10 Best Affordable condominium investment locations for 2023

Locations for a condo in the Philippines

When buying affordable condos, location is crucial because it has a big impact on the property’s value and rental potential. The value of the property and its capacity to draw renters can both be influenced by factors including access to transit, the availability of neighborhood amenities, and the general attractiveness of the area. It can also be more advantageous to invest in areas that are in great demand or have a proven track record of appreciation.

If you’re looking for an affordable condominium investment for 2023, there are several locations worth considering. Here are 10 of the best condominium investment locations in the Philippines.

Quezon City

Well known for its thriving commercial and residential districts, is a top spot for condo investments. It’s a terrific alternative for investors hoping to obtain a decent return on their investment because there are many economical solutions available. Quezon City is regarded as a top location for condo investments. As the most populated city in the country and a significant commercial and financial center, it offers a sizable prospective tenant pool for rental buildings. Second, it is a well-liked place for student housing due to the presence of numerous universities and schools there. Thirdly, the location is attractive to both residents and foreigners due to the abundance of business hubs, retail centers, and other amenities. Furthermore, the government has made Quezon City a priority for urban growth by funding infrastructure initiatives like the MRT-7 and LRT-2, which enhance the region’s accessibility and livability.


Another place to take into account as a condominium invest location. Cebu, one of the fastest-growing cities in the Philippines, provides a large selection of reasonably priced apartments. The city’s Mactan Island, a well-liked tourist attraction famed for its beaches, resorts, and restaurants, is where many of these condos are situated. The city is a fantastic alternative for people wishing to invest in the real estate market because it has several affordable condominium investment possibilities.


It provides a range of reasonably priced condominiums for individuals seeking a more relaxed way of life. Laguna could be considered one of the best condominium investment locations, It gives a wonderful blend of city and rural living and is well known for its stunning surroundings and warm communities. Many of these condos are found in Santa Rosa, a city with a high rate of population growth and a reputation for offering affordable accommodation.

Pasig City

Due to its growing population and vibrant commercial district, this area is a great place to invest in condominium real estate. The area is recognized as one of the best for condo investments. Due to its strategic location inside Metro Manila, it provides easy access to nearby areas as well as the rest of the city. Locals and commuters alike find it convenient as a result. It contains a number of notable economic centers, including the Ortigas Center, which is home to a sizable commercial and business district. It is a sought-after location for local workers as a result. Its residents have access to a variety of amenities and services because to the abundance of hospitals, schools, and retail centers. There are numerous parks and green spaces throughout the city. Thus, it makes an excellent option for cheap condo investments.


 One of the best places to purchase condos is in Iloilo City. First of all, the city is located in the Visayas region of the Philippines, which is well-known for its breathtaking natural landscape and thriving economy. Along with producing rice and sugarcane, Iloilo City is also the location of a developing BPO industry. the city, which is currently undertaking a large number of infrastructure and construction projects. For investors looking to invest in a growing industry, it is a desirable location for condominium investment. Due to its historical landmarks, museums, and festivals, Iloilo City is a well-liked tourist destination, making it a suitable location for holiday condos or short-term rentals.

Bacoor City

Bacoor City is a fantastic spot to invest in condominium real estate because of its expanding population and strong business district. Bacoor City is recognized as one of the greatest locations to invest in condominiums for a variety of reasons. It is located in the Calabarzon, province of Cavite. This region is well-known for its thriving economy and advancements in infrastructure, making it an excellent location to invest in condominiums. Due to its excellent location adjacent to Metro Manila, Bacoor City offers easy access to the city and its neighboring provinces in the South. This makes it a convenient location for both residents and commuters. 


In the Philippines’ Visayas area, the city of Bacolod City is well-known for its reasonably priced condominiums and a good investment. Buyers have a variety of alternatives because of the city’s mix of contemporary and older structures. There are many commercial malls, hospitals, and schools in Bacolod City. There are also many parks and other open areas there.

Las Pinas City

 A great option for low-cost condominium units. Las Pinas City is a good area to invest in condominium real estate due to its rising population and robust business district.

Muntinlupa City

Being adjacent to Metro Manila, which is recognized for its tremendous economic and infrastructure expansion, Muntinlupa City is one of the best places to invest in condos. enabling convenient access to a less populated location while still working in Metro Manila, as well as rapid access to the city and its adjacent cities


The largest city in Mindanao and one of the least expensive areas to purchase a condo in Davao City. The city offers a wide range of alternatives, from affordable studio apartments to roomy three-bedroom homes. Shopping malls, parks, and hospitals are just a few of the other attractions available in Davao City. It gives a great spot to invest in condominium real estate because of its expanding population and thriving business district.

Please take note that the information provided in this article about the top 10 condominium investment locations are only intended to be used as general knowledge. It is highly recommended that you conduct your own research and speak with professionals, such as real estate agents, financial advisers before making any investment decisions. For a variety of factors, a location’s suitability for one person could not be the same for another. It’s important to take into account your own preferences, needs, and financial situation before making any investment selections.

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