DIY Home Improvements for your Affordable Condominium

DIY condo renovations

Renovating your own condo unit makes your home much more cozy and comfortable to live in as it gives a different kind of vibe once that it is suited to your taste on how you want your home to be. It doesn’t need to be pricey when it comes to renovating your own condo unit, thus, there are DIY home improvements for your affordable condominium unit that is indeed affordable and budget friendly. There are a lot of easy way to improve your condominium using DIY condo improvements in which a lot of condo owners preferred to do renovations on their own.

However, some condo owners find it difficult to do DIY renovations as there have no enough time to pursue it or they just have no inspiration yet in finding the perfect design that is suitable to their taste and budget. Here in Asterra, we offer a lot of options when it comes to renovating your affordable condo unit using DIY condo unit improvements, perhaps you want to consider the following Do It Your Own (DIY) home improvements for your affordable condominium that will definitely add value to your home.


Upgrading your own condo unit requires a lot of money but considering to repaint your walls will definitely change the vibe and aura of your home. Repainting walls would not cost you a lot of money, in just a few cans of paint, it can freshen up the walls and lighten up your space wherein it can hide scratches, dirt, outdated colors, and fading sticker wallpaper. You just need to consider the colors you will be using; you might want to consider using earth tones or a neutral color that will unifies the entire house. You can also play with a lot colors and add some geometric shapes and patterns to use it as a design on your wall.


An upgrade on your own home includes the integration on the use of smart gadgets or smart technologies that is truly owner-friendly and very convenient to use. Installing smart technology is on top of the list, as there are new home-gadget appliances that will definitely amaze you as a home owner. You can simply install smart lightbulb that comes up with an application that changes color of your choice by just clicking on the app, this is one of the must have for using a DIY home improvement for your affordable condominium.

Are you quite forgetful who always misplace house keys? Replacing door-knob with a smart lock is the key, this standard door lock with a keyless entry system can change the game. This electronic smart lock system can be accessed via touchpad or smartphone app that enhances home security for your convenient and affordable condo living.


A quick and easy DIY condo unit improvement for your affordable condo living is by enhancing your condo windows by replacing it with the use of blinds, curtains or even drapes which can also be a decorative style on your windows. Once that windows are enhanced in your condo, an adequate ventilation may happen that will enhance the quality of your indoor air and easy flow of airways.


Are you living alone at your condominium? Adding a living thing such as plants in your condo provides a beneficial effect to the environment, to your home, and to you as a condo owner. It is proven that plants reduce stress and increase creativity and productivity. It is important for every home-owners or condo owners to have plants on their home, as it is an easy and practical solution to counter the negative effects of city living from Designer Rowena Gonzales. Plants improves the air quality of your condo as it cleans the air and absorb harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds. So, every condo owner should have a plants at their own home.


Adding accent to your walls is a quick, easy, and cost effective way for a DIY condo unit improvement  to your home. Choosing an appropriate wall design or wall display is a must as it adds up to your walls that brightens an area of your condo. You can also include paintings and other wall décor that will give an artistic vibe for your condo living. Adding interesting features to your walls highlights interesting architectural features that gives a design statement to your walls.


Redesigning the living area of your condo can provide a cozy and aesthetic vibe, there are various living area inspiration that you can actually work on that is suited to your allotted budget. You can first add carpet to your living area or a fur carpet to be specific, through that it can exudes a rich modern sense of design. Your living area could be minimalist too, as it is the most trend home design that is aesthetically pleasing and less in the use of other home décor. Color coordinating the overall design of the living area should be done that will compliment and blend with each other that may bring sophistication and appealing to the guests. Adding some accent, vases, books, flowers and figurines to your living area will definitely add up to its aesthetic value. These are all DIY condo renovations for your affordable condominium that is indeed functional and beautiful once that it is utilized properly inside your home.


If you have a small house or especially if you live in a condo, you may think that it is not ideal to still have an extra storage space, however, it is still possible for you to make more storage. For an owner who has a lot of things, you do not like your things to go all around the places, in which you wish for a more storage to conceal items that is out of use. As a condo owner, you can add a more storage space under your bed, it is the most often storage area in a home that really conceal everything that you wanted to hide or you don’t want for your guest to see. Adding a more storage is a better solution to create a more space and organize condo living wherein everything will be put on its proper places, professional organizers recommended using clear plastic storage containers to easily see what inside. You may also want to consider using a decorative baskets and bins for a more aesthetic vibe that is attractive and functional storage solution.


Changing kitchen tools and cabinets does not necessarily mean a huge improvements or upgrade on your kitchenware’s, cabinets, and dining in which it just need a modification and styling to feel like its brand new again. Changing the colors of your cabinets could be one of the ways to upgrade it, neutral colors is a thing to consider when it comes to repainting your kitchen cabinets as it should not be too dark. You can also add new shelves or kitchen racks if you have an extra space in your kitchen that will add more storage inside the area. Changing drawer knobs is another way to redesign and refurbish your kitchen cabinets as it will give a fresh clean look of the cabinet. Kitchen renovation is the most expensive area of the house or a condo to renovate but with the use of DIY condo unit improvements for your affordable condominium, it is much cheaper and budget-friendly that is suitable to the budget and likes of the condo owners.


Bathroom is one of the functional spaces inside your condo which should be properly maintained and well-clean. In upgrading your bathroom, you can change the mirrors by installing a much bigger and functional bathroom mirrors that has a cabinet inside which has a double purpose. Adding some accent inside your bathroom provides a different kind of feel like putting some plants, wall decors, storage and the likes. Maintaining cleanliness in your bathroom is definitely an upgrade for yourself but putting racks and storage for your bathroom essentials is also necessary for them to have its proper places and not distracting inside the bathroom.

Always put in mind that whenever you feel that your condo needs an improvement, do not immediately think that it needs to be pricey, but rather find for other solution that is cost-efficient and will meet your target budget.

There are various ways to make the most out of your condo living, but having a nice, warm and great place to live in and here in Asterra, we provide comfort that is built for you.

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