodiverse country with "between 70% and 80% of the world's plant and animal species." Thanks to this, our Filipino artisans have access to a wide range of raw materials to make furniture, clothing, jewelry, and more. Popular natural resources that are commonly used are wood from narra trees, rattan, bamboo, and other fibers. The art of woodworking is a highly valued skill in the...

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The link between food and mental health

Our general well-being and quality of life depend heavily on our mental health. It has an impact on how we think, feel, and act in daily life and has an effect on our capacity to manage stress, form relationships, and accomplish our objectives. A variety of problems, including anxiety, despair, addiction, and suicide, can be brought on by poor mental health. Living a happy and fulfilled life depends on...

Playing instrument at home

Quiet instruments you can play in your condo

Condominium living demands mindful, pleasing living conditions, taking into account noise-sensitive areas and respectful neighbors. To ensure satisfaction, use simple instruments and keep an enjoyable environment. Musical instruments you can learn in your condo without bothering your neighbors: Living in a condo often requires consideration for noise levels, especially when playing musical...

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Peso depreciation: Weakening peso or strengthening dollar?

When we talk about currency depreciation, does it mean weaker peso for us and currency strengthening for our foreign counterpart? To discuss thoroughly, the central bank, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) claims that the country's currency depreciation is caused by the strengthening of dollar rather than our sinking peso. When peso depreciates, it means that more money and more Philippine peso must be...


6 Commercial Real Estate Valuation Methods

It is essential for investors, developers, and lenders to be able to assess the value of a piece of commercial real estate. Various valuation techniques are used to fairly estimate the worth of commercial real estate. These techniques aid in comprehending the property's market worth and future revenue. The six most popular methods for valuing commercial real estate are: 1. Sales Comparison Approach,...

Green Living

Greener buildings on the rise: How Asterra is promoting the green lifestyle?

With the increasing awareness of the impact of human activities on the environment, more and more people are looking for sustainable living options.  As a result, real estate developers are responding to this trend by incorporating eco-friendly features into their buildings. In this blog post, we'll explore how promoting a green lifestyle at Asterra to its residents and implementing sustainable...

Work environment

Signs Of A Healthy Work Place Environmeny

Employees are most tolerant of harsh work situations. In order to proactively monitor employee attitude when employees leave for new possibilities, a healthy workplace culture is essential. Both individuals and businesses are benefiting from the shift to place more attention on employee welfare and the workplace environment. What is a healthy working environment? In order to keep everyone safe...

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What Factors Influence Property Value Appreciation?

One of the largest and most significant financial investments you can make is buying residential real estate. This is why it's crucial to take into account all elements that can affect value appreciation and hence alter the price of real estate. Investors or interested buyers are interested in buying properties that can provide substantial profits when they are resold because real estate is also one of...

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